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    Alternatives To Shooting Your Pet Should You Need Him/Her Gone

    An Illinois man with a dog he wanted to get rid of, so he put an ad searching for a new owner on Craigslist. However, rather than saying something along the lines of "my dog needs a new home because I cannot adequately care for it," he stated his intention to kill the animal with his gun. More »...
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    Suggest a best name for my new pet cat?

    Its a female.
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    P&S If you could would you have a pet Gizmo (from Gremlins)?

    Would you be able to follow the rules, and not destroy the town by creating a bunch of gremlins. Unless of course you're bored. I would want a pet Gizmo though, would you?
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    Where can I find free pet supplies?

    Where can I find free pet supplies? Also is there any coupon code available to get some discount?
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    I bought the pet ghast in Minecraft Xbox Edition (in the XBox Marketplace)

    now how do I get it in the game? I paid the points in the Marketplace. Is there something I need to do to tame one or how do I find it?
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    Helping pet owners make tough choices

    Perhaps the hardest part of owning a pet is making difficult decisions when a beloved companion becomes seriously ill. That’s why Michigan State University researchers are developing a new tool to help people assess their ailing pets’ quality of life, a key factor in decisions about when to...
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    Pet Owners May Have Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease

    Having a pet might lower your risk of heart disease, according to a new American Heart Association scientific statement. The statement is published online in the association's journal Circulation. "Pet ownership, particularly dog ownership, is probably associated with a decreased risk of heart...
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    Getting a guy a pet fish for his birthday?

    Okay there's this guy that I really like and he's having his birthday party this Saturday. I want to get him something kind of funky and unique, so would a fish be a good gift? I was thinking of a cute little betta because they're low maintenance, but not boring. I would also be getting him...
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    Is it ok to give my pet mice a frootloop a day as a treat?

    its not their main diet . Its just a treat because they really like it.
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    Food allergies and your pet: Switching to hypoallergenic chow

    [No message]
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    Is Littlest Pet Shop Gone forever!!!!!!!!!?

    OMG!!! I went to the store and they were only selling the hasbro brand, has The original brand retired? I am a huge Littlest pet shop collector and I need to know!!!!!
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    Any Small, Inexpensive Pet Ideas?

    I really would like to get another small pet soon. But it has to be affordable and doesn't take up to much room. I currently have a guinea pig, hermit crab, fish, and dog. I want a hamster but I'm not sure if it's to expensive because my guinea pig is very expensive. (to pay for supplies). Do...
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    Does anyone know of pet friendly hotels in New York?

    I have a 22 hour layover during which my cat and I will be stuck at JFK if I can't find a hotel. I used and checked the pet friendly option. Zero hotels came back. I'm landing from Europe 3/20 and need to stay one night. I hate the thought of staying in the airport with my kitty for...
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    Can you tell me a virtual pet game for my nokia c2 01?

    Also list a video downloading site excpt tubidy,yaaya or youtube
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    Aww: Picturing Your Pet Can Soothe Stress And Boost Productivity

    Two related experiments have found that merely thinking about your pet can reduce your stress levels and make you more productive. So, basically...everyone who doesn't have one should go out and get a pet right now (says the girl who freely admits she's obsessed with her dog). More » Aww...
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    What's wrong with my pet mouse?? :'( HELP!!!?

    Recently, one of my pet mice died, she didn't seem to have any cause of death as she was perfectly healthy and i think she just suffered a heart attack. One of my other mice (3 left now) is increasingly ill and she seems to have lost a HUGE amount of weight. She used to be very active and she...
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    Any other LGBT Furries that play Pet Society on Facebook?

    I'm just you're average furry, that plays Pet Society. Just wondering if there are any other Furries or LGBT folks that play Pet Society and would like to be Neighbors...
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    Don’t Pet The Pigs: CDC Warns Of Scary New Swine Flu Strain

    If you and your family are considering heading to a petting zoo or agricultural fair before the summer's over, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would ask that you keep your hands away from the pigs. Apparently, those curly-tailed cuties may be harboring a new strain of swine flu. More »Post...
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    How to Choose a Secure Pet Name [Humor]

    Most secure services ask users for some personal details to generate security questions. Some of the classics you can do little about—but humor news site NewsBiscuit amusingly points out that pet names can, and should, be changed on a regular basis in the interests of security. More »
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    What kind of animals do you have as a pet ?

    What kind of animals do you have as a pet or you would like to have as a pet. For me I love Dogs and my favorite breed is a Labrador, they are the friendliest dogs you will ever come across. pet drugs online