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    Race Video Camera Comparison Review: Part 2 – Replay XD1080

    This installment in our series looking at race video cameras examines the Replay XD1080.
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    NBA Board of Governors approves five changes to instant replay, rules for 2013-14 sea

    Unlike some major sports leagues, the NBA has few concerns about changing its rules for what it sees as improvements to the quality of the game and the fan experience. The goal is to get closer to perfect, not to preserve an arcane sense of history and consistent, at least in theory. It's a...
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    Dc universe online disconnected no replay from server problem?

    It's on ps3
  4. M

    Action Replay DSi freezes when Pokemon Black 2 loads?

    After I press 'continue', it just freezes on me.
  5. L

    Action Replay DSi not working?

    So I haven't used my AR in a while, but before I put it up everything was fine for use with the DSi. Now, even though my DSi recognizes that there is a "game" in the slot, when I try to start it the screen just goes blank white and stays that way. Upon testing it with my DS with the broken...
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    how to use action replay for dsi?

    I bought one for my brother. It works with the pre-installed codes. However, putting in other codes is difficult. The website is very vague on how to get codes for ds and my security downloader says the code manager it contians viruses. What to do?
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    My DSI action replay doesnt work on my dsi?

    After updating my dsi to its current update my action replay doesnt want to work anymore. But when i put it in my Ds lite it works totally fine. What do i do besides reformating it?
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    How much can I sell my Nintendo 3DS XL for at GameStop or Disc Replay?

    I received my pink 3DS XL for my birthday in November, 2012 and I don't use it very much at all. It's in perfect condition and I have the charger and stylus. How much would I get for it if I took the cash option? (I wouldn't take the credit option because I've already got all the games I want...
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    Why does action replay stop working on only one ds?

    I have an action replay that Is pretty old but one day it just started freezing at white screen on my dsi which never happened before but when used on my brothers dsi it works perfectly fine what's up with that
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    Action Replay DSi wont load?

    Whenver I try to start AR it's just a white screen.
  11. Y

    about nintendo dsi action replay?

    I have a dsi action replay that used to work on my dsi, but now gives me a white screen when ever I boot it up. What doesn't make any sense is that it works completely fine for my ds. Can anybody help me with this?
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    Action replay max (ps2) help?

    I've recently bought action replay max again because my old one broke. It works just fine with the other games however, ( and this is the same problem i've had with my old a.r ) with one particular game, i enter the codes and check them but when i launch the game, the codes don't work. The game...
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    about nintendo dsi action replay?

    I have a dsi action replay that used to work on my dsi, but now gives me a white screen when ever I boot it up. What doesn't make any sense is that it works completely fine for my ds. Can anybody help me with this?
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    Action replay DSI cant find more codes?

    i got ana action replay cartridge and it works ....i have a game with codes and everything that work..when i plug it to the computer and looke for the game in the action replay code manager and i click it there are a lot of codes on therir that dont appear when i use action replay....and (my...
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    Does Action Replay DSI work on Animal Crossings Wild World?

    I know for the original Action Replay for the DS did, but I was wondering if it worked for the DSI? I just bought a DSI and a brand new Animal Crossings game since I sold my old ones and I wanted to use Action Replay for it. Thanks :)
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    DSi Action Replay doesnt work with Pokemon White version 2?

    So I recently got the Pokemon White Version 2 for the DSi. And I have the Action Replay DSi game card. When I start action replay an error comes up as "Unknown Game Inserted." And then it shows the game ID. I tried looking on google and forums to try codes that people suggested and they don't...
  17. S

    How should I should I start using my action replay dsi downloading the software

    first or just connect to my ds? Suggestions please.
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    When is a action replay coming out for the nintendo 3ds?

    I noticed i cant find it in stores, no i dont want to buy online since i dont have a debit or credit card. So im looking around stores. Has it not been released in stores yet?
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    My Nintendo DS Action Replay isn't updating...?

    I have the action replay manager installed and everything. It says it is "waiting for DS..." in the one box (PC manager), while on my DS it goes as far as the "ready to update" screen. But when I try to click on the DS icon on the manager program for a quick update, it won't do anything. They...
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    how do i use Action Replay Max to play region 1 DVD on my PS2?

    I want to view a region 1 DVD on my UK Playstation 2. I've got Action Replay Max, which is supposed to allow multi region DVDs, but it comes up with a message saying "can't recognise your DVD player" and asks me to put in a region x code. How do I find out what code to enter? Seriously? I can't...