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    I really need help!!! I'm suppose to watch my twin baby cousins with my other cousin and I don't want them to get it. I really would like to reduce the rash a bit. It's bumpy and really itch and red and that's about it. If you have had posion ivy before please comment a way to reduce it quickly...
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    Does a camping tent block uv rays , and does a long sleeve rash guard dark...

    ...blue block uv rays? I'll be camping 4 days entirely no inside is there Does the tent provide protection from UVA and UVB . I don't want to get tan, I'm bringing lots of 85 SPF to combat and keep my pale complexion I'm 15 I can't not go I'm going in August for 4 days Uv is very intense in...
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    I am Andy's sister. How download road rash game for my android mobile version..??...

    ...Can anybody help me ? I am Andy's sister. I want to download road rash game for my android mobile version..?? Can anybody help me ?? I don't have any id. So using my bro's id. This is my 1st question in Yahoo Answers. Plz help me to download road rash game for android version mobile...
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    Itchy burning rash that's recurring on back of neck?

    I'm going to post some pics but it's a bumpy rash that has come and gone twice I've used some steriod cream clobetasol propionate that may have helped. But due to using several other creams I'm not sure. This time it's back with a vengeance!
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    My dog has a Mange like rash / bumps but test are negative?

    My dog has a Mange like rash / bumps, when we give him an antibiotic it all goes away. Had 6 skin test done all negative. I have change food to an all natural food and still it slowly comes back. Anyone ever had the same experiences? If so how did you over come this?
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    Toasted Skin Syndrome: When Seat-Warmers Give You A Butt Rash

    Winter can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving you with chapped lips, itchy limbs...and, apparently, a rash on your rear-end. Yup, add your car's seat-heating function to the list of things that can make your skin go funny in the winter. It's called "toasted skin syndrome," and according to...
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    Possible cellphone rash issue?

    I usually keep my cellphone in the left pocket of my trousers and have been doing that for almost 6 years now. About an 1.5 years back, I noticed slight rashes on the skin (on thigh) where I keep my cellphone. The rashes reappeared a week back. Any idea what this could be? I am just hoping...
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    What Kind Of RASH is THIS?

    My bf recently got this form of rash. It's spreading from his pelvic area to his belly botton. Has a few bumps that look like they could be ingrown hair. they are hard and he says this rash is VERY itchy. I dont have any STD and he doesnt either. but if it i could be, is it a more serious type...
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    My dog seems to have a nappy rash type of wound?

    My dog seems to have developed a kind of nappy rash one patch on the inside of each back leg I've made a vet appt but it's not for several days Can I get any advise on what it may be and how I can treat in in the mean time, also he is constantly licking at it which I'm sure doesn't help I have...
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    I have taken some probiotic pills from GNC, I have developed a serious rash,?

    It looks like pimples (white heads) all over my body except legs, and elbows down, just curious if anyone else had the same problems, when I googled it I didnt see anyone have these reactions
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    i have a wierd rash on my inner fingers, could this be from holding cigarettes?

    on the inner side of my pointer and rude finger, on each hand, i have a really nasty, sore, skin infection thing. it gets really itchy and its covered in dry skin and little bumps. i have no clue what this could be from, but considering the position of the rashes, i'm thinking it might be from...
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    Purple rash on my arm?

    Its more red/purple in real life than on camera! So I have this rash on my arm, and I put a glass on it and it didn't fade, also my arm is aching. For no reason. http://www.flickr.com/photos/61687426@N0… Looks like a scratch but it's not
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    Road Rash from Bike Accident results in large scrape on Shoulder?

    I fell off my bike while mountain biking on last Tuesday (5 Days ago). I got bruised and scraped on my knee, hand, and shoulder. My knee and hand have been healing nicely, scabbing up. However my shoulder hasn't really been scabbing. Its a semi large scrape that took off a layer of skin and...
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    Left arm numbness and rash?

    So for the past three days I've been feeling my left ARM numb and pretty heavy, I'm also getting like rashes and itchy its really starting to make me nervous i feel it on all my ARM it gets worse at night for some weird reason
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    is this a break out? or a rash?

    Normally my face is smooth as a babys bottom. always has been. But a couple weeks ago i noticed a little patch on my face, you cuoldnt see it you could only feel it.. it felt like millions of little dots. ? so i thought nothing of it, but a couple of days ago it started growing and now its all...
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    Whats this rash or red ring from?

    I got my belly pierced on the 18th and last saturday I wanted to take a bath but i didnt want to get it infected so i bought some nexicare waterproof bandages from walmart and after using the first few i noticed this red ring about half and inch away from the piercing in the shape of the...
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    Please help me! itchy red rash on face!!?

    okay so it started 2 days ago on my chin bone it was itchy nd iritated and now its all over my face it almost looks like poison ivy its on my nose. and on my lips! i need something to make it go away! help please!
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    I need help with my Boston Terrier's skin rash.?

    I have a Boston Terrier & he's about 6 months old. I gave him a flea bath, which I now regret. I didn't know about Boston Terrier's skin problems till it's too late. Ever since I gave him a bath, I've tried everything to clear up his skin. Benadryl hasn't help, I've honestly tried everything. It...
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    I have a rash, but i don't know what it is?

    This morning i woke up with this strange rash and here are some photo of it; http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p151/barnzie2006/Photoon2010-10-23at08493.jpg http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p151/barnzie2006/Photoon2010-10-23at08492.jpg...
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    cousin has a rash that she is complaining about?

    it is red bumps that itch really bad. When she itches they bleed and ooze. They are on arms, neck, thighs, and back.