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    Psychics Gone Wild - Super Saturday Night Wild with Jethro! - Jan 27,2013

    Psychic Jethro hosts Saturday Night Wild!!! 9pm EST Free Psychic Readings, Psychic Development, Wild Chatroom Chats, Qs & As and much, much more. Check-Out Psychic Jethro at and visit the Wild Web at . Jethro Smith has been reading...
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    what grade will i get on my chem quiz its out of 25 REAL PSYCHICS?

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    Why can't psychics who say they can tell the future win the lottery?

    Or know in advance that the block their business is on is going to be condemned and razed? The usual excuses when they can't "read" for someone is that you have to believe in what they're doing, and that the person is too skeptical. But what about things in their own lives? Don't they believe?
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    Psychics or mediums-Can you read me & tell me about my future?

    If you have anything negative or sarcastic to say, please don't even bother.
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    IT feels like Ill never meet the right guy. I have no luck all the guys that are interested in me are creeps! Do you see me meeting a nice guy that is dating potential for me anytime soon? IF so what does he specifically look like?
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    Psychics or witches, ae you able to tell my future?

    I had one friend that's a witch\psychic and told my future and said I was gonna get married twice. For those that aren't or don't believe it, u shouldn't bother answering. For the other witches and psychics, are you able to tell my future, how manyy bfs I'll have or how this happens in my...
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    Celebrity Psychics Can Claim $1M If Their Powers Are Real [Science]

    The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) is so convinced clairvoyants are a scam that the non-profit group is offering a $1 million dollar prize to any celebrity psychic who can prove his or her power is real. More »
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    What does it mean when two different psychics tell the exactly same future from

    there readings.? A couple of years ago I went to a pyschic who held a piece of my jewerely and told me "something is going to happen to me when I turn 24." She also said that "I was going to meet the love of my life when I was 24 and become a beauty queen." A year later I went to a palm reader...
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    Psychics, please help?

    Please, please help me. Where is my brown nintendo DSi XL?
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    Psychics please tell me what you see in my future with preston. His bday is...

    ...11/21/54 mine is 4/24/78.? besides the age difference what is keeping us from m0ving forward?
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    What Sci Fi movie features police officers who use psychics to predict crimes...

    ...and stop them from happening? At one point the protagonist officer is suspected of a future crime and goes rogue to escape his fellow officers.
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    Psychics, please tell me something about me and my future.?

    I know I sound desperate but I need some information about my future and things that will happen to me. I know that you are probably thinking "Ugh another one of them". I'm not trying to prove if psychics do actually have abilities, I already know that they do, I just need a little help from you...
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    Is there a site for psychics to talk to other psychics?

    this question is only for a psychic to answer
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    are there any psychics that can tell me my future?

    ok i've been scared to go to a psychic for years because i'm scared what they're going to tell me so my question is are there any psychics that will be willing to tell me my future or anything that will happen later on? no jokesters please i'm serious about this
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    Psychics, can you tell me anything about my near future?

    Like in the next year, a few key points? (Send me a msg if you need my name or d.o.b or something) Serious answers only please.
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    Psychics, what is going on w/ my mind and energy?

    felt strange lately, like "light " sort of leaving my body, also felt third eye feeling strange - feels like lack of imagination and emotion?
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    Are there any psychics here that can tell me my future?

    I just wanna see if you can tell me my future without even knowing who I am or what I look like. What does the future hold for me and what kind of person am I?
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    Psychics Only please when will I meet my soul mate?

    I had a dream where I met her and three places were given to me in my mind I kind of forgot about that until I unexpectedly was invited on a trip where i went through all three towns (they were many miles apart) in the same trip. In the dream I met her on a curvy street, at the time of the dream...
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    Psychics tell me if I will ever meet the man I will marrie?

    8/13/1977.When will it be the day I meet him? I really want to love someone who loves me the same!
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    PSYCHICS did Duey Kidnap Gemini Man Enrica Luccione for naughty sex games?

    lovely Luccione no come home for 2 days..Borat Knows Dirty Duey is enjoying la bella cucina with his buco nero