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    Can I watch tv shows recorded to external hard drive of dish network on my...

    ...directv receiver? I have dish network now but will be switching to Directv when I move next month. Will I be able to watch the shows I have recorded to my external hard drive on the Directv receiver? If not, will there be any way to watch them again or will they be gone forever?
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    Jehovah's Witnesses, Why is Christ recorded as using the name "Father" 262 times?

    Jehovah's Witnesses, Why is Christ recorded as using the name "Father" 262 times? Christ is recorded in the MKJV bible as using the name "Father" 61 times in Matthew, 19 in Mark, 48 in Luke and 134 times in John. I find it very hard to believe that Christ thought the name "Father" was just a...
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    Recorded DVD works fine on TV but appears blank on PC, why?

    The DVD drive works fine on PC for any other kind of DVD/CD ROMs it just doesn't see the things I record on my DVD Recorder from my TV, but the DVDs work fine in the DVD Player. What is going on?
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    Is there anyway to burn recorded shows off of the direct TV box to a DVD?

    Is there anyway to burn recorded shows off of the direct TV box to a DVD? I have shows and movies that I would love to burn to a DVD but I have no idea how or if this is possible?
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    Can i get my recorded tv on to a dvd or usb?

    I am going away and i want to take a tv show to show someone as i think they may like it, i was going to buy the dvd but i forgot nd it will not arrive in time now but i do have the show recorded on my tv/recording box thing. Can i get the show from the recording box onto a USB stick or a like...
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    If you watch a recorded show on the Dish Network app for iPhone does your TV turn on?

    Like if you have DVR and you have a recorded show on your TV you want to watch on your iPhone.
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    What is recorded on a CD or DVD disk, what format is it in?

    is a player constructing images and sound from digital input
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    Six Reasons Why Recorded Music Should Be Free [Music]

    Grooveshark is getting it from all angles. Not only did its only major label deal (with EMI) collapse, but the company is now being sued by all four major labels for large-scale copyright infringement due to its policy of letting users upload music into its system, where over 30 million people...
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    How can I move my recorded shows from my Directv DVR to my Apple Computer?

    I have a lot of show's I'd like to archive and have in my Apple ecosystem (iPhone, iPad, AppleTv, and Computer) Is this possible? How do I do it?
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    I recorded a show via my DVD recorder. How do I get it on my computer?

    I recorded a show on my brand new Toshiba DVD & VCR recorder/player. I finalized the DVD disc. I can play the DVD disc and watch the show on my brand new Toshiba DVD & VCR recorder/player, but when I put the disc into my iMac it shows up as blank. When I put it into my PC laptop, same thing...
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    Need Android app recorded voice message app?

    I need a app for Android phone that can call a few people with the same message being played. You know how politics call with recordings i was wondering if android has an app for that thanks.
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    Who has the highest recorded visual acuity?

    I once read that there was a woman in Germany that could recognise faces from 5 miles away, with accuracy but I cannot find it anywhere...does anyone know who has the best vision in the world?
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    More Strokes, Deaths Recorded In Poorer Countries, Those Spending Less On Health Care

    Poorer countries and those that spend proportionately less money on health care have more stroke and stroke deaths than wealthier nations and those that allocate more to health care, according to new research in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association. Poorer countries also had a...
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    What is the first recorded case of an 'end of the world' prophecy?

    The earliest one I found is from here: Where it says: B.C.-A.D. According to the New Testament, The End should have occurred before the death of the last Apostle. In Matthew 16:28, it says: Verily, I say unto you, there be some standing here...
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    Can i get my recorded videos from my iPhone 4 onto my computer?

    i have recorded some stuff on my iPhone 4, i want to put it on my computer as a mp4 and have it in my computer not only existing in my itunes library. this will be greatly appreciated if you can help :D
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    Why does Divx Plus ruin the video recorded using Fraps? (details inside)?

    I cant have both Fraps and Divx Plus installed on my computer because if i do Divx will Make all the gameplay footage go black with only audio. I have had to Uninstall and Reinstall Divx whenever i want to watch or edit these video's and its getting a little annoying, can someone please help me...
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    xfire won't let me view the video i recorded even though I have divx player?... when i right click to press upload all it says is pending? also when i try to convert the actual file it inverts the colors? please help
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    How can I play my DVD recorded on my DVD player on the pc?

    I have Vista and a DVD drive. When I load my home recorded DVD Vista regards it as empty, presumably not recognising the files. Any ideas what is going on and how I can fix it?
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    I recorded a video with a dvd recorder, why does it not show on my computer?

    i recorded with a toshuba d-kr10. it said that it is written onto the dvd rw. doesnt show on my computer though
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    Is it legal to download a tv show that I have already recorded on my DVR?

    I watch a lot of tv and I have a DVR at home that I use to record a lot of shows. I'm usually away from home though. I could go through the long complicated process of transferring shows that I have recorded to my laptop for viewing away from home, but it is MUCH faster and easier to download...