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    When is the movie "Disconnect" scheduled to be released on...

    ...Digital/Blu-ray, or DVD in the US? When is the movie "Disconnect" scheduled to be released on Digital/Blu-ray, or DVD in the US
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    Is SNSD's 2013 World Tour going to be released on DVD?

    Girls' Generation's World Tour was this year and I was wondering if they were going to make a DVD like they did with the First Asia Tour and the Japan Tour?
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    Microsoft just released data on its government requests (including FISA) too.

    Microsoft just released data on its government requests (including FISA) too. For the last six months last year, Microsoft received between 6,000 and 7,000 government requests affecting between 31,000 and 32,000 accounts. [Microsoft] Read more...
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    Stanley Cup conference final schedules released; when would Red Wings, Blackhawks sta

    While you let the utter absurdity of the Pittsburgh Penguins getting more than a week off between the conference semifinals and finals, here?s the Eastern Conference Final schedule: 2013 STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS EASTERN CONFERENCE FINAL Saturday, June 1, 8 p.m.: Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh...
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    When is the Pink Samsung Galaxy s3 being Released?

    I heard that it was released in Korea and it is called Martian Pink. It's already May 2013 and I can not see any news about this color. Will it be released worldwide? When will it be released? There isn't much female colors for samsung s3 so I really want a pink one. Very nice and girly :)...
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    Kyle Love Diagnosed with Diabetes, Released by Patriots

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    iphone ios 6.1.3 jailbreak released?

    can i jailbreak ios 6.1.3?
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    Windows Blue, an iterative update to Windows 8, will be released later this year says

    Windows Blue, an iterative update to Windows 8, will be released later this year says Microsoft. Read more...
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    New released Digimon Dvd's Question?

    Hey guys I just bought Digimon season 1 and season 2 on Dvd. I know Season 3 Digimon tamers comes out June 11th for Dvd. I was wondering will they release the Digimon Frontier boxset for Dvd after tamers as well?? Or the rest of the entire series? I'm glad Saban got them back. Missed those shows lol
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    Quiz: Name the only movie to have its sequel released in the same year?

    Hint. it was made when movies were in black and white? The Son of Tarzan (1920) is a 15-chapter film serial which focuses on the coming of age of Jack Clayton, also known as Korak, the son of Tarzan and Jane. The serial was produced by David P. Howells, written by Roy Somerville (based on the...
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    Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Closes Porn Deal, "Sexually Charged Movie" Being Released i

    Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Closes Porn Deal, "Sexually Charged Movie" Being Released i Farrah Abraham's porn deal is official! The 21-year-old Teen Mom star has closed a deal with Vivid Entertainment, who will soon release an X-rated video of Abraham titled Farrah...
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    When will spartacus war of the damned be released on dvd?

    As in when will you be able to find it on the dvd racks at walmart?
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    Will there be SRS released for iPhone and iTouch 5g?

    DTS's iWOW 3D SRS adapter relies on being plugged in through the ports which were found up until the 4th gen iPod Touches and iPhones. However, with the new, revised port, there's no way for me to plug the adapter into my new iPod Touch 5g. Also, on Amazon, the ratings don't seem stellar, so I'm...
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    Toxins Released By Bacterial Infections And Venom Removed By Nanosponges

    Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have invented a "nanosponge" capable of safely removing a broad class of dangerous toxins from the bloodstream - including toxins produced by MRSA, E. coli, poisonous snakes and bees. These nanosponges, which thus far have been studied in...
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    2013 March Madness Bracket Released!

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    When is The stereo love show by Edward maya released?

    I know Edward maya has his album "Stereo Love show" released soon but I don't know when. Has it already been released? And if so where can I buy it? I tried his site but it doesn't work.
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    Will there be a Linkin Park Australian Tour 2013 official video DVD released?

    I went to the Linkin Park/Stone Sour concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Tuesday night and was wondering if anyone knew whether there will be an official video of the concert released to the public (like the DVDs of ColdPlay's concert last year I've seen in stores)? Any info is greatly...
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    whats your fav wwe dvd they have ever released?

    my fav wwe dvd would have to be the greatest stars of the 90s because of the great matches and rare ones they choose for it like sting vs vader at slambree 94,shawn michaels and diesel vs yokozona and british bulldog at in your house 95,shawn michaels vs owen hart at in your house 96,undertaker...
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    Need artists name who released album early 00's with red/white tiger on

    cover. Alt rock.? I think it had a song having to deal with "milk" on it. Not sure the band name and it's driving me insane. Not tiger army or any easy ones, believe me I've browsed every combination possible through itunes, google images, bing etc. now I'm onto someone else's memory.
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    when is one piece episode 251+ english dubbed being released?

    it is hard to look up and down when i am watching i prefer just to look and listen