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    How to view PlayStation DVD in PC?

    I want ISO file of that DVD?I inserted DVD in pc but not showing in pc
  2. W

    Can any Bluetooth controller be used on a PlayStation 3?

    I'm planning on purchasing an Ouya come the 25th, and I was curious to see if I could link the Ouya's controller to the PlayStation, as I only have 2.
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    Sony confirms PlayStation pricing for New Zealand: $649.95

    Sony confirms PlayStation pricing for New Zealand: $649.95 Posted on 11-Jun-2013 16:39. | Filed under: News :*Gaming. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has announced that the PlayStation4 (PS4) computer entertainment system will come in “Jet Black” color and will be available this...
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    What kind Handheld Device that will turn into completely into a Playstation 2

    with no Emulator? What kind Handheld Device that will turn into completely into a Playstation 2 with no Emulator just use ISO's games?What kind of Handheld Device will that be to actully play Playstation 2 games with no Emulator like Gran Turismo 3 A-SPEC PS2 Gran Turismo 4 PS2?
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    Andrea Pirlo thinks the Playstation is the second greatest invention of all time

    You might not think that a man with a powerful beard and his own vineyard like Andrea Pirlo would have any time for video games, but you would be very, very wrong. The 33-year-old Juventus midfielder has a new biography out now entitled "I think therefore I play" and James Horncastle wrote an...
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    Does playstation 2 play international DVD's?

    I am buying a dvd from the uk and it says you need a universal DVD player will playstation 2 play these?
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    How to burn a playstation 1 game to a cd/DVD?

    I am trying to burn a playstation game on a cd/DVD and play it on my playstation 3
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    My Samsung computer monitor goes to black while playing my playstation 3?

    I bought a 27" Samsung LED Computer monitor to play my PlayStation 3 on. while playing the screen goes to black but the power light stays on so i turn it off and back on and the display is back. sometimes it will go to black every minute or two and other times I can play for a while. I have the...
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    How do I set up a playstation 3 in a 2011 infiniti QX56?

    The power works fine, but it never seems to show up on the screen. Any suggestions?
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    Playstation 3 - Annoying Blue ray sound?

    The sound come very loud and annoying when a game is loading, and sometimes in middle of a game tho its not so loud then but really annoying as i said :P Anyways what i am wondering is: Are there anything to be done with this? Really gets on my nerves. Thank you! PS i know many people say...
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    Blue Ray Player on the PlayStation 3?

    Ok, I am new to the PlayStation. Now, is the Blue Ray player the thing that makes the games WORK/RUN on the system or is it just for the movies? Ok, so it for sure is only for dvd movies? All I want to do is play video games on it. I'm also trying to make a purchase on craigslist that says the...
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    How much to get a Blue Ray player fixed on a PlayStation 3?

    Before I can make a certain purchase for about $45, I am just curious on how much it is to get the blue ray player fixed in a PS3?
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    Sony announces PlayStation 4, but leaves lots of questions unanswered

    [No message]
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    do dvd's play on PlayStation 3?

    I KNOW BLU-RAY DISCS play on PlayStation but do dvd's
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    Why doesn't xbox live marketplace and playstation online store offer new... for download? They only offer games after they have been released for a while. Why don't software developers offer their games for digital download on xbox and ps3 on day 1?
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    What is PDA on playstation home?

    So i was looking up on how to customize your playstation home character and the answeres were to go to PDA but what exactly is that??
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    Why does my xvid movie on my USB stick not play on my playstation 3?

    Its a video clip .avi file pretty much standard stuff. Do i need an update or something? Thank You.
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    When will playstation network be back up lol?

    Getting impatient
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    would a rogers Scientific Atlanta 1840 cable box work with a playstation 3d display?

    Would a rogers Scientific Atlanta 1840 cable box work with a playstation 3d display? Future shop says it "Connects to your PlayStation 3, cable TV box, or PC" but i'm not really sure if it would connect to Rogers Scientific Atlanta 1840 cable box.
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    which handheld console is the best Playstation Vista or Ninetendo Wii U?

    are ps3 games backwards compatible with the Vista which is my best option for a main christmas present for myself Playstation Vista Samsung Galaxy Note or Hp Envy laptop bare in mind i like playing games, listening to music, don't have friends to talk to online or can't talk to friends online