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    NFL?s uniform police hits Robert Griffin III with a $10,000 fine, apparently for ?Ope

    The T-shirt Robert Griffin III wore for his pregame warm-up on Monday said "Operation Patience," a tongue-in-cheek joke about the Redskins' slowly bringing him back to game action off his ACL injury. It was funny after a controversy-filled week. The T-shirt seemed pretty nice too, maybe a nice...
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    Bike's gone, is it a matter to take to the police?

    I forgot to put my bike away and left it outside the house overnight (stupid, I know) This morning, of course, it's gone Is this something to go to the police about or do I just accept that it's gone (probably to the nasty scrap metal men)
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    Leon Rosby’s Dog Murdered by Hawthorne Police in Cold Blood

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    Can police get in trouble for eating my Taco Bell?

    Okay I got arrested earlier and my car was impounded. My friend and I were about to smoke a joint so we planned ahead and bought a lot of Taco Bell. When I got arrested, there were 3 tacos and an entire xxl burrito in the bag. The day after when I picked up my car, one taco was left and half my...
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    Police Search Blows Another Hole in the Patriots’ Offense

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    Amy Warney’s Baby Missing After Delayed Reporting to Police

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    Bollywood Actress Suicide: Indian Police Arrest Boyfriend in Jiah Khan's Death

    There's been a surprise twist in the death of a beloved member of the Bollywood community. Suraj Pancholi, the boyfriend of Bollywood actress Jiah Khan, has been arrested on...
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    New Zealand Police Select Wynyard Investigator

    New Zealand Police Select Wynyard Investigator Posted on 30-May-2013 12:00. | Filed under: News :*Security. Wynyard Group has secured a contract with the New Zealand Police for Wynyard’s serious crime investigations software.Wynyard Investigator is used internationally by more than 50...
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    If I sold addroall in highschool would it affect me being hired on by a police force?

    Im not sure if it is considered a illegal substance because I have a prescription for it. During the polygraph test would I answer yes to selling a illegal narcotic?
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    Police Officer to Blame for Andrea Rebello’s Death?

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    When can a police report be used as evidence? Is this example hearsay?

    A police officer comes to scene of an alleged crime. The witnesses/victims of the alleged crime state their knowledge of the events, rather the the police officer him or herself. The police officer records the testimony of the witnesses and places the testimony into a police report. Can this...
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    Police Believe Lana Bailey’s Body Has Been Found

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    Can police prosecute for a year old video?

    I've heard that in America, if you film something illegal and put it on YouTube, e.g a wheelie on a motorbike, the police can't prosecute you for anything if the video is over a year old, do we have anything similar in the UK? Got a load of wheelie clips on my computer that were filmed over a...
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    Police: Street Racing Mother Kills Baby

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    Charles Ramsey’s 9-1-1 Call to Police After Finding Amanda Berry

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    why hasnt the police turned up yet?!?

    someone said that they have pressed charges against my sister for online harrassment, that was last week monday - almost two weeks ago, and the police still are not here??
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    Which martial arts for police?

    I decide to learn in police academy , wich martial arts is more helpful for me befor I go there?
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    can police detain and book on a fta warrant when responding to an unrelated matter?

    back on may 7th I had placed a call to local law enforcement to respond on home invasion at my private residence after quite a bit of time they arrived but did not come to my residence but requested I meet them outside which after I did I was simply asked what my name was said my name and was...
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    Are the dodge charger the new police car fleet?

    Now that ford ended crown victoria, will police buy huge fleets of dodge chargers? Surely they don't want a FWD ford Taurus. Will we see in a few years used cop chargers for sale or auction ?
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    Germany: is it normal to see German police smoking in public while on duty?

    I passed through Frankfurt at the weekend on my way back from eastern Europe to Ireland, had a 5 hour wait at Frankfurt airport so went into the city. At the main train station there were two police men with a police dog, I always thought German police wore green and khaki coloured uniforms but...