1. N

    Is there a blu ray receiver with blue tooth technology that anywone would recommend?

    I was looking to dump my HTIB for a custom theater set up advised by many audiophile disciples. I wanted to know are there any blu ray receivers with blue tooth. I'd prefer Denon, yamaha, Onkyo, pioneer, polk, etc. i was currently looking at these...
  2. T

    Can you recommend me a sci-fi book?

    Hey I love Skulduggery Pleasant, I am number four and the Gone books. Can you recommend me any sci-fi books? Especially ones where people have super natural/magical powers Thanks(:
  3. I

    Please recommend a fun android game, im really bored?

    a game below 100-50mb
  4. J

    Recommend me a day trading/stock trading book + others?

    All right so I need a reader on futures, options, calls, day trading (and the rules PDT for example), a brief and simple run-down on everything. preferably on amazon, don't recommend me your BS sites!
  5. P

    recommend Books to read for 17 year old boy?

    I was just looking for some recommendations on some books or authors that are worth having a look at. I'm 17, don't really have a genre in mind. Please don't say hunger games or twilight. anyway, thanks in advance.
  6. R

    What tetras would you recommend?

    I'm getting a shoal of maybe 5-7 tetras, what kind would you recommend? I have a heater in my tank :)
  7. K

    can anyone recommend an at home workout dvd that requires little space and

    equipment.? and i have carpet not hardwood floor. thanks ;)
  8. T

    What BitTorrent site would someone recommend?

    I'm trying to download some podcast I can't find. I was told BitTorrent sites is where I can find them. But I'm kinda an idiot when it comes to this stuff, what's the best and what won't ruin my computer?
  9. R

    What 2-3" fish would you recommend? And other aquarium care questions.?

    I was thinking about getting an aquarium. I thought about getting a 10 gallon one, but as I looked at some of the fish, I'm now thinking about getting a 20 or more gallon tank. I know for sure that I really some glofish, I'll most likely get 4 of them, since they are a schooling fish and you...
  10. A

    Which series will you recommend me?

    I am fantasy fan. I have read a few books and from those few i will write down some titles so you may recommend me better. Wheel of time Malazan Book of fallen Song of ice and fire Dresden Files Anything Shannarra (These were my entry way to fantasy :) ) Great book of amber (it was ok)...
  11. S

    Please recommend some interesting movie apps on iPhone/iPad?

    The apps introduce good movies, new movies, movie information, theaters etc. and should be free app and simple to use. Thanks!
  12. M

    Recommend me a smartphone for Verizon?

    Okay suggest me a smartphone that's durable, has a good and fast web browser, has loud speakers, has a good processor, and has a battery that will last me most of the day. Camera isn't a huge deal, but I'd like to take HD videos. Don't need a ton of storage space, anything 8gb or up is plenty...
  13. J

    Recommend a windowed case?

    I am building a gaming pc, my original choice is a little over my budget and i don't have much money left (£75, $114) and my original selection was the corsair obsidian 650d but it's too expensive so i have been looking at the antec 900 but it is too expensive, i also looked at the antec 902 but...
  14. A

    Recommend me a great smartphone; which fully cover my needs? Nokia, sony, samung...

    ...or micromax? i use nokia 5233 for the past three years; but still it works awesome. So i started loving nokia. Right now everyone talking about android OS. At the same time i have heard that windows is also good. Looking to buy a smartphone which should be very fast for browsing and...
  15. H

    Can anyone recommend a good Kakashi Hatake Fanfiction?

    I’ve been on a Kakashi kick lately and have been trying to find a good Fanfiction about him, but really haven’t had any luck, so it’d be helpful for someone to recommend one for me. Any paring is pretty much ok with me. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s Het or Yaoi. But my favorite pairings are...
  16. H

    Can anyone recommend a good Kyoya Ohtori Fanfiction?

    I’ve recently re-watched Ouran High School Host Club and have renewed my love for Kyoya! I’ve been trying to find a good Fanfiction about him but really haven’t had any luck, it’d be helpful for someone to recommend one for me! Any pairing is pretty much ok with me. It doesn’t matter to me if...
  17. M

    Can anyone recommend some Romance or Shoujou Anime?

    Im out of anime to watch and I need your help to recommend some for me maybe 5? or more as you like? Anime tht I've watch so far (not all, some I've forgotten) : Vampire Knight : Clannad : Kamisama Hajimemashitai : Inu x Boku SS : Tonari no kaibutsukun : Kimi ni Todoke : Amnesia : Kaichou-wa...
  18. O

    Please recommend Movie viewing Apps for iphone?

    I want to view movies on my iPhone 5. Do you have any good Apps to recommend that is free and can handle avi format or hopefully any other formats as well. I do not want an app that is free but ask you to do the in-app purchase for the drivers before you can view anything, such as Air AV. Movies...
  19. K

    Recommend any good books?

    Hi, so a I'm 16 year old female and I love reading and am looking for something new to read. It you have any recomendations that would be terrific :) i like love stories but anything is welcome. Also a short description on the book would be appreciated. Thank you :)
  20. S

    Going to the library later. could you recommend some really good philosophy books?

    Ones widely regarded as great thanks