1. C

    poll- what do you for your daily dosage of fun?

  2. M

    POLL: What was the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to you?

    today, i found a piece of nail in my sandwich that i bought when i was out...
  3. L

    Poll: Iphone vs Android phones(Samsung/LG/etc..)?

    Which side will win the war?
  4. M

    Are You READY for the Serious Poll and Survey Questions ?

    Well, they're around here, somewhere.... I think i need a shot of coffee...
  5. V

    Poll: What would you do if?

    You see a lion run faster than a cheetah
  6. M

    POLL: What do you think of someone eating fries for breakfast?

    They cooked them at home, by slicing potatoes and deep frying them?
  7. M

    Poll: do you know how to dance?

  8. C

    Poll: Old Miley Cyrus or New Miley Cyrus?

    Which is better? (In your opinion)
  9. G

    (POLL) Fun trivia question. First one to get it right gets 10 points.?

    What weapon developed in ancient Asia over 2,000 years ago, is still commonly used in today's modern combat?
  10. M

    POLL: What would you say if I told you?

    I can't love anybody, because I'm a friggin asshole?
  11. M

    poll: would you ever buy one of these ?

  12. A

    Poll: what do you think to build up your confidence?

    in any way!??
  13. A

    Poll: what do you think to build up your confidence?

    in any way!??
  14. M

    Poll: Symbian vs Android vs Windows Phone.?

    Which one you prefer?
  15. H

    POLL: What are some fun things to do at 4:03 in the morning?

    I can't sleep.
  16. A

    Poll: which is the best video you feel?

    if available share it
  17. R

    Poll! Which is the best tom cruise movie ?

    Knight & Day , Jack Reacher or Oblivion All are best in there own way for there :- K&D - action sequence JR - dialogues , some action & acting O - stylish sci-fiction
  18. M

    Poll- Do you trust refurbished products?

    Why? or why not?
  19. I

    Poll - do you cook :D ? :)?

    I help my mum at cooking sometimes <3 :D BQ - how often do you smile? :D I don't think I'll ever survive without being happy lol
  20. G

    Poll: What's your biggest nutrition or eating problem after become a...

    ...Vegetarian or Vegan? Please share? Please kindly share what is your biggest nutrition problem after you become a vegetarian or vegan. Thank you so much for your time and kindness to share with me. For example: doesn't know where to get enough protein, B12, Calcium, vitamin D, or iron...