1. B

    Prophecy about Obama?

    Read the book from '95, hello? No atheist can predict anything from hell. So what do you 'no ppl have to say about this? Here's the proof! And so you have sold your soul for nothing?
  2. Freethinker1

    Jehovah's Witnesses, what role did Nostradamus play in prophecy?

    The Bible is filled with vague prophecies that have been reinterpreted a variety of ways by religions, including yours, which you accept whatever version the Watchtower demands you accept. Nostradamus also made many vague prophecies, which could be interpreted a variety of ways and many said...
  3. L

    Does anyone believe in prophecy readings at church?? pls answer?

    I was invited by a close friend of mine to this place. Its a church but the place is not an actual church setting. Seems more like a building and some services are given in a hotel. The people of the church claim that God speaks to them and that they are able to rely the message to me. So i sat...
  4. C

    Concerning Old Testament prophecy...?

    There are a few passages in the Prophets that claim that Israel will be scattered and then regrouped as a nation later on. Given the near extinction of Israel, as a people, on countless occasions (including the Inquisition and the Holocaust), does this give credence to what the prophets wrote...
  5. H

    Can the millions of Jehovah's Witnesses confirm even one prophecy that has come true?

    The Watchtower magazine has been around for decades. Has any prophetic material from the JW cult ever come true? If they keep on predicting the end of the world every few years they might get it right eventually? Is Towerwatch good for highlighting JW cult errors?
  6. E

    Yes or No - Is Jesus prophecy about an increase in earthquakes now becoming more...

    ...credible? Matthew 24v7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. Map showing 358,214 Events between 1963 and 1998 Major earthquakes with greater than...
  7. R

    Was Titus Flavius the "Son of Man" in the prophecy?

    "...Titus Flavius fulfilled all of Jesus' doomsday prophesies....the parallels between the description of Titus' campaign in the "War of the Jews" and Jesus' prophesies caused early church scholars to believe that Christ had seen into the future.—Joseph Atwill, "Caesar's Messiah"
  8. B

    Do most prophecy experts agree that there will be a nuclear war in the Middle East...

    ...before the tribulation? I have read some websites where they say a nuclear war in the Middle East is certain before the tribulation. The countries and people involved are Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and the Palestinians. They are completely destroyed along with a part of Israel. They say this is...
  9. C

    What is one OT prophecy quoted in the gospels that...?

    Claims to prophesy the Messiah at the time the prophesy was made, and not just declared one after Jesus was born.
  10. G

    Rate my budget Prophecy deck?

    Monsters: Black Luster Soldier Effect Veiler x 2 Fortune Lady Dark x 3 High Priestess of Prophecy x 2 Justice of Prophecy x 2 Reaper of Prophevy (I know it's not out yet but when it does I will be running it) Spellbook Magician of Prophecy x 2 Stoic of Prophecy Strength of Prophecy x 2...
  11. B

    Does this mean I won't have to hear about the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy anymore?

    Or are we now going to get people coming out of the woodwork with a "corrected" interpretation, like all the previous end-of-the-world frootloops?
  12. J

    Will republicans drop the "landslide" element on their next prophecy?

    Tax, yeah winners predict landslide victories after alienating half the electorate in an increasingly diverse nation? So that's a stranglehold on reality as you know it?
  13. M

    Do I have the gift of prophecy?

    I have for seen many events, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and man made disasters just to name a few. After having them come to pass with the exact way I said they would happen, I had a feeling I was a prophet. However the other night when the earthquake in Japan happened. I did predict...
  14. T

    How many people agree with my take on the end of world Dec. 21st Mayan Prophecy?

    That 21 is the next number after 20 and before 22???
  15. M

    Christians, much is made of vague prophecy fulfilled, what of specific

    prophecy that was not fulfilled? Destruction of Tyre For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will bring upon Tyrus Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon, a king of kings, from the north, with horses, and with chariots, and with horsemen, and companies, and much people. He shall slay with the sword thy...
  16. I

    Doesn't the Australian waters turning "blood red" prove a prophecy in the Christian

    Doesn't the Australian waters turning "blood red" prove a prophecy in the Christian Book? Doesn't this prove that some of the parts aren't all the way corrupted but those that are Al-Qur'an fills in?
  17. S

    Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy Crashing Need Help?

    Yesterday I bought Fahrenheit or as it's know in the US, Indigo Prophecy on and installed it. I played a while up to the boy falling in the water. I stopped then because the game crashed and I thought it was a one time crash but now it seems that if I jump in the water to save him, the...
  18. O

    A friend of mine said that Jesus rising on the third day was a prophecy

    come true, but ....? I i cannot find who it was who prophesied it. Am i missing something or is this just another example of mistakes/ lies in the bible
  19. L

    Do you think 2012 prophecy is actually going to happen?

    Anyone believe the Mayan doomsday prophecy? dec 21,2012 is when something catastrphic is supposed to happen. If this doesn't happen there is supposed to be a "new age" where humans go through a "spiritual transformation" what do u think that means?
  20. W

    isnt there an ancient prophecy about a werewolf?

    I want to know if there is an ancient prophecy involving a werewolf or any other kind of monster!thanks if you do help!