1. S

    which store can you get the sony ericsson xperia play psp phone?

    i want it really bad but dont know which store to get from
  2. D

    Need some help with PSP battery issue?

    i got a psp from my brother's friend, but he said "it wouldnt turn on anymore, despite being charged". took it to gamestop, they deduced it was a battery issue ordered one from the internet, worked fine for like 10 mins but turned off hooked up the charger cable, few mins later, orange light was...
  3. S

    How to convince your parents to buy a PSP?

    Can u give some suggest on convincing your parents to buy a PSP, but i already have a PS2, and they think due to the PS2 my grades are fallen and if they buy a PSP it will be worse. but my grades are almost ok 80%.please give me some suggestion on it to convince them.
  4. T

    How can you remarry a ps3 blueray with a psp and what files do you need thanks.?

  5. B

    can you download psp go games on a sony ericsson xperia play?

    i just ordered a sony ericsson xperia play and i wanna know if i will be able to download the games i bought on the psn for my psp go
  6. K

    how far have you got on football manager handheld for psp or ps vita? and... you ever retire not by choice? i am currently in the year 2035 and was wandering does it ever end and what other bonus features are there? for example i now have a son on it and was wandering if there are any nore things like this?
  7. M

    Psp won't connect to my computer?

    Okay so i hit USB Mode, the PSP says USB Mode but my PC will not show my PSP when i click my computer And the USB Mode works on the other PC i have but not this one
  8. D

    psp memory stick problem?

    when i go to my memory stick it says there are no games but when i check on my mac all my games are there PLEASE HELP
  9. G

    T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009 or PSP?

    For an organizer / media player. I don't need a cellphone or video game player. Which one's better for entertainment and business?
  10. I

    Is goku super saiyan 4 available in dragonball z shin budokai 2 psp game?

    how to unlock that? Pls help
  11. C

    psp torrents help.....................?

    i download a torrent then put it on my psp memory card under the folder named ' GAMES '... but its not working? how do i do it?
  12. S

    Is STREET CRICKET CHAMPIONS 2 (PSP) worth buying?

    I am a great cricket fan.But recently when I played BRIAN LARA CRICKET on my PSP,I was extremely disapponted.The game had poor quality graphics and even the gameplay was worst.So I was wondering whether should I buy STREET CRIC. CHAMPIONS 2 for my PSP?Is it better than Brian lara?
  13. A

    Is Installing CFW on Psp really safe?Will it harm the system?Please tell... yes or no and how to download it.? Please tell me how to download it from a really really safe and free site ........Please tell me as soon as possible by the ways i want to play I.S.O games on it and also tell me how to install it.thanks in advanced
  14. J

    How do I use PowerIso to turn .rar files into a .iso file to work on PSP?

    I tried to use poweriso yes it did turn to a .iso file but not playable on psp. I tried to use winrar it turned to a folder filled with shit who knows what! HELP!!
  15. O

    which psp is good, psp 3000 or e1004?

    i'm a begginer so plz have a little mercy :) according to the question which psp is good? u can suggest ur own option as there are many models of psp. so i even have another doubt.. does games for psp work for only some models or work for all models.. i really want a psp so plzz answer as these...
  16. S

    Can I play Project Diva 2 on a PSP vita?

    So I want to know if I can play Project Diva 2 on a PSP vita. I want to know just to make sure before I get project diva 2.
  17. A

    How to put downloaded PSP game files onto PSP and have them work?

    The file I downloaded came in many files in a rar file. I extract the entire thing and put it on my PSP, but it does not appear on it. There is no ISO or CSO, and if I put it in ISO, nothing shows up. What do I do?
  18. N

    My psp 2004 makes a weird sound when loading a umd?

    When loading a umd it makes this really load and weird sound and often says it could read the disc i just got it but it was used so im not sure what is causing this it loads a game after a while but Another (i only have 2) doesn't load at all it just makes that sounds the whole time how do i fix...
  19. R

    link download for psp real steel torrent download?

    what is link for download torrent in real steel psp? pls tell me
  20. D

    psp 1001 wifi is not getting good connection?

    i bought a psp 1001 model refurbished and every time i get on the internet i get a low connection even when i am by the computer i get 38% if any one can help i would be very great full