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    Morning After Pill Fight Ends As FDA Approves OTC For All Ages

    The FDA has approved the morning after pill for women of any age as an over-the-counter medication and with no point-of-sale restrictions. Over-the-counter (OTC) means that no prescription is required. The FDA said the approval is for "women of child bearing age potential", i.e. any female who...
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    The Hilariously Scientific MinusIQ Pill That Makes Smart People Dumber Would Be Fun t

    Do you ever feel like the rest of the world is so dumb? And it's not that you're especially smart, it's just that people are just so dumb. Do they enjoy being dumb? Have they ever thought about being smart? Of course not! Because being dumb is fun. Being dumb means you don't have to be self...
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    Alison Pill Calls Off Engagement to Jay Baruchel

    There won't be any wedding bells for Alison Pill*and Jay Baruchel.* The celeb couple have reportedly decided to go their separate ways after being engaged for more than two...
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    How long should I wait to have sex after re-starting the pill?

    Due to some policies of my doctor and my insurance company, I could not get a prescription for my birth control pills right after my last pack ended (I am taking Trinessa). I took my last inactive pill, then went five days before I saw my doctor again. My doctor then renewed my prescription for...
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    i have been on the pill for almost a year now.?

    when i forget one and double up, it makes me really nasous. a couple monthes ago i had to double up and it made me all night. it was coming out both ends for hours until i had nothing left to give. ever since i'v been having random spells of nausua. then when i went on my sugar pill week i...
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    Toward A Pill To Enable Celiac Patients To Eat Foods Containing Gluten

    Scientists are reporting an advance toward development of a pill that could become celiac disease's counterpart to the lactase pills that people with lactose intolerance can take to eat dairy products without risking digestive upsets. They describe the approach, which involves an enzyme that...
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    I had sex three days ago but missed my pill today?

    I'm on the minipill and my doctor said it's not good to miss a pill. I had sex last on saturday night and today was wednesday, which I had missed my pill. What i'm worried about is the fact that sperm can survive inside a woman for 5-7 days max. Should I be worried? I'm going to take my pill...
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    MS Relapses Reduced In Trials Of New Pill

    Two studies of a new pill for multiple sclerosis (MS) suggest it may reduce relapses and disability progression in people with the more common, relapsing-remitting form of the neurological condition, which accounts for around 85% of cases. The studies report the results of two phase 3 clinical...
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    Tom Brokaw Rushed To Hospital This Morning After Mistakenly Taking Sleeping Pill

    While in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention, Tom Brokaw felt ill and was taken to the hospital this morning. Turns out, he took the sleeping pill, Ambien, when he shouldn't have. More »Post from: Blisstree
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    how many people here use the pill as their only form of contraceptive?

    Without using condoms. Obviously using condoms is necessary to prevent STI's but if you are in a long term relationship do you still use them?
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    Is the mini pill as effect as the combined?

    Im taking currently the jolivette mini pill which is pretty much a knockoff of micronor but my doctor uses this instead. Well i want to have sex and i want to know how well this will work. We will use condoms but i want the double protection!! I was thinking of switching to the combined Pill...
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    Weight Loss Pill Belviq Gets FDA Approval

    The US Food and Drug (FDA) announced on Wednesday that it has approved the weight loss pill Belviq, for use in adults who are obese or overweight, as part of chronic weight management that includes a reduced calorie diet and exercise. Belviq (lorcaserin hydrochloride), made by the Swiss pharma...
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    HIV Prevention Pill Receives FDA Panel Support

    On Thursday, a panel of outside experts that advises the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voted to support approval of the daily pill Truvada to prevent HIV in healthy people. The FDA is not obliged to follow the advice of its Antiviral Drugs Advisory Committee, but should it do so, then...
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    What gnc vitamin c pill is the best to take?

    I know vitamin c is good for after a workout and I know it's good after a crossfit workout. I just don't know which one is better chewables with or without rosehips etc. Any suggestions?
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    Diet Pill Company Hacks Models’ Twitter Accounts, Proves Diet Pills Are The Worst

    It's a known fact that over-the-counter diet pills basically never lead to real weight loss. But that doesn't stop the manufacturers of them from trying desperately to plant the seeds of body-negativity and, as a result, get people to buy their crappy snake oil. Yesterday, they did it by hacking...
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    Reproductive Rights Roundup: The Pill Helps Us Earn More

    This week saw anti-abortion bills floundering in a few states—most notably Idaho, where a mandatory ultrasound bill was shelved. But Georgia passed last-minute legislation banning abortions after 20 weeks. And Kansas lawmakers came up with new ways to allow doctors to withhold health info from...
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    The Pill Isn’t All Evil–It May Save The Lives Of Nuns

    In the wake of yesterday's decision to continue restricting access to Plan B, there's been a lot of discussion about oral contraceptives,*and*whether or not their availability promotes risky sexual behavior. However, few people are talking about the many non-contraceptive benefits of these...
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    Give Nuns The Pill For Health Reasons ?

    Women who have children have lower risks of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer compared childless (nulliparous) women, so researchers have suggested the possibility of giving them the pill to regulate their menstrual cycles and statistically improve their health, rather than for contraceptive...
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    Are revolution abdominal cuts pill from gnc supposed to have a foul smell?

    diet health
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    If you could get all your nutrition from taking a pill every day, would you do it?

    ...if it completely satisfied your hunger too Why or why not? I realize that the human body has evolved to consume certain things. so take it as hypothetical, assuming such a pill was possible, and it was optimal for human health. could you stand giving up the taste and cultural experiences that...