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    Questions about samsung galaxy s3 !?

    Will the s3 get the new s4 features for e.g the air gestures ? And do I need to convert a movie for s3 or just put it in the s3 ?
  2. B

    My Snowmobile I have questions about it?

    I have a nice 1994 Indy storm polaris snowmobile which is bore .40 over has dg racing pipes and has jetted carbs with 2 fuel pumps I have had it on Craigslist for sale or trade bc I want a 4 wheeler very bad and I don't have the money so I want to sell this or trade it.i have had it listed on...
  3. M

    Are You READY for the Serious Poll and Survey Questions ?

    Well, they're around here, somewhere.... I think i need a shot of coffee...
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    survey: answer the questions according to your month of birth?

    JANUARY - how old are you?? FEBRUARY - how many boys/girls have you proposed?? MARCH- do you hate your ex??? APRIL -have you ever stolen money from your home?? MAY- do you sing and dance at parties?? JUNE- do you have enemies?? JULY- what's your qualification? AUGUST - are you single/committed...
  5. L

    Vans Warped Tour Questions? 2013?

    I am going to my first warped tour the 25th in ATL, I am not as excited as I was because my mom is not letting me bring my best friend, (issues in past) since this will be my first time I had a couple questions so please don't laugh 1. Can I bring can food for jump the line, cause my friend went...
  6. A

    Health and fitness questions!?

    I'm doing the "30 day squat challenge," and I want to know if it will actually work! I don't really have a butt so I thought maybe it would help! However I don't want it to make my thighs bigger! I have a little bit of a thigh gap but not really. I want to slim down, but I want to do it...
  7. D

    Few questions about computer gadgets?

    Firstly, I am sorry if there are three questions in just a single question but please bear it with me, here are the questions. 1. What is a good laptop for typing? You know? For good accurate typing and less typos? 2. What is a good tablet for digital drawings like for comics and manga's? My...
  8. R

    Just purchased a refurbished Macbook (not pro). DVD player questions?

    When I inserted a dvd into the player, is it natural for the dvd to be needed to pushed in all the way (at least 3/4 or more of the dvd to be pushed in) until the macbook reads it and then accepts it?
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    Poll/Survey, just some questions for you to answer?

    1. If you could only live with one drink for the rest of your life, which would you choose? & you can't choose water. 2. What's your favorite snack? 3. If you could only use two electronics (With wifi) for the rest of your life, which one would you use? 4. What are your favorite movies?
  10. B

    Diet cooking nutrition questions?

    hello I am 18, a vegetarian. and on a 1500 cal diet I cook my own meal so i can precisely calculate the calories in my meal and i think im making some mistakes mistakes as in nutritionally does steaming veggies without a cover to let them soften lessen their nutritional value? what type of...
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    I have questions about fitness.. help?

    so im joining a jim tomorrow. and I rwally want to loose weight. but I also want to get semi toned. I don't want abs or anything like that I just want to loose weight and get a tight tummy. so my question is, what kind of things should I do? and how often? should I do the same things every...
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    Why does it say I have questions on but there are no questions there?

    On my it says in the top right corner Questions(2) but when I go to my questions it says I don't have any unanswered questions! I'm a little bit OCD about these kinds of things so it really bothers me! It also bothers me that someone might be asking me a question but I can't answer it! I...
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    GNC Mass XXX Pro Performance Questions?

    I bought this super protein supplement it has 50g of protein and 990 calories per serving. Im trying to gain weight over the summer I run 70-80 miles per week but don't do weight lifting. Im 16 6' 1" 135 and need to gain weight will this do the trick? Also when should I take it before or after...
  14. D

    I have a few questions concerning car audio.?

    I had installed, a little over two months ago, some DD audio 6.5 coaxial speakers into my stock 05 CTS to replace the Bose door speakers. Is it critical that I get an amp soon? What benefits would they get with the amp and will there be any damage if I don't? My second deal is, what kind of...
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    Sitcom survey with 6 questions... 10 easy points!!?

    Q1: What's your favorite sitcom? Q2: What's your least favorite sitcom? Q3: What's a sitcom that everybody loves that you absolutely hate? Q4: What's a sitcom that everybody hates that you absolutely love? Q5: What's a sitcom that you think is just average that everybody some how finds to be...
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    Warped tour 2013 questions?

    I'm going to warped tour and it's my first time. I have some questions 1. Should I get there a few minutes after it starts(to let the line get shorter) or before it starts? 2. I have glasses but not contacts, should I leave my glasses at home or bring them and have great care for them? 3. How...
  17. Y

    Iphone 5 questions?? Which phone company?

    So i'm thinking of getting the iphone 5 or iphone 4s, but i want to get one with unlimited data or enough so that i can listen to music on my rides to school on the bus(which is like a 20 min ride each way and play a few games and stuff). Also i want unlimited text and like bare min talk is...
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    Questions about Bluetooth and Ipod Touch?

    I've been in search of a Bluetooth headset for my Ipod Touch so when I go to the gym I don't have to worry about a wire getting in my way. I was wondering if I had to have any kind of wireless connections at the gym which I don't on my ipod. And I want these...
  19. G

    Questions rise about seeding for ocean C02 sequestration

    A new study on the feeding habits of ocean microbes calls into question the potential use of algal blooms to trap carbon dioxide and offset rising global levels. These blooms contain iron-eating microscopic phytoplankton that absorb C02 from the air through the process of photosynthesis and...
  20. A

    Questions about Gossip Girl the novel?

    The book is by cecily von ziegesar. i'm starting on book three, even though I haven't read book one or two (library issues) question is- does it have sex in these series? Curse words or any other thing that is a brow raiser(I'm asking this because my mom wants to know) will I be missing out on a...