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    Pulled e brake and put auto transmission on park while going 40 mph?

    How bad was doing that to a 1997 honda civic what would likely be the damage should I get it checked out?
  2. H

    Help! Tried to update my blackberry bold 9900 and it wouldn't work, even pulled...

    ...the battery.? After the battery pull it came up with a 'restore' failure thing and now it is just frozen on a screen as though it is a dummy phone in a shop! What has happened!?! I need this phone for both business and social use, please help!!!
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    do you have to be pulled over for a speeding ticket?

    okay so i was coming back from work about 4 in the morning i do night shifts, i was on a 30mph road, and i was doing 45-55ish, and i noticed a car right on my ass, i ride a motorbike, so with me being me, it freaked me out as i was in the slow lane thinking its some tosser trying to scare me i...
  4. B

    If Christ jumped you at a bar and pulled a gun on you, would you acknowledge him...

    ...as your Lord and Savior? If he was like "I'm the way, the truth, and the life, and you better start believing that if you don't want new holes in your head"
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    Bruins score twice with goalie pulled to tie game; lose to Rangers in shootout (VIDEO

    The game tonight at the TD Garden matched up two preseason Eastern Conference favourites, and at least one of those teams has been living up to expectations thus far. The Rangers, coming into the game at "just" 6-5-0 against the thus far un-flummoxed 8-1-1 Boston Bruins. New York scored goals...
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    I was recently pulled over and I feel as if the officer is now 'stalking' me I

    guess you could say? Long story short Sunday I was arrested for possession and my car was impounded. Originally the officer was really going hard on my friend and I. In the end we got away with minimal charges and tickets that won't show up on our record. He waved the 350 fee to the police...
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    One Day After Launch, Firefox 16 Is Pulled Over Security Risk [Firefox]

    One day after Firefox 16 was made available, Mozilla has had to pull the software over security fears. If you upgraded, you might want to roll back until it's fixed. More »
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    Galaxy Nexus Pulled From Google Play Store [Patent Wars]

    Last week US courts ruled in favor of Apple by granting a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Google-designed smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus. Now, the phone has been pulled from the Google Play store, and Goggle is hurrying to put together a software patch to get around the ban. More »
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    A boat is pulled into a dock by a rope attached to the bow of the boat and

    passing through a pulley on the doc? If the rope is pulled in at a rate of 1.3 m/s, how fast is the boat approaching the dock when it is 7 m from the dock? Rate = A boat is pulled into a dock by a rope attached to the bow of the boat and passing through a pulley on the dock that is 1 m higher...
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    Ashton Kutcher's Bollywood-Skewering Ad Pulled After Racism Outcry

    Seems like Ashton Kutcher's new Popchips ad didn't just pop—it blew up into a controversy. The actor's head-turning spot, which debuted online yesterday and shows a...
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    Root canal or tooth pulled out?

    Hi All, I just visited my dentist; it's been about a year since I last went. She wasn't happy with my teeth, but she didn't say they were that bad. Turns out I need three fillings and she gave me a choice for my cracked tooth at the back. A root canal (which I've never heard of) or to pull...
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    Survivor Shocker: Colton Gets a Taste of Karma, Gets Pulled From the Game

    Well, looky what we have here. It seems like karma has hit the Survivor: One World set, as this season's "villain" was pulled from the show. Yes, you read that...
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    Pissed-Off Parents Win: ‘Cougar’ Name Pulled From School Because Of Sexual Implicatio

    Pissed-off parents are the worst. How they can take something as simple as the name of an animal and turn it into something that is deeply scandalous, I don't know. But nevertheless, a group of parents at the Corner Canyon High School in Utah made sure the school's team name and mascot wouldn't...
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    The drawing shows a boat being pulled by two locomotives through a canal of

    length 1.00 km.? The tension in each cable is 4.50 multiplied by 103 N, and ? = 21.0°. What is the net work done on the boat by the two locomotives?
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    I just got pulled over for the first time.Illinois/cook county people help me?

    well i got a citation. i passed up a stop sign and i wasn't speeding. it was in the morning and it was a clear day. i have no idea what to do, its my first time. i need advice
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    determined poll: when was the last you pulled an all-nighter..?

    was it worth it ?
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    i have been pulled over by the police once before and im 14 but not for...

    ...anything major.i want to humor myslef&? and i want to check my record. can someone give me a free website that i can do so? thanks
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    Brown Gums near a rotten tooth that needs pulled?

    Yes I'm on antibiotics but I just wanna know why my gum is brown? is it because it won't go away til my infected tooth is out or what? I don't want to lose the gum and is there anything I can do for it? til I wait for the appointment I'm making later on today?
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    Any healthy recipes for someone who's had a tooth pulled and can't chew?

    I want to help the healing process, not hinder it, so no unhealthy stuff like ice cream, pudding, jello, etc...
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    Sunday’s Three Stars: Hanzal powers Coyotes, Hiller pulled

    No. 1 Star: Martin Hanzal, Phoenix Coyotes The Coyotes center netted his first two goals of the season in Phoenix's 5-4 win over the Anaheim Ducks. Hanzal scored the game's opening goal at 4:41 of the first period, cashing in a rebound into an open net. He tied the game, 2-2, later in the...