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    Taylor Chapman’s Dunkin Donuts Epic Rant

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    Video: Morgan Freeman Reads the Sorority Girl Rant Email

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    Karen Thomson Blasted by Sexist Rant from Duncan Keith

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    How's this opening paragraph for a rant on auto-tune?

    Rant for english class on auto-tune. Auto-tune, why does it exist? To emphasise the artists' "angelic" voices? To bring outstanding, true and raw vocal talent to your homes? If you have recognised its distinctive character in music, you know that this is simply not the case. The truth is that...
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    Text: Justin Bieber’s Rant on Lindsay Lohan and More

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    in "i Brake for Dick", why did Dick Solomon rant about meat?

    He was a vegetarian. Could he not stand to see all people eating meat? Do people dislike animals and resolve to eating meat? Do they like to eat meat for fun? And why?
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    What Are Some Good Rant Ideas ?

    I want to make a YouTube channel that's is mostly videos of me ranting . But , I have no idea what to rant about . Please help meeee !
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    Can I just rant? Also tell me what I should do next please?

    So basically starting monday my parents have been going through a nasty divorce. my mom came here wednesday and flipped out, called the cops on my dad. they came. they found a butcher knife under her car mat. they also found our entire stack of silver worth over 50,000 bucks which is mine and...
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    What do Canadians think when Americans rant about their health care?

    There a quite a few political pundits and such in States who talk about how horrible Canada's "socialized" health care is, and how Canadians secretly want ours, and so on and so forth. I was just wondering what Canadians think when Americans rant about their health care, do you find it...
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    Does this give the lie to the cons' rant about how the media coddles democrats?

    2/18/13 http://www.breitbart.com/a: The White House press corps greeted President Barack Obama's return to Washington, D.C. on Monday with the following question--which they shouted in unison: "Did you beat Tiger?!?" I mean, come! Get off the guys back! Give him some breathing space!
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    I have to do a rant about why social sites like Facebook Twitter ect are stupid...?

    What points should I make? What should my first sentence be?
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    Why are "open-minded" liberals the first ones to rant about and criticize the church?

    Why are "open-minded" liberals the first ones to rant about and criticize the church? They seem to have a problem with the fact that the majority of Americans believe in Jesus Christ. They are the first ones to rant about the bible claiming it to be a tale, etc, they can't let other people...
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    What have conservatives done about social problems except rant and rave about them?

    Did they ever try foster parenting? Did they ever adopt a black child from a teen mother? Did they ever work as a social worker? Did they ever do anything to fix any social problems?
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    Rant, does any one agree?

    having a little rant, does anyone agree that society is a fucking shit place know days, I'm talking to a friend daughter who's 14 and shes talking about how she snogged some guy at a party while she was drunk and now his GF wants to beat her up and its pissing me off do any teenager have...
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    RHH: What'd you think of DuFlocka Rant 2?

    a good "trap music" mixtape in my opinion! And if any of you use Tumblr follow mine :3 ! http://psychotic-addictions.tumblr.com/
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    Something to 'rant' about in my english assignment?

    We have to do a presentation on something that really annoys us, so I need ideas of what to talk about. I'm 15, so nothing about the economy or anything. Thanks:)
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    RANT and relationship problem.?

    Ok so my last post wasn't very clear. I DON'T GIVE TWO SHITS WHAT YOU THINK I SHOULD BE DOING AT 15(school, arts and crafts, being a kid) It's not like I'm posting about having sex at my age! I was just asking if I should keep wasting my time on my loser boyfriend. We have been dating 3 years. 3...
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    What are Some Good Rant Topics?

    I have to write a two page rant for my creative writing project. Now, I can think of plenty of topics that would set other people off on a rant, but I'm not that type of a person. I've been trying to stop myself from going off and complaining or ranting. As a result, not much sets me off. What...
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    What's a good place to just rant about anything online?

    I need a good website to just talk about anything( not a chat room) online? Thanks
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    Why do haters of faith come in here to rant and mock the faithful, and God, if

    they don't believe in Him? Is that a sign of their insecurities? They come in here ranting and raving about christians and their way of life, crying over hell and a God they do not believe in. This does not seem to be logical, or rational. why do they concern with God they don't believe in Him...