1. K

    as relay has inducor(coil) so how can it be operated for DC protection?

    also what it meant for relay 10A/125vAC 10A/250VAC 7A/240Dc 10A/250VDc
  2. G

    How can you get an Australian Protection Visa?

    By the way Iam a Fijian
  3. C

    Sony xplod power protection light turns red. HELP!?

    I have a single subwoofer hooked up to a Sony xplod 800 watt amp. When I turn the key the amp powers on and the sub plays perfectly fine until I turn the volume a little past 20 or so (never a specific number). The sub will cut off and the green power protection light will turn red..... I know...
  4. J

    bicycle paint protection, will 3m carbon fiber vinyl, or clear bra?

    im trying to protect my frame from cable scratches as i noticed cables hitting the frame and causing the paint to chip (which is also annoying because it makes bell like noise), so im going to cover that area with something just not sure which will be more durable and will have better protection...
  5. T

    screen protection for lg optimus elite?

    Have the Virgin mobile optimus elite. I cant seem to find a screen protector for this. I dont want to smudge and scratch the screen. Does anyone know what product to get, and where?
  6. D

    Erase a DVD+R dl with write protection?

    is there a program that fully erase and lets you re-burn on the DVD+R DL?
  7. F

    How to remove DVD Copy Protection in a good way?

    DVD copy protection is included in many of my dvd collections. Now i am very doubt about how to remove the protection and watch freely on my laptop. I use my laptop most of the day. I also like to make some dvd or bluray collections. Please help me as soon as possible.
  8. M

    how to disable content protection on blackberry 8520 having os version

    i am trying to download app from blackberry but a message is displayed "An error has occurred communicating with the BlackBerry World Web plug-in. Please restart your device and try again. If you have content protection enabled on your device, please disable it and try again" I have tried Google...
  9. N

    Where is the Cats Protection League?

    My husband and I would like to adopt a cat. I have left voicemails on the phone numbers listed but haven't received a responses. I appreciate they are busy and are volunteers so was thinking it might be better to visit one of their shelters. Does anyone know where the Deeside / Outer Aberdeen...
  10. T

    A Possible Answer For Protection Against Chemical / Biological Agents, Fuel Leaks, An

    A recent discovery funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) may very well lead to a process that not only benefits every uniformed service member of the Department of Defense, but everyone else as well: protection from Chemical/Biological agents, to self-cleaning apparel, to...
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    Protection Against Dangers Of Oxygen Offered By "Super" Enzyme

    Just like a comic book super hero, you could say that the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD1) has a secret identity. Since its discovery in 1969, scientists believed SOD1's only role was to protect living cells against damage from free radicals. Now, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg...
  12. G

    Atari Files for Bankruptcy Protection

    Some good news: the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Atari Inc. is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which could see the retro computer game company live on. More »
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    [M4V DRM Removal] Remover DRM Protection from iTunes Rented M4V Movies on Mac

    As we know, iTunes rented movie will expire in 24-hour once you watch it. Moreover, due to the DRM protection, you cannot enjoy the rentals on any other media player like PSP, Zune, Zen, Blackberry, etc. Do you want to get rid of these restrictions to enjoy the rentals movies anytime as you...
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    Late Talk with Raylow and Wendi -PROTECTION- - Dec 08,2012

    Basic talk about Protection. Do You feel protected by law, crime, job, home and family. Is there Some truth and are you a really victims to the laws. Is social media Facebook is another way to find us out in our identity.... And talk about anything protection | Talk | Law | Life | Truth More...
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    Vaginal Microbicide Gel May Offer A Promising Strategy For Prevention And Protection

    A new study shows that a microbicide gel is highly effective in block infection by the AIDS virus in a non-human primate model. In the paper published December 6 in the Open Access journal PLOS Pathogens, Dereuddre-Bosquet and colleagues from the European Combined Highly Active Anti-Retroviral...
  16. H

    My iPhone won't charge, do I have to pay with AT&T Mobile Protection?

    First, my regular charger broke. So, I started charging my iPhone on my iHome, and I guess I accidentally ripped it off too quickly, so now it just won't charge, period. I do have AT&T Mobile Protection, although I suppose that me paying the Mobile Protection SHOULD allow me access to damage...
  17. J

    Is there a linux DVD ripper that will remove copy protection?

    In the Windows world, DVD Fab will decrypt the copy protection and then do a full copy of the DVD disc, folders and all? Whilst I realize there are some Linux DVD ripper software, like acid rip and DVD::RIP and others do any of these remove copy protection?
  18. A

    Painkillers Could Cut Skin Cancer Risk (But Sun Protection Still Your Best Defense)

    An aspirin a day keeps skin cancer away? It might help. A large*new study from Denmark says*regular use of aspirin, ibuprofen or related painkillers—a class of medicines known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs—could cut your risk of developing certain skin cancers, including...
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    NSAIDs May Offer Protection Against Skin Cancer

    A new study suggests that aspirin and other similar painkillers may help protect against skin cancer. Published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the findings indicate that skin cancer prevention may be added to the benefits of these commonly used...
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    Protection Provided By Estrogen Hormone After Traumatic Brain Injury

    With more than 1.7 million people sustaining a traumatic brain injury each year, the need to identify processes to limit inflammation and subsequent damage is critical. Approximately 275,000 people are hospitalized annually with traumatic brain injury, leaving 85,000 with long-term disabilities...