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    Difference between snowmobile two stroke oil and regular two stroke oil?

    Can i use two stroke Castrol super snowmobile oil in my weed whacker its a 26cc homelite, brand new, takes 50:1 and the same mixture ratio is provided on the back of the bottle. it also doesn't say not to use it in weed whackers so what's the difference?
  2. M

    can i use a blue ray repair machine on a regular dvd?

    can i use a blue ray repair machine (the kind that resurfaces the disc from scratches and such that cost around $40) on a regular dvd? thought i could but figured i would check before buying it in case the answer is no...
  3. C

    I wanna get a regular car vs a SUV?

    I want something like a veloster or a genesis coupe but my parents want me to get a SUV or a crossover- cuz we live in canada where we get a lot of snow. Any suggestions on how to change their mind? Any argument points that should be thrown out
  4. R

    Does the lg cosmo touch phone case fit the regular lg cosmo phone?

    I was browsing the phone cases for my lg cosmo, when i found myself interested in the cases for the lg cosmo touch. I like the cases that are made foe the lg cosmo touch but i am not sure if it would fit my regular lg. Thanks
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    Can you play regular dvd's on a Blue Ray Player?

    I am buying a HD tv and I suppose I have to get a blue ray player. I have quite a few DVD's and would not like to buy all new Blue Ray dvd's. Or can I use my older dvd player to my new tv.
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    regular iphone 4 with siri????? 10 pts?

    so i just bought an iphone 4 from craigslist. the ad mention "iphone 4 for sell" so i assume it was regular iphone 4. but i started to mess with it a bit an held the home button down and it made that chime from siri so i asked what time is it and it replied correctly... but when i ask specific...
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    In People With Fibromyalgia, Pain Is Not Worsened By Regular, Moderate Exercise

    For many people who have fibromyalgia, even the thought of exercising is painful. Yet a new study from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center shows that exercise does not worsen the pain associated with the disorder and may even lessen it over time. The findings are published in the current online...
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    Are iphone porn chats more expensive than regular webcam chats?

    Will I need to pay extra to have iphone porn chats or do they cost exactly the same as regular webcam chatting?
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    will playing regular DVDs harm a blue ray player ?

    will playing regular dvds harm a blue ray player ? or effect the blue ray player in anyway
  10. S

    Are regular DVD's considered Hi-def?

    I'm wanting to buy Game of Thrones Season one. The blu-ray version is $15.00 more. I'm trying to figure out if it's worth the extra dough. This series is very dark to begin with. Thoughts?
  11. K

    Can I use oil in my gas tank instead or regular gas?

    It's the same thing in theory. I want to save money on gas by using oil in the gas tank instead.
  12. C

    Xbox 360 Bluetooth headset (MW3 edition or Regular)?

    Since the mic is like next to your cheek, will the Xbox chat/party chat or person on phone (since it is phone compatible) hear you well if you speak at a normal voice? Or will you have to yell for them to hear?
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    Will blu ray player work with regular DVD's?

    So I have decided to finally upgrade to a Blu Ray player but am wondering if it will play my many DVD's (some of which I know will not be put on Blu ray just because of the company they are and the demand for them). My DVD player still works but their are so many nice sets that I want that I...
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    Can you send ringtones to a regular phone from a iPod touch?

    I just got some ringtones but I want to send them to my phone I have a flip phone can I send the ringtones to that phone
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    Is an "upconverting" dvd player the same as regular player?

    I am about to order an "upconverting" dvd player but am concerned it does not actually play dvds. I just want a cheap player and this is a samsung at amazon. Will it play liek a normal regular player? thankyou
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    Is Traveling time included in regular working hours?

    Ex. Call time is 4:00 am Then we travel from 4:00am - 8:00am Then we Started working around 9:00am - 6:00 pm.. Any Philippine labor code regarding this case? What article? Thanks
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    how can i make a regular cab truck into a crew cab truck?

    i know this is prolly a dumb question but I would like to have a back seat to a 2008 f150 regular cab truck is there anyway or take it somewhere to have it done or should i just buy a new truck?
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    How do you connect a DVD/TV combo to a regular TV?

    I have a Toshiba DVD/TV combination and want to connect it to a regular TV. Now this TV has no Red, White, and yellow connectors. It is very old. But I do have an adapter for it. Just want to know if this is possible. The older TV has no remote so I can only stay on channels.
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    Will blue ray dvds play in a regular dvd player?

    My blue ray player broke. Can I connect my old dvd player and use it for blue ray dvds until I get a new one?
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    do you wear basketball shoes as your regular shoes?

    just got some kobe 8s and i was wondering should i just use them for basketball only, or only for like everyday sneakers? they look nice as hell so i wouldnt wanna ruin them playing basketball. but they are good basketball shoes though.