1. Olivia

    How do i download apps onto my blackberry 9300?? 10 points?

    I want to download apps but i dont know? Please help?
  2. B

    Summary of this book please--- I'll give you lots of points if you answer.?

    There is a book called the Chinese Girl Graduate by R. K. Douglas. Please tell me the summary of this book because it's depending on my life. I got too many F's this quarter and this is my lifeline of me failing this subject or not. I've searched high and low, right and left for this summary...
  3. J

    Sprint smartphone sale? which should i get? PLEASE ANSWER! I WILL GIVE 10 POINTS

    FOR A GOOD ANSWER!? My piece ofshit phone broke in March and my upgrade is August 1st and i so excited to finally have a phone again! When i got my phone December 2011, it was on a special sale thatyou didnt have to pay extra for the smartphone option. My phone was the Samsung Replenish, which...
  4. L

    Life in england?? 10 points?

    English you Say That there is crisis, However in my opinion were much better in the UK than in Italy. in Italy there is the real crisis. Italians living in england work and are happy. why are you complaining about? you are really in crisis? what is the place of england where there is crisis...
  5. G

    (POLL) Fun trivia question. First one to get it right gets 10 points.?

    What weapon developed in ancient Asia over 2,000 years ago, is still commonly used in today's modern combat?
  6. L

    how to get more likes on facebook 10 POINTS !!!!!!!!!!?

    are there any trikes or something ? thankyou ps I know about www.likelo.com but it doesn't work !!!
  7. T

    is he trying to avoid me before i go on my vacation? easy 10 points?

    heres a little info about him: we work together in a nut shell. we kissed. after that he got weird.. always staring down guys who talk to me wanting to know where i am..always. he will get his older bro to find out or anyone we work with.. i went to his house he wanted to hook up i declined. now...
  8. S

    10 POINTS!!!! Sites to download pokemon games for blackberry for free?

    I'm looking for sites on where I can download pokemon games for my blackberry phone..the games must be free with no subscription!!
  9. S

    10 POINTS!!!! Sites to download pokemon games for blackberry for free?

    I'm looking for sites on where I can download pokemon games for my blackberry phone..the games must be free with no subscription!!
  10. K

    Is this outfit okay for warped tour (10 points)?

    Okay so I'm wearing my cousins shirt (She's 19) & it's just plain white because dark colors attract the sun. So is this okay? I'm wearing shorts also http://m.flickr.com/photos/80939976@N06/9147630553/lightbox/
  11. V

    Easy points, what movie should I torrent?

    I'm bored and can't sleep list me some really good enjoyable movies that are modern, nothing too old. Must be 2012-2013, could be anything from action, to horror, to adventure, to cartoons, whatever!! Anything!! Thanks! :D
  12. B

    essay question 'Comment on points of historical interest....'?

    Where do I start?
  13. P

    Best sentence made of lyrics?? 10 points for you! Please I need help!?

    There's a competition where the winner gets to meet a great artist at a festival coming soon! I have to pick an artist, which for me is gonna be Jessie J, and I have to write a sentence why I should be the winner of the competition, but made out of her lyrics from her 2013 songs. Any great...
  14. O

    Claimyourpoints.com and Gamehouse.com offer of Free Xbox Live Points?

    Is there any way you could verify the offer from claimyourpoints.com to give microsoft live points in return for signing up with gamehouse.com (much akin to the $10 in eBay bucks for signing up with netflix)? I asked Xbox/Microsoft and all they could say is that it wasn't verified, and, unlike...
  15. D

    i have an awesome riddle, first to answer gets ten points!!!?

    The first person that tells me how they can speak for an entire minute without using the letter a gets ten points! Rules: has to be simple, cannot make up a story, no talking slowly, has to be at least one hundred words. The answer is simpler than you think, have fun!!! :-D Congrats Justin you...
  16. E

    Fitness help? please help? :'( ***10 POINTS**?

    Okay, my measurements are 30 -28 -38.(after diet). Before diet it was 30-33.5-39. Before getting fat it was 30-24-34. I used to me skinny but last year, I ate like a pig and gained weight in my thighs(no more thigh gap :'( ), boalted belly and big bum. I'm wondering why this '' eating like a...
  17. D

    Sitcom survey with 6 questions... 10 easy points!!?

    Q1: What's your favorite sitcom? Q2: What's your least favorite sitcom? Q3: What's a sitcom that everybody loves that you absolutely hate? Q4: What's a sitcom that everybody hates that you absolutely love? Q5: What's a sitcom that you think is just average that everybody some how finds to be...
  18. V

    LeBron James Points Out Second Chance Points Error

    [No message]
  19. N

    Bluetooth question 10 points?

    Will bluetooth headphones work with a non smartphone I have a samsung freeform 4. I don't want to buy them without knowing they will work first. And I want to buy tenqa headphones.
  20. P

    10 points?! iPhone romance games where you can play as a male?

    Romance games that you get to play as a male (cuz all of them are female characters...) I prefer a game with a guy main character, and an anime type of game. 10 points thanks