1. K

    Does Huwaei Premia from Metropcs support Bluetooth Message Access Profile ?

    I am trying to get sms txt to show up in my car. Thx.
  2. K

    Does Huwaei Premia from Metropcs support Bluetooth Message Access Profile ?

    I am trying to get sms txt to show up in my car. Thx.
  3. J

    What is the profile of the average 26 year old male in midwestern United States?

    My 26 year-old son tells me that it's not unusual that he has difficulty getting a job that pays over $8 to $9 an hour (only a high school education, but actually quite smart, although he had some learning disabilities with reading as a child), doesn't have any savings, and lives at home because...
  4. J

    Would a Military Medical Profile against 'Climbing' go against climbing into an...

    ...LMTV or 5 ton truck? One of my soldiers have a current Military Medical Profile that says No Climbing. We will be going on missions soon and I want to put him in an LMTV. Could my decision actually violate his profile? Will he have grounds to refuse climbing inside the truck if I ask him to ...
  5. M

    why my phone LG KE850 can't make a new profile to connect the internet?

    my phone LG KE 850 when i want to connect the internet it must make a network profile to connect but when i make it i can't see my new network profile . what can i do ? please help
  6. H

    Post Hidden Arsenal 07 tin goldfish gadget deck profile?

    for all the machina gadget players out there how are you liking/disliking the new releases for this deck and what does your deck look like now with tin goldfish?
  7. J

    How do I set an uploaded photo as my profile picture on facebook?

    I uploaded a photo of myself and it got more attention than I expected. So now I want to set it as my profile picture, but how can I do that AND keep the likes and comments when i switch it to my profile pic?
  8. J

    What is the make/model/year of the car as my profile picture?

    Answers are greatly appreciated!
  9. U

    Math Symbols on Facebook profile pictures?

    I know all about the red equality sign and what it symbolizes, but now I've been seeing multiplication signs and even pi? What exactly is up with that? Are they just mimicking as a joke or is there something else I'm missing?
  10. G

    You Should Wear a Red Shirt on Your Online Dating Profile

    If you want to improve your chance of getting a date on any online dating site, you should wear a red shirt. Slate took a look at various studies comparing the same person wearing different colored clothes and each time, red was the most successful color. Do it. Change your online profile now...
  11. P

    Is there any way too see who looked at your facebook profile?

    Just wondering if there an app or something?
  12. A

    With a profile bereft of quality wins, Memphis belongs closer to the bubble

    Indulge me for a moment by comparing the profiles of the following two teams. Team No. 1 has rolled up a gaudy 25-4 overall record and has won 17 of 18 games against the 15th rated league in the RPI. It is No. 27 in the RPI even though its most notable wins of the season came against Ole Miss...
  13. K

    Gadgets for Windows 7 Personal profile?

    I have this Personal profile on my laptop and i wanted to "pimp" it out with some gadgets to make my own personal touch of it. A Gadget or a sandbox program would make the Desktop appear to be like a cardboard box and you could move,add, replace, re-size, etc.
  14. C

    Can you save other people's profile photo on twitter?

    So I have a IPad and I wanted to know if u can save other people's profile pic and use it as your profile pic?? On IPad x
  15. L

    How do you put a profile picture on youtube?

    so when you comment on a video they can see your picture
  16. P

    How do i change my profile picture on wats app on a sony ericsson?

    i want to change my profile picture but i dont know where to find my profile its not coming up but just my friends are. please help me as i am new to using this type of chatroom.
  17. C

    Can matches on eHarmony tell how many times I viewed their profile?

    I noticed that it shows under "activity" if someone has viewed my profile. But if a profile is viewed several times, does it show every single time?
  18. A

    what does it mean when a profile match on eharmony shows "this person has moved on"?

    what does it mean when a profile match on eharmony shows "this person has moved on"? does it mean they blocked you or archive you? You can see his picture but when you click on the picture you can not access to his profile...
  19. G

    Why does my info on my facebook under my profile pic appear blank?

    When i am on my facebook profile the "info" apears blank under my profile pic, but when someone else is viewing my page it looks fine. Is there anyway to fix it?
  20. S

    Does ifamebook work for facebook profile visitors tracking?

    I installed the ifamebook add-on for firefox, but it does not work at all.They tell that it shows who visited your profile.Face book has told that no add-on or application can do that.But ifamebook developer tells that they say so because they can not do that themselves.what is wrong whith it...