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    NFL: Eagles to sign QB Dixon. Your prediction?

    Eagles fans, Sports wires report that QB Dennis Dixon will be released from the Ravens' practice squad when they make their summer contract renegotiations. New HC Kelly has according to reports been after Dixon because he knows the Oregon system (2008; 21st Overall Pick; 5th Round). Q 1...
  2. C

    Creationists, can you name one prediction that the theory of evolution made that

    turned out to be false? Links to Christian apologetics sites like carm, creationscience, or any of that don't count. If you do have one of those, then please cut out the middleman and direct me to the peer reviewed journal/documentation that is (hopefully) cited therein. Oh, and be specific...
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    Tosh.0: Daniel Tosh Season 5 Wardrobe Prediction?

    What are your predictions on what Daniel will be wearing for the first half of season 5?
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    NRHH: Tyler's Super Bowl Prediction?

    Ravens gonna pull through
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    Super Bowl prediction game? Winner gets best answer?

    What is your prediction on the todays final score? Who ever is the closest will bet best answer. I will do it by taking your score and the games score from both teams, and who ever has the least amount of a difference of the score will get best answer. Example Final score is 21 BAL-SF 34 =55...
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    Second half prediction?

    In years past if the Ravens were up like this @ 1/2 Id be worried about them taking the foot off the gas but I trust Caldwell wont call "HB dive HB dive Go Route" every series. Also I dont think the Niners will run as much since overall the Ravens have contained them and are up by a good margin...
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    What were your superbowl prediction before the season?

    I predicted 49ers vs Patriots I thought Broncos would go 8-8 :P
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    Australian Open Day 4 Prediction?

    Predict the winners and the score. Mens: F.Mayer vs Berankis Seppi vs Istomin Tsonga vs Soeda Weintraub vs Kohlschreiber Duckworth vs Kavcic Raonic vs Rosol Sousa vs Murray Brands vs Tomic R.Ram vs Cilic Chardy vs Granollers-Pujol Nieminen vs Dodig Falla vs Gasquet Lu vs Monfils Simon vs Levine...
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    Age of Aquarius/The art of prediction - Jan 07,2013

    Age of Aquarius , what will the age of Aquarius be like? what will the year of the snake bring? The art of Prediction. Whatever that astrology is not soothsaying or magic. Astrologers do not predict. What they do is assess future trends and point out possible area of success or pitfalls. The...
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    Liverpool vs Southampton prediction?

    After 2 games without win, we must win this game.
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    The Rock's road to Wrestlemania prediction. Is it good?

    Hi there. I just wanted to get everyones view of The Rock's return to the Royal Rumble. I am a huge Rock fan and cant wait to see The Great One to return. Everyone knows The Rock has a main title shot against Cm Punk. As much as I want to see The Rock beat CM Punk, I wouldn't want him to lose...
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    What OP prediction am i going to get?

    In 1 week i'm going to get an OP prediction based on my results and im really scared. They said if you get 6 C's you get an OP 20! And i failed 2 Subjects!!! Here are my grades: Biology: SA7 (C+) Chemistry SA8 (C+) Drama: HA5 (B) Chinese: LA10 (D+) Maths B: LA10 (D+) English SA7 (C+) I'm...
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    What is the exact difference between an inference and a prediction?

    Don't they both basically mean an assumption?
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    What's your prediction for Chelsea - Man City?

    Both teams are realistically out of the Champions League so winning games in the Premier League becomes even more important for both of them. Also this is Benitz's first game in Chelsea, do you think he can bring the best out of Torres again?
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    What Your Prediction for this game?

    Chelsea VS Man City Aston Villa VS Arsenal Spurs VS West Ham
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    Future bra size prediction?

    What do you think my adult bra size will be? I'm 16, and already proportionally the same cup volume as my mom. I'm a 26H, or 28G. That might sound big to some, but the cup is equal to a 32DD. Will I get any bigger? What size, if that is possible to determine?
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    Lab report: difference between hypothesis and prediction?

    What are the differences between these two in terms of form and definition? I have a lab report due- I have a hypothesis, but I don't know how to write a prediction.
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    What is my future prediction? to Astrologers?

    My birthday is 14th of july and Im an Cancer, and an Horse. Im an Female and was born in the morning (AM) i was born in England then me and my family moved to Australia. I was born in 2:00am to 3:00am ONLY astrologers!
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    Did NASA make such a prediction about 2029 (End of world?)?
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    Will I be right about my prediction?

    I predict in about 10-15 years Obamacare will be come one of the most hated pieces of legislation ever passed