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    Harry Potter riddle: Who am I?

    Legilimens by trade, Songist by nature, Looks are deceiving, Over a century old. What/Who am I?
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    Harry Potter riddles?

    Innocent as morn, Used of evil, Shy at first, Loving to all. Who am I?
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    What apps on iPad have real books on them? Such as Harry Potter, Twilight, etc. ?

    Free or not.
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    Harry Potter riddles Who am I?

    Loved for nothing, Hated for nothing, Abused for nothing, Excels for others. Who am I?
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    Harry Potter riddle who am I?

    Timid and small, Brave but not, Not chosen because of blood, Never to part. Who am I?
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    What are the best Harry Potter trivia apps for an iPhone?

    I have been looking for apps that have harry potter trivia from the books but can't seem to find any good ones. And I'd prefer a free one if possible!
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    Which is your favorite Harry Potter book?

    Mine is GOF. The whole book is awesome.
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    In Harry potter and the halfblood prince, what is the book sitting on Tom

    riddle desk at the orphanage? In Dumbledores memory of Tom riddle as a child their is a book sitting on his desk with a few loose sheets in it, what is this?
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    Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban trivia on book?

    Why did black feel that he "as good as killed" Harry's parents A.he refused to teach them the fidelius charm B.he persuaded them to use peter as their secret-keeper C.his letter to them allowed voldemort to trace their location D.he unknowingly led voldemort to their hiding place when he...
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    Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban trivia on book?

    When Dumbledore said "three turns should do it," Hermione thought to A.throw stones to alert her friends to the executioner B.use the marauder's map to find Pettigrew C.howl like a wolf to save Harry D.go back in time to rescue black and buckbeak First answer ten points
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    Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban trivia 1?

    What was one reason malfoy pretended to have a lasting injury to his arm? A. to be near madam pomfrey B. To try to get harid fired C. To get ginnys attention D. To get out of his anti-dementor classes
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    Why isn't A Very Potter Musical on DVD yet?

    seriously.. sitting over my laptop watching it is getting painful.. do you think it will ever be on DVD? also, are they putting AVPSY on youtube as well or somewhere else?
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    Harry Potter Question?

    Ok I didn't finish the books bc I didn't have time and I wanted to know why snape is called the Half blood prince- the movie doesn't explain.
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    Are there any differences between Harry Potter Lego Years 5-7 3ds and ds....

    ...If there are any, what are they? I mean besides the obvious. Like if there are any different game play. Also, are are the controls different? I already have the ds version, so I just want to know if there are any differences between the ds and 3ds versions.
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    in harry potter what did tom riddle steal?

    In harry potter and the half blood prince tom riddle as a child steals something and puts it into his wardrobe can someone please tell me what he steals? Thanks in advance
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    how do you get out of the great hall on the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's...

    ...stone dvd? I put in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone dvd to watch, and somehow the great hall feature was up. How do I get out of the great hall and back to the main menu without having to play through it?
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    Are the Harry Potter books worth reading if you've seen the movies?

    I just watched all the movies but have not read the books.. it seems like the major surprises in the books might be ruined since I know what will happened from the movies. Do you think it's still worth it to read them?
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    Names for a Harry Potter Fanfiction?

    I want to create a Harry Potter Fanfiction that I might end up recreating for a story to get published. Anyway, the story starts after the last war, where Harry potter and the deathly hollows ended. Bellatrix and Voldemort have a daughter, who was left parentless, due to her parents both being...
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    Why do people compare 'Harry Potter' and 'Twilight'?

    There are so many huge differences between the two books/films, the main one being 'Harry Potter' is about friendship, love, loss and bravery, whereas 'Twilight' is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.
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    Where in the Harry Potter books/movies did it say Sirius Black was a manwhore?

    Where in the harry potter movies and books does it say that Sirius Black was a man-whore? I really can't remember so I need help!