1. L

    Should I let my computer die or use ctr+alt+del to close a crashing program?

    I was working on a paper and, like an idiot, failed to save. Now Open Office isn't responding, and it hasn't for an hour, so I guess it's not going to. In the past, when my computer has died (but I wasn't having issues with a crashed app) it has given me the option to recover my work when I...
  2. B

    For varsity track sprinters what fitness program should I do? P90x or Insanity?

    I'm pretty lean. I don't have a six pack and I'm not "big." But I am in better shape than almost everyone in my sophomore class in high school. My best bet was for P90x since for sprinters in the OFF SEASON you want to do some intense cardio but at the same time do a lot of muscle building which...
  3. T

    What is the best free program to convert a VOB to xvid/mp3 avi?

    I have some VOB files that I would like converted to an AVI as xvid/mp3. So that I can edit them in VirtualDub.. All the software I have tried so far Produces a laggy file or an out of Sync File. What is the best Free / OpenSource Program to convert VOB files to AVI?
  4. J

    What is a good program to convert video formats to dvd formats and burns...

    ...them on a DVD? Im trying to convert a movie from DVD format and make them watchable on my tablet. What is a good way or any free program that can do that? I am just confused now.
  5. B

    Did the Japanese have their own atomic bomb program during World War 2, and were

    they prepared to utilize it? If so, how would they have deployed it? Could they also have had biological weapons?
  6. F

    OxyElite Pro VS CLA (GNC Vitapack program)?

    I have been taking the old oxyelite pro and tomorrow I'm down to my last pill, but they were left over, only taken it 11 days, just want to know which is the best fat burner, oxyelite pro or CLA? I have GNC ripped vitapak program that has CLA and some other stuff in it which is a more effective...
  7. S

    I am currently doing the insanity fitness program and experiencing something odd,... this normal? READ? A bit about myself: Female 5,2" 110 lb I have recently started insanity and approximately 15 minutes into the workout, i experience the same pain as menstrual cramps. Is this normal? The pain is in my abdomen area. Thank you! Yes, that's exactly it! So do you think my...
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    Best certification program for personal fitness trainer?

    So,I'm currently planning what to do after high school... I want to do something totally new and exciting with my life. I am also trying to get fit. I thought about it, and I think becoming a personal trainer at a gym or something would be fun. I'm ready to commit to it, and I'll to any...
  9. S

    I Need A Good Program To Make DVDs i currently use xilisoft dvd creator

    i would like to know what a better pro? i download movies offline and put them on discs i would like a different program than xilisoft
  10. V

    How to program bluetooth headset button to keyboard key?

    I have a bluetooth headset (Sony Ericson i believe) and I want to beable to press a keyboard key (~) when i press the button on the headset. On a mac. This is so i can use the speech commands with the button.
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    Fun Quiz!!! What talent would you have if you were in the ANT program from...

    ...Disney's ANT Farm? Comment please!!! Mine would be either Dance, Academics, or Computer Science.
  12. J

    If i Run Android a android program on adnroid emulator for pc,will the program

    consider it as a REAL phone? Sorry about wrong spelling in Question.....Its Android instead of Adnroid
  13. C

    I need help with a program called DivX....?

    can someone tell me what all these files programs are that i have? i have like 3 DivX labeled programs and no one tells me what they even do or why they are there. DivX Movies<----- this one opens up to some file that has Enhance your video soundtracks and listed as like programs inside...
  14. S

    How do I transfer DVD burning program from one hard drive to another?

    I do not have the original CD, but the program is on an internal hard drive, but I have a second internal hard drive inside my desktop that I want to transfer the program to. How can I do this?
  15. B

    Trucking companies that deal with the drug sap program?

    Driver looking for driving job but flunked a drug test a year ago.
  16. B

    Trucking companies that deal with the drug sap program?

    Driver looking for driving job but flunked a drug test a year ago.
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    is there a pc program that will allow you to load a picture of a car and design it

    how you want? I would like to design my car to see how it will look like when im done with what id like to do it so that I can get the ideas of what all will look good. what I need is a program that will allow me to do so
  18. C

    Best free dvd making program?

    Apart from Nero that doesn't want to do anything on my computer what is the best dvd making program that I can download for free?
  19. D

    Needing a cardo program on dvd thats uses no weights just the body.just

    quit smoking about 1 1/2 months ago? 40 yr old male .insanity is just too damn hard body cant keep up yet.walking 1 1/2 miles fast plus lifting weights now what disk program do you recomend and why please give as much details as possible to me to choose from and thanks
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    Trade basketball program?

    looking for 3 pointer program to trade with my program email me for more info [email protected]