1. K

    need the code for a Philips universal remote to a LG DVD player?

    Lost the code sheet, I have a Philips universal remote and need the code for a LG DVD player
  2. D

    Any better DVD and video player to replace Windows media player?

    As we all that every computer will have windows media player inside and does play many video formats.However,what i need is one kind that be able to play dvds movies also. Can you recommend a better player to replace Windows media player? Needs to be free, and as good as Media player. Media...
  3. N

    How do i get love film on my panasonic blueray player?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    my daddy just got a blueray player and i want to put love film on it
  4. J

    What is special in blueray players that ppl prefer them over dvd player?

    If blue ray can play scratched disc?
  5. D

    How can I make a dvd able to be played on a dvd player?

    First i should say that my computer is windows 8 system.I have bougt my computer less than one month.But I really have the need to bun dvd.I have some videos recorded with my android smart phone.And really long.So I want to burn them to dvd to watch later on dvd player.How can this be...
  6. A

    Brandon Jennings slapped by former NBA player Mike Taylor in Drew League game (Video)

    Although they have been locally popular for some time, summer pro-am basketball leagues have received a fair deal of attention in recent years, buoyed by the necessities of the 2011 lockout and continued by basketball fans who would consider bugging people's houses if it meant getting a glimpse...
  7. V

    Volleyball Player Patrick Sibley Hit and Killed by Subway Train

    [No message]
  8. B

    how to connect a blue ray dvd player to a large screen hd tv?

    mitsubishi 1080 hd tv
  9. C

    Blackberry Playbook HELP bbc i player wont work!!!!?

    Basically when i want to watch a video on bbc iplayer it says u must update the adobe flash player from the android market which i cant to, and when i go to the link provided it says u have the latest version of flash for this browser. Any answers that could resolve my issue would be very...
  10. R

    my 2009 lg blue ray dvd player is always stateing no disc, can someone tell me why?

    every time I insert a dvd movie, r, cd, into my disc tray on my 2009 lg dvd player, it says no disc, y?
  11. F

    Difference between blue ray and dvd player in laptop?

    i am going to buy a laptop. i have 2 choices with almost same specifications but difference is in there player 1 have blue-ray player and 2nd has dvd player. I love to watch movies so please tell me which is good and why? Thanks.
  12. K

    Info on Blue Ray player?

    We just dropped our cable and got the Netflix and Hulu Plus for our main t.v. Now I am wondering how to get the Netflix and Hulu on the other t.v.s in our house. Someone told me a blue ray player but I have no idea where to start. The main t.v. we got it through the Xbox. Do I have to have a...
  13. J

    How to burn a movie from mov format to a dvd to watch on a home dvd player?

    I have a dvd recordable drvie and want to copy a movie that I downloaded in mov format. How do I burn that movie to a dvd so that it can be watched on my home dvd player?
  14. J

    Will Region 1 Work on a Multi Region DVD Player?

    I want 2 DVD's From And I have the Sony Multi Region DVD Player DVP-NS330. The 2 DVD's Are Both Region one and they are both MADTV! So will they work on my DVD player?
  15. J

    Will Region 1 Work on a Multi Region DVD Player?

    I want 2 DVD's From And I have the Sony Multi Region DVD Player DVP-NS330. The 2 DVD's Are Both Region one and they are both MADTV! So will they work on my DVD player?
  16. M

    2 player iPad games.?

    Hi, I'm going on holiday soon and have an iPad. Does anyone know any good 2 player games on the same ipad which are good I can play with my partner? Maybe puzzle like games or something like that? Thanks
  17. Y

    My cd/dvd player on my computer doesn't work, how can i make it work?

    i have a sony vaio-pcv-rs-410 desktop computer, it's about 7 years old, but works pretty good, the only problem is that it won't read disks at all, when i go to start>computer the dvd/cd readers both show up, but if i click on them, and there's a disk in the player it opens up the player...
  18. J

    How do I fix my Blue Ray Player?

    So today I decided to watch King of Queens on my Blue Ray player and all was fine, so then I went to do a little grocery shopping and when I came back my tv said that the video signal cable is not connected and the Blue Ray home screen wont show up and the Blue Ray player is on. So what do I do...
  19. S

    what are the differences between video player of xperia sp and samsung grand?

    As everyone know Samsung Grand,Can play all kind of Videos that a Desktop / laptop Can play without Using any kind of converting software.I was willing to know that, Is Xperia SP able to play HQ videos without converting them to 3GP Or MP4 .. Etc.
  20. I

    What brand of router to link computer to laptops and blue ray dvd player?

    I have Comcast internet and cable services. I have an Asus desktop computer and want to get a router to run a couple of laptops and also to be able to watch Netflix, etc. on my TV via a blue ray dvd player. What would be a good router for this?