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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life,...

    ...philosophical/religious facts, - ? - theories etc and i Challenge you all So called intelligent Atheists Or So Called puffed up Rascal Cheaters. ( if anyone have got guts then disprove this Practical Explanation Or disprove Gravity ) ____________________________________ ********** Practical...
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    Plastic Surgery’s Practical Applications

    You know how celebrities or like kids you went to high school with justify their nose-jobs with obvious excuses like "deviated septum" and you just roll your eyes and do that jerking off an invisible penis hand gesture? More » Plastic Surgery’s Practical Applications is a post from Blisstree -...
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    Peyton Manning Practical Joke on Eric Decker

    [No message]
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    Would a glass diving bell be practical?

    I read about Alexander the Great's legendary glass diving bell which he supposedly descended to 150 metres in. What would be the practicality of this?
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    Any predictions for tomorrow's ISC XII Physics practical paper?

    Any ideas what questions may come in tomorrows ISC physics paper2??
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    The Practical Way to Fix Windows Won't Start

    i got a virus on my laptop that i couldn't shift so i tried reinstalling windows 7 but i didn't have enough space so i deleted some files still didn't have enough space. So one of the options when installing windows 7 was to format my laptop so i clicked format and it just shut down and now...
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    Practical Photo Recovery Way Help to Get Photos Back

    So bad! I cut all photos in Canon digital camera memory card and saved clipping on my sister, Alice's computer yesterday, I just built a New folder on the desktop and without rename.This morning I found the folder which was saved my photos was gone! Alice so sorry to tell me she thought the...
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    Is Dragonfly DAC practical for a bottom-feeding would-be-audiophile?

    I'm like super poor. The $250 required to buy the Dragonfly DAC is not going to come my way anytime soon (MAYBE within the next 6-12 months, I'll have to wait & see...). With that in mind, should I just buy a receiver & speakers (I do still buy CDs, mainly for display, which I guess is kinda...
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    Which degree is more practical Business,nutrition or IT?

    I'm currently a nutrition major however I do not want to get a fruitless degree. I'm currently working in housekeeping at a hotel and I do not want to work in this type of environment all my life. Is it better to get a degree in a subject that is practical and useful than to get a degree that...
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    Are gay relationships practical, fulfilling, successful, and etc?

    I am bisexual, and although I do really like a girl I know one day that it is possible that I might date a guy. I am sixteen but I fear if I were to ever fall in love with a guy and we were in a relationship it would just be futile. I have read that most homosexual relationships aren't faithful...
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    Im looking to trade in my manual 2010 lancer for a more practical family

    car.....suv. any one know the trade? In value and what not to do and to do. I dont want to get screwewd by a dealership
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    Is it practical to fly to Frankfurt from Berlin for one day?

    I have a friend in Frankfurt who wants me to visit while I'm in Berlin. He recommended that I fly because it's only an hour. I'll only be able to visit for one day. I was told though, that it's better to take the train because it's a bit cheaper and it will end up taking the same amount of...
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    how practical are super bikes?

    Hi guys I just bought a 2nd hand SUZUKI GSXR 1100. I have to admit that the purchase was hugely clouded by emotions from my side. I just couldn't resist the temptation of owning a superbike!! especially at that price! The bike is very nice to ride and fast(which is what I was looking for!) but...
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    Which is more practical, Aikido or Shorinji Kempo (Founded in Japan)?

    I have engaged in Shorinji for five years before, but I am currently taking Aikido class (which is the only option among martial arts). I know that Aikido is used in many organizations including police or security agency, but I am still finding myself asking "Which is more practical art?" I...
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    Genetics engineering?? Is the mutation homo sapiens possible in practical?

    Is there any existence of mutant or accelerately evoluted people?? I meant is the long term process of evolution can be done in very short time like diffrence of generation? Can a normal parents give birth of mutant child?
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    What's the best practical joke you've ever pulled?

    Two years ago, one of my friends and I decided we would concoct a semi-elaborate April Fools' Day prank to pull on one of our other friends each year. Last year, we managed to get a hold of one of my friend's car keys while I distracted her so that we could put hole punch holes into her air...
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    iPhone 4 =Nokia N8 and iPhone 3G? A practical move?

    I have an iPhone 3G 8gbwith original cable and a Nokia N8 plus the complete original accessories. Both are functioning well, no repairs etc. Someone offered me to exchange these for an iPhone 4 16gb... Shall i? Yes or no.. plus state your reason.. I'm really confused :(
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    good practical jokes?

    My Uncle is in a room sleeping and my cuzin and I want to play a practical joke on him! What should we do? :)
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    is it true karate and tae kwon do arent as practical as other martial arts?

    Of course it will be very useful for self defence. But i hear that arts such as BJJ and Muay thai are much more effective.
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    Are there some great, practical and healthy-conscious cook books?

    I don't want to slave away for hours at the kitchen, having to worry driving to the next city to find an artichoke heart or something like that or worry about the food tasting, well, SUPER healthy (no flavor) lol. Which books would you recommend to a young guy?