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    Constella® (Linaclotide), The First Approved Prescription Therapy In A New Class Of T

    Almirall, S.A. (ALM:MC) and Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: IRWD) announced the launch of Constella® (linaclotide 290mcg capsules once daily), the first approved prescription therapy in a new class of treatments for adults suffering from moderate to severe IBS-C[i], in Europe. Constella®...
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    Increased Prescription Drug Advertising Efforts Linked To Improved Consumer Welfare

    More people are better off thanks to the impact of an influx of direct-to-consumer advertising spending than they would be without those marketing efforts, according to a study recently published by Jayani Jayawardhana, an assistant professor in the University of Georgia College of Public...
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    What's a good online Pharmacy to buy Oxyicodone without prescription?

    I want to buy Oxycodone or Hydroxicodone for my back pain and already seen my psysician but since its a controlled substance I can only get a certain amount.... still in pain though and need to a good online pharmacy to buy from but having a hard time finding one... Help...anyone? Pharmacy2u UK
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    Researchers Outline Effective Approaches As Prescription Painkiller Overdoses Mount

    Prescription painkillers are responsible for more fatal overdoses in the United States than heroin and cocaine combined. And while most states have programs to curb abuse and addiction, a new report from Brandeis University shows that many states do not fully analyze the data they collect...
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    Metformin And Pioglitazone 500mg online without prescription

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    Surprise! Teenagers Not Too Stupid To Take Plan B Without A Prescription

    Last year, the FDA toyed with the idea of making Plan B available to girls under the age of 17 without a prescription, but U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary*Kathleen Sebelius quickly quashed the plan, stating essentially that teenagers were too dumb to read the label and...
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    Do I need a doctor prescription in order to get a vacuum bell?

    I'm having an inward chest and have heard of the vacuum bell treatment. I wonder if I need to get a doctor prescription in order to get a vacuum bell. Or is it highly recommended?
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    Results From First Large Scale Study On Treatment Of Prescription Opioid Addiction

    People addicted to prescription painkillers reduce their opioid abuse when given sustained treatment with the medication buprenorphine plus naloxone (Suboxone), according to research published in Archives of General Psychiatry and conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of...
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    Kim Richards Isn’t Drunk; She’s On A Dangerous Cocktail Of Prescription Drugs

    Kim Richards' bizzare behavior, slurred speech, half-closed eyes, and other symptoms that would seem to indicate that she's drunk are apparently not due to alcohol; they're due to a dangerous combination of prescription drugs, according to Dr. Paul Nassif. Like Michael Jackson, whose recent...
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    Real Talk: How Hard Is It To Get And Abuse Prescription Drugs?

    It seems like it should be difficult to get and abuse prescription drugs, but judging by some of this month's top stories—Dr. Conrad Murray's guilty verdict in the Michael Jackson death trials; Kim Richards' recent revelation that her prescriptions are making her seem drunk; new studies...
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    Painkillers without a prescription online!?

    Hey. Do people really buy painkillers (narcotic) online without a script? If so has anyone u kno actually recevied it in the mail or at their door.
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    The Paleolithic Prescription: A Program of Diet & Exercise and a Design for Living

    The Paleolithic Prescription: A Program of Diet & Exercise and a Design for Living A lot of paleolithic diet and exercise books, many how to be a hunter-gatherer guides for the suburbanites, and numerous biologically-based-sounding self-help volumes based mainly on woo have been produced since...
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    Sessions At American Pain Society Meeting To Focus On Prescription Pain Medication Mi

    Pain medication misuse and ways to control it is a complex and controversial issue that will be talked about extensively at the annual meeting of the American Pain Society, May 19-21 in Austin, Tex. Two panel sessions on Friday morning, May 20, will be devoted to pain medication abuse, how to...
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    Traveling to Australia with prescription medications?

    I am going to Australia in two weeks, and my doctor is going to prescribe medication to help me sleep on the flight (approximately 24 hours total flying time from New York to Melbourne). Both medications that we are considering are considered "Controlled Substances" by the Australian govt...
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    Prescription sunglasses outdoors + Regular glasses indoors?

    How do you smoothly take one off, and put on the other? I have two glasses that I like a lot, so getting another pair with transition lens is not an option.