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    looking for old game from ps2?

    I don't remember much but the game played through 3 or 4 characters two which were a Scientists which you solved puzzles in and a spaceman who you killed aliens with the game was M or MA i know this is vague but can anyone think of what it could be :)
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    Please help me!!! How do i burn a PS2 Game to a DVD-R?

    I own a PS2 Slim console SCPH-75001. how exactly do u mod a ps2.. would i need to? is there any way i can get your email?? so u could guide me?
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    Can you play 2 same games on a PS2?

    here is the thing i have 2 copies of gta vice city, one is greatest hits and other is a first edition, i wont restart the game and play a new copie but the PS2 wont load it ,so do i have to delete the gta vice city memory card
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    Fully configured ps2 with some games? The above mentioned link should be used to access a fully configured pcsx2 emulator plus some good games. Please do try it out.
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    Can Roxio HD record ps2?

    Was thinking of getting a Roxio HD game capture but am unsure what systems are supported. Anyone know?
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    I burned ps2 game into blank blue layered dvd but it is not working well game... is not loading properly...? It is gta sanandreas... What should i do... Please answer..dvd has not a single scratch.....
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    ps2 games with a lot of action in them 10points asap looking for some right now?

    im looking for some ps2 games with a lot of action in it something like gears of wars on xbox 360 where theres war everywhere and u got to survive
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    What do you think about Gamestop Discontinuing the sales of PS2 Consoles,...

    ...Accessories and Games? Starting June 1st 2013 Gamestop will no longer be accepting trades or Selling PS2 Consoles, Accessories or Games.
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    Best ps2 emulator for a barely medium pc?

    I want a ps2 emulator so I can play rogue galaxy on it because I don't think it's possible to find a pal disc anymore
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    What game is this? It's a PS1 or PS2 game, I just forgot the name.?

    I vaguely remember some scenes from this game, but I'll put what I remember. You play as a girl and you're going into this motel. When you enter one of the rooms, there is a zombified woman who runs at you, and who seems to be her husband is awaiting your entrance into the bathroom. Once you...
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    Ps2 filming with smartphone?

    Can i film a gameplay on my ps2 with my smartphone? Ill be glad for any answers thx
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    Is the simpsons game for ps3 similar to the simpson hit and run for the ps2.?

    Is the concept of the game similar? i know its not going to be exactly the same but SIMILAR? THANKS
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    Saitek cyborg rumble pad v.3 stopped working on ps2?

    when i bought this controller i immediately connected it to the ps2 and everything was working perfectly then for some time i played with the controller on the PC but today i connected it to the ps2 again and the only thing i was able to press was "X" once and that was the end since then it...
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    how much graphics will a ps2 hav?

    i was wondering how much graphics a ps2 will hav.Some games hav extremely outdated graphics while some games hav high graphics like black,shadow of the colosus,How much will it hav.ex 128mb,256mb,512mb?
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    PS2 or Xbox for JRPGs?

    JRPGs not those Skyrim, Dark Souls, Mass Effect, Dragon Age stuff okay? The Final Fantasy, Persona, Star Ocean, Tales of Stuff. I have PS3 but the number of JRPGS are limited (I almost have played them all). And in the PSP, been like 2 years since I last touched it. Okay so, what's better...
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    The Godfather Ps2 is there a guide to get the most from shops?

    I'm playing The Godfather on Ps2 and I want to have a guide or something to tell me how many times I have to hit shopkeepers and stuff to get as much money per week from them as possible, can anyone direct me to a guide if there is one or give me a guide themselves please? A guide on how to buy...
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    Help on Naruto ultimate ninja 4 (ps2)?

    What is the present your supposed to get for the lady's son in the sand village?
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    If the Xbox 720 is out will the Xbox 360 will be like PS2?

    If the Xbox 720 is out will the Xbox 360 be like PS2.All new games are for Xbox 720.Xbox 360 will be abandoned.
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    GTA SA Funny bug (ps2)?

    If you are at cluckin bell between riders house and smokes at east Los Santos. You see people falling from the sky for no reason i must have made about $500 from this stupid bug.
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    WHY??whenever i try to create an iso image of a PS2 DVD my computer freezes?

    i've tried all types of iso makers like power iso, magic iso, DVD decrypter, LC iso, img burn etc. and the discs are brand new so no scratches. Is it my cd/dvd drive whic is responsible?