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    Dietary nicotine may hold protective key to prevent Parkinson’s

    New research reveals that Solanaceae—a flowering plant family with some species producing foods that are edible sources of nicotine—may provide a protective effect against Parkinson’s disease. The study appearing today in Annals of Neurology, a journal of the American Neurological Association...
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    My Current Protective Style - Crochet Braids?

    Ladies, I've returned to my first love of crochet braids Spinning It's been fun playing with my own hair, but now it's time to hide it away.
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    Protective Properties Of Influenza Vaccines Revealed By Research

    Collaborating scientists from Nationwide Children's Hospital, Baylor Institute for Immunology Research, and Mount Sinai School of Medicine have identified an important mechanism for stimulating protective immune responses following seasonal influenza vaccinations. The study was published in...
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    The Protective Effect Of Diabetic Medication Against Developing Heart Failure

    A class of medications commonly prescribed to lower blood sugar in diabetic patients appears to protect them from developing heart failure, according to a study at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. "People with diabetes are at risk for developing heart failure," says Henry Ford researcher and...
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    How Ultraviolet Radiation Changes The Protective Functions Of Human Skin

    Reinhold Dauskardt, PhD, of Stanford's Department of Materials Science and Engineering has been studying skin for years. But when he sent his students to look for data on the mechanical properties of skin, they came back empty-handed. A lot was known about skin structure and disease, but few...
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    Drug Used For Centuries Activates The Body's Own Protective Mechanisms In Blood Vesse

    An ancient heart drug that's inspired the work of herbalists and poets for centuries may treat a condition that plagues millions of overstressed and overweight Americans today. Since the 13th century, the herb Foxglove has been used to cleanse wounds and its dried leaves were brewed by Native...
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    Discovery Of Protective Gene In Fat Cells May Lead To A Therapeutic For Type 2 Diabe

    In a finding that may challenge popular notions of body fat and health, researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) have shown how fat cells can protect the body against diabetes. The results may lead to a new therapeutic strategy for preventing and treating type 2 diabetes and...
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    i took the protective screen off and now my iPhone is sticky?

    i recently bought a case that came with a screen protecter so i tried putting it on and i just kept failing and got too many bubbles on it and now that ive taken the protective case is off it's all sticky and i want to take it back when it was more slippery. Is there a chemical or something i...
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    Cech tested protective mask by having balls thrown at his face

    </p> We've already seen how Petr Cech's broken nose has pushed him closer to his total transformation into Darth Vader, but the question as to whether he could actually play in the Czech Republic's Euro 2012 playoff against Montenegro remained. So, during Thursday's training session, Cech...
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    Anime where the main boy character is very protective of the main girl character?

    I like anime like that :) In other words, anime with relationships akin to Chrono and Rosette from Chrono Crusade, Soul and Maka from Soul Eater, Kagome and Inuyasha from Inuyasha, etc. Thank you so much!!!
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    Where can I get a replacement protective head guard for my Pedi Paws nail trimmer?

    I searched online, but could only find the replacement emery drums and some other stuff I don't need.
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    New Advances Provide Reason For Optimism In Development Of Broadly Protective HIV Vac

    The human body can produce powerful antibodies that shield cells in the laboratory against infection by an array of HIV strains. In people, however, recent research shows that these broadly neutralizing antibodies are not produced in an efficient or timely enough fashion in HIV-infected...
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    Is it ok to charge my iphone 4 inside its protective case?

    I heard it's not good for the battery, as the iphone may get warm or hot, but my iphone doesn't get warm or hot while charging. Is it ok to charge it in the case?
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    Do you keep the protective sleeve that some DVD movies come in?

    When I buy movie DVD's, sometimes they have a 'protective sleave' over the DVD case. This sleeve usually has the same movie graphics as the actual DVD case, and sometimes it's a bit different (snazzier). My question is, do you keep the sleeve? Or do you throw it away?
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    is there such thing as a clear PROTECTIVE iphone case? help(:?

    have a look on ebay
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    Why do Brittish people get so protective over soccer?

    I recently moved to England and Soccer is on tv all the time and in bars people oftentimes talk about soccer. I never really followed the sport before so I thought I'd like to learn about it. Trouble is I ask the Brits in the bars about it and they tell me I'm a 'dumb yank,' 'stupid f******...
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    Does natural hair need to be twisted/braided in order to count as a protective style?

    Lately I've been moisturizing my hair well and pinning it up in sections instead of always wearing twist outs like I used to. Everything seems tucked away pretty nicely, especially the ends, but I'm not sure if it counts as a protective style since it's not braided?
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    Is this a protective hair style?

    I have relaxed hair and i am african american i am trying to get it to grow, and I was told to wear protective hair styles. SO i had this one hairstyle in mind, but I wasn't sure if it was a protective hairstyle. it would be a sew in, im not sure if it helps the hair, or damages it. HELP PLEASE!
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    What is the best protective case for the iphone 4?

    I kind of drop my phone alot, and i know iphones are known to easily shatter, so i was wondering what is the best case to use that protects both the back and the front of the phone? is there a case with casing around the front side? thanks
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    Help shopping 4 a clear protective cover for my Virgin Mobile Rumor 2 LG phone? Is

    Clear an option? Help shopping 4 a clear protective cover for my Virgin Mobile Rumor 2 LG phone? Is Clear an option? I tried Searching ebay & the best I found was 1 Item that said clear, but in the description said it had a black color, so I've questioned about it, but am I wrong in the 1st...