1. W

    Why wont my PS3 play blue ray movies bt it plays blueray games?

    Blue ray movies don't work at all normal DVDs work fine and my blue ray games like GTA 4 and NFS shit 2 unleashed works perfectly fine how can I fix this so I can watch blue ray movies
  2. M

    what is the iphone app that plays music while you sleep and is also an alarm?

    its an alarm also and its cal. how many hours of sleep you get.
  3. G

    Cell phone + PC speaker output plays low?

    Hey guys ! I have 5.1 pc speakers Logitech X-540 Using the PC they play super loud, but when i plug them into the phone .. it makes just a regular sound, the bass is there but the music is not loud enough, not even loud. Can you suggest how to fix that and make them play as loud as they do...
  4. R

    DVD players What's a good DVD player that has a USB port and plays all file types

    from a hard drive? What's a good DVD player that has a USB port and plays all file types from a hard drive
  5. A

    LMFAO?s Redfoo plays in U.S. Open qualifier, borrows shoes, loses

    Tennis! They'll let anyone on the court, if only for a couple sets! Stefan Gordy, better known as Redfoo of LMFAO, entered a U.S. Open sectional qualifier and, well ... it didn't go so well. At the Chamisal Tennis Club in Salinas, Calif., Gordy played Scott Gray, a California state champion...
  6. L

    I dropped my phone on concrete and it still plays ringtones but screen

    is black ? help please!? i was walking when my phone fell out my pocket and fell onto the concrete. when it fell it hit all corners. i thought it was broke but it still plays ring tones when i get a notification but the screen is completely black and the computer still recolonizes it phone Just...
  7. A

    Corey Crawford plays enforcer vs. Kings: ?Decided to go in there and grab his head?

    Late in the third period of Game 2 on Sunday night, and with this team down three goals, Kyle Clifford of the Los Angeles Kings decided to send a message to Chicago Blackhawks star Jonathan Toews. Behind the play, Clifford tangled with Toews and struck him in the face with a few gloved punches...
  8. T

    In Moral Decision-Making Empathy Plays A Key Role

    Is it permissible to harm one to save many? Those who tend to say "yes" when faced with this classic dilemma are likely to be deficient in a specific kind of empathy, according to a report published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE... More...
  9. T

    What file format plays on the dvd player?

    I saved .avi videos on my usb but it wont show when i plugged the usb to the player
  10. A

    Danica Patrick plays Shoot the Puck at Blackhawks game, scores on first attempt (Vide

    You've probably heard of this Danica Patrick individual -- the one who's definitely better than you are at driving a car. She was in attendance for Game 1 of the Chicago Blackhawks' series with the Minnesota Wild, sitting in the front row, right at the glass. But maybe she should have been...
  11. G

    Fore! Justin Timberlake Plays Golf With Kiefer Sutherland

    Look who's on par with Justin Timberlake! The "Suit & Tie" artist—and 6 handicap—was spotted bringing 18 holes' worth of sexy back to the golf course over...
  12. H

    When I play a dvd on Windows Media Player, it only plays audio?

    When I play a dvd on Windows Media Player, it only plays audio and not the video. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  13. T

    Subwoofer plays everything but bass?

    so i just hooked up a new head unit in my car and also a subwoofer and amp and for what i know and what everybody else has seen its all hooked up right. when i play my music the subwoofer gives out everything the other speakers do. but no bass. I know for a fact the subwoofer works and i thought...
  14. W

    dvd player plays a movie then stops or it freezes and the disc is new?

    i put in JAG season 1 disc its brand new no scratches dvd player plays it for a few minutes and eather stops or it freezes i dont think its the dvd because it will play on my ps3 any ideas what could cause my dvd player to not play it and what i can do to fix it?
  15. A

    NHL Three Stars: Kyle Palmieri?s natural hat trick; Anze Kopitar plays hero

    No. 1 Star: Kyle Palmieri, Anaheim Ducks The Ducks winger scored the sixth natural hat trick in franchise history, leading Anaheim to a 5-1 victory over the Nashville Predators. Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf had the assists on each of the goals. No. 2 Star: Anze Kopitar, Los Angeles...
  16. E

    vedio starts playing ,then it stops,plays then stops?

    when trying to play a vedio,it starts then stops then starts
  17. Olivia

    Who plays 3 year old Victoria in Mama?

    In the 2013 film, Mama, I was wondering who plays Victoria in the beginning of the movie when she is 3 years old. She is just so cute!
  18. A

    Cool Photo: Snow-covered Yankee Stadium plays host to third annual Pinstripe Bowl

    In a scene that we’re sure delighted Yankee Stadium groundskeepers, the Syracuse Orange and West Virginia Mountaineers ran up and down their precious turf during the third annual New Era Pinstripe Bowl in very snowy conditions on Saturday afternoon. The photo above, provided by the New York...
  19. A

    Packers run one of the most inane trick plays ever seen, fumble it away to Bears (VID

    There are times for trick plays. Being up 11 points in the fourth quarter, fielding a punt inside your 20-yard line, is not one of them. Game situation mattered none to Mike McCarthy. The Packers coach had this throwback fake on a punt return written out on his play card and by golly, he was...
  20. N

    Who is the actress in Premium Rush who plays one of the bike messengers called to

    set up the flash mob? Towards the end of the film, when Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levit) needs help, he gets Raj (Aasif Mandvi) to call up the other bike messengers to organize a "flash mob" because he "needs the cavalry". He first calls someone named Moosey, then calls a female bike messenger with...