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    Is Naked Breastfeeding Yoga Mom Obnoxiously Self Righteous Or Just Plain Right? (NSFW

    If you haven't heard of*Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom, you are probably one of the billions of people who doesn't care about Instagram drama. Wanna know what that makes you? More » Is Naked Breastfeeding Yoga Mom Obnoxiously Self Righteous Or Just Plain Right? (NSFW) is a post from Blisstree -...
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    vacation response is plain text attachment?

    After I set up my vacation response information and I sent a copy to myself. I received at txt. attachment file. Huh, that's not right. How can I fix this??
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    UK government's delay on plain tobacco packaging: how much evidence is enough?

    On today, senior research fellow Crawford Moodie asks how much more evidence is needed before the UK government make a decision on plain tobacco packaging. In July, the UK government announced that there would be a delay on the decision on plain packaging, until findings from Australia...
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    Hide Your Moonshine Operation in Plain Sight with This Prohibition Kit

    In the 80 years since prohibition ended in America, home-brewed beer and wines have flourished. Homemade spirits on the other hand have generally remained illegal and illicit (mostly because taxes). Luckily, this gorgeous copper distilling kit breaks down into four innocuous kitchen gadgets when...
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    How long are plain spaghetti noodles good after being cooked if they're

    kept in the fridge the whole time? I made spaghetti, but cooked too many noodles, so I still have a plate of plain spaghetti noodles wrapped up in the fridge. I made them Sunday night or sometime Monday. It's now Thursday night here; should they still be good? When I pull the plastic back...
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    POLL: Do you think this video is funny or just plain old gross?
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    Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare As A Tax; Here’s What It Means In Plain English

    The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare in a five to four vote, ruling that the individual mandate (requiring that Americans buy insurance or pay a fine) is constitutional as a tax. The court's opinions were divided (outlined in-depth here)—they also stipulated that states can't be penalized for not...
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    The plain truth without imagination

    The prophet peace be upon him says: (day of resurrection will not come till money increases between you ... 1 - Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him told us about many signs for the imminence of day of resurrection as he said: (one of these signs is that money will increase and trade will...
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    Olympic mascots through the years: The good, the bad and the just plain weird

    Olympic mascots are a funny thing. . . . well, sometimes. ??Most of the time, they're created on the premise that kids are going to need something to make the Olympic movement seem warm and fuzzy. They're also great merchandising tools, and if there's one thing the International Olympic...
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    Turn Your E-Waste Into Furniture and Hide It In Plain Sight [E-Waste]

    There are lots of recycling programs that will happily salvage the raw materials from your outdated electronics. But if you still can't let your old 386 go, maybe Rodrigo Alonso has another solution for you—turn it into gaudy furniture. More »
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    Do y'all know that the cell phone, iPod, iPad, microwave, air plain and so on I

    made with coltan from Congo? People are being kill from the Congo American is behind those things happening in Africa, they are keeping it silent so no one can find out. They're giving weapon to kill people there so they can steal and keeping Congo poor go on YouTube y'all see
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    Bi-polar or just plain crazy? please read.......?

    well i'm 19 (female) UK & i've been feeling like this just before my 18th birthday! i can wake up the happiest person ever & then if somebody tries to have a carry on with me i start going nuts, throwing everything at them that i can find (tv's, dvd players, ashtrays, remotes, cups, plates...
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    Why are Jews for Jesus offensive to plain old Jews for normal Judaism?

    Do Jews for Jesus keep with the Halahic laws? Be a mensch and give an informed answer... i meant to type halakhic...i think that's how it's spelled at least. How is there no answer to this question Luci 1. where does the animosity come from 2. do they keep the commandments seems like...
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    Just Plain Creepy: Mother-Daughter Sexy Lingerie Ad

    Need a great Christmas card idea this year? How about posing with your mom in some sexy lingerie? No, don't do that. That's just disturbing. And yet, a New York based lingerie company, the Lake and Stars, is generating all kinds of buzz over a similar idea with its new ad campaign featuring a...
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    Is there anyone else out there who just plain doesn't give a crap about

    the Cain allegations? I don't like Cain's politics or proposed policies. But aside from that, I don't care about Cain's alleged sexual harassment charges. It happened over a decade ago. True or untrue I don't care. I don't think it would affect how he were to govern as president. I think...
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    SURVEY: What percent of success is just plain Luck.?

    I know this is a stupid question but sometimes i ask stupid questions :(
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    what will happen to tobacco farmers if plain packaging is introduced on cigarettes?

    it is for a speech i am doing at school my persona is a tobacco farmer and i need some points to talk about to do with why plain packaging should not be introduced. Thanks in advance.
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    Where can I find just plain bells?

    I need to find just simple, traditional bells. Not the rounded cross-cut jingle bells, but the curved type (I'm sure they have some real name) like wedding bells. I need ones that are between 3.5-4 inches, lightweight metal/plastic, and undecorated. I've been searching every single craft store...
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    My Intel i7 2600k isn't working properly or just plain bad luck?

    Ive heard every chip is different, some may require more volts when overclocking some may require less. When overclocking people suggest 1.27v at 4.5ghz. however i need AT LEAST 1.4v to even boot windows let alone be stable. i have a hyper 212+ and my biggest fear is that i havent applied the...
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    Are you on a boat or on a plain?

    Half way down a hill, but there's a paddling pool outside (the dogs need to cool off) Very deep question... Thinking about it a bit more, in offroading terms a Byway Open to All Traffic (boat) does describe the road..