1. M

    POLL: What's your favorite type of piercing?

    Do you have any yourself?
  2. H

    Belly button piercing.. hiking, swimming, and Hawaii?

    i'm supposed to get my belly button pierced this weekend, but i'm also going to Hawaii in exactly 3 weeks, we're planning a 3 mile hike to a waterfall, and the occasional swimming at the beach.. should i get it pierced now.. or when i come back.. which is like 2 months from now. :/
  3. M

    Just got tongue pierced can I smoke and it be harmless to the piercing??!!!?

  4. B

    Piercing gives u hepatitis c?

    About a month and a half ago I got my lip pierced professionaly and the other day the skin around my eyes is really dry l, like skin flaking dry. Is this a result of hepatitis c or is this unrelated?
  5. D

    Is Piercing your right eyebrow the same as piercing your right ear? (gay)?

    I know that piercing your right ear usually signals that you are gay, Is it the same with eyebrows?
  6. A

    Australian amateur footballer sent off for genitalia piercing

    </p> In a supremely bizarre scene in Australia, an amateur footballer was shown a red card for a series of events that resulted from him playing with a genitalia piercing. And making it all the more surreal, the referee followed him into the dressing room to make sure he removed it right...
  7. P


    The piercer says to drink a glass or water or anything after smoking a cig, or eating anything, I was just wondering how that helps.?
  8. M

    Are there such a gadget concerning body piercing?

    My girlfriend wants to get a pair of genital piercings, and inserted with a lock, and let me keep the key. Are there such a device as chastity lock that is specially designed for female genital piercing? Thank you.
  9. C

    Is having four piercing in one ear and two in the other considered lesbian for a...

    ...girl? My bro and step mom say it is.
  10. C

    Is having four piercing in one ear and two in the other considered lesbian for a...

    ...girl? My bro and step mom say it is.
  11. C

    Is having four piercing in one ear and two in the other considered lesbian for a...

    ...girl? My bro and step mom say it is.
  12. S

    bump on ear after piercing?

    So i got my rook pierced today and all of a sudden my cartilage piercing on the top of my ear started to bother me a bit. I had the cartilage done about 5 years ago or so and now all of a sudden next to it there a bit of a bump. Any idea of what it could be?
  13. H

    Ear piercing, tunnel newbie, how long before stretching and the after effects?

    I am seriously contemplating getting ear tunnel but I have never even had my ear pierced... How long after having my ear pierced could I realistically have a 10g (2.6mm) tunnel put in? Also if I was to increase the size and then in a few years remove it for an interview say... would my lobe...
  14. H

    What is this painful lump behind my piercing?

    10 weeks ago, I had my third ear lobe piercing, and I think I have a keloid, if that's what its called. I had one on my cartilage one and used soluble paracetomol as recommended on it and it went, however, it wasn't painful. This new one is agony, I clean it everyday with TCP, and I have...
  15. D

    is it safe to smoke crack soon after tongue piercing?

    well i just got my tongue pierced yesterday i found out it is ok to smoke marijuana and ciggarettes aslong as i use mouthwash afterwards. i know its always unsafe to do drugs. but will it affect my tongue in any way?
  16. N

    Nose Piercing Pain...?

    I have each of my ear lobes pierced three times, the pain wasnt bad. just stung and was hot afterwards... but how does a nostril piercing relate pain wise? i'm getting it done tonight, and im not good with needles (my ears were all done with a gun) and im really bad with pain. im like extremely...
  17. K

    who are some famous,sucessful people with an industrial piercing?

    my dad said if i want an industrial piercing i have to write a 5 paragraph essay on successful people with industrial piercings so please help !! and if u have an industrial how much did it hurt? im only 14 .. a freshman in highschool... pleasee help and give me details on the piercing
  18. I

    lip piercing trivia ..........?

    got it done yday but the piercers are very lax about things so they didn't say much. it was sterilised and all that. -how long: -beforte i can drink alcohol -eat without caution -tongue kiss -play with it how often do i rinse it with anti bact. alcohol free mouthwash? is that enough to keep it...
  19. J

    Tagus piercing and swimming? (or cartilage piercing..... Need to make up my mind

    lol:P? So o swim like 3 time a week for a swimming club and sometimes I swim competitively on weekends, any who, as I said I train 3 times a week, once for an hour and a half and the other two for one hour in a chlorinated public pool... I have time to clean it afterwards (the tragus piercing or...
  20. R

    For the past month I've had a piercing, pinching pain in my right inner arm...

    ...socket. Why? It hurts instantly with very little pressure -crossing my arms and applying little amounts of pressure. No visible signs of bruising ever, and the pain is severe and sometimes sporadic. Invisible pain, and for a month! What could be causing this?