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    Persuasive essay topics?

    I need to have written a persuasive essay for a tutorial I have in two days time, but haven't been able to start yet. Can anyone give me ideas for a topic? I'm in the middle of a writers block, and anything you can give me would be useful. Probably not something too controversial, I've only met...
  2. J

    Interesting and fun persuasive essay topics?

    Doing a speech tomorrow on anything I want. Really have no idea what i want to write about, i want it to be interesting too.
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    what are some interesting topics for a persuasive speech?

    I have a presentation for my class and the topic should be interesting and relevant to college students. Let me add that it should be specific and unique. General topics such as religion are too vague. And please, don’t say legalization of marijuana. That topic has been played out. I want...
  4. L

    What is a interesting topic for a persuasive speech?

    I have to write a speech for my english class but have no idea what to write about. It has to be persuasive.. and that's about the only limit. Thank you!
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    Introduction to a persuasive essay?

    I'm writing a persuasive essay on why I should be allowed to have a certain type of pet. I have everything ready (The type of animal, why I should be allowed to have it etc.) but I don't know how to start off the essay as I haven't had to write a persuasive essay in just over a year.
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    How to write a funny persuasive speech?

    For homework I have to write a persuasive speech, it doesn't have to be funny but most people make up funny stuff. It can be about about anything, I'm asking for some suggestions and tips on how to write it properly, thanks:)
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    I need an original interesting persuasive speech topic!!!!?

    I can't decide on anything. I really want my speech to be something different that will actually make an impact and grab peoples attention. Nothing overdone (abortion, marijuana, eating healthy, death penalty etc) Humor is always welcome. PLEASE HELP!
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    Persuasive speech topic that would interest college students?

    I need to give a speech in a persuasive form , and it can be any topic , however I would prefer that it is something that is relevant to them. What would be a good topic where I could find good research articles ?
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    Interesting persuasive speech topics?

    I've got a speech coming up and I've been considering some topics. I prefer a local small problem, ie. cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers. In my speech I have to create policy and address the legislative body (I'm not asking for that here, as long as you give me a speech topic I'll figure...
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    Funny PERSUASIVE speech topic?

    I need a funny persuasive speech topic for my College class tomorrow. Help!?
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    What is a good way to start off an introduction for a persuasive speech

    supporting the death penalty? Ok Well im having trouble with my Intro i don't like it because my teacher said it sound more like an informative intro its about how to persuade the audience to go for the death sentence and to support it whats a good attention getter for this in the intro please...
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    Anyone have any ideas for interesting persuasive speech topics?

    I have to give an 8 minute speech on persuading my classmates to do something, or pretty much believe differently in something. Anywho, I'm not sure what topic to do it on. I want something that won't bore college students and that'll keep them interested, as well as involve me speaking for 8...
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    What is an interesting topic to do for my persuasive essay?

    It can not be things that are done to death for example abortion, euthanasia etc.
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    can someone please help me write a persuasive paper about greek goddess ares and

    aphrodite... need some ideas? on how to write it or what to put in it...
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    Could someone help me with a good introduction to a persuasive speech??? please!?

    I'm stumped on what to write for an introduction for a speech about how electric cooking is better than gas cooking...please help!!!
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    Does anyone know of an interesting persuasive speech topic that hasn't been

    overdone, nor too cliche? Something college appropriate. Thanks :)
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    Interesting Persuasive Speech Topic for college class?

    Persuade to give to charity and the benefits of it.
  18. A

    need a killer, persuasive, attention grabbing introduction?

    about the topic "Money cant buy happiness" for my speech.
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    What is a good title for a persuasive speech for laws against hunting?

    For an English speech assignment for tighter hunting laws.
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    What is an simple but interesting PERSUASIVE speech topic?

    my speech is do Wednesday. The writing part isn't what scares me, it's the finding a great topic part. any ideas?