1. P

    Does an iPod touch require Internet connection using its Bluetooth?

    I have a wireless fm transmitter and it won't connect using the Bluetooth. Is it because I'm not in wifi?
  2. N

    What are some apps that doesn't require iOS ?

    My Iphone 4 is messed up right now , my daughter threw it in mop water when i was cleaning today , so until i can get it fixed i am using my Ipod 2nd generation which sucks but for right now that's what i have to use , and all the apps ive wanted to download on it requires iOS , can anyone give...
  3. B

    What is the best iPhone app (game) that doesn't require Internet and is free?

    I'm looking for a fun game to play on my phone but I have limited Internet and I don't want to use it all up
  4. K

    Does the Motorola flip out require a data plan?

    I'm with AT&T so if I got an unlocked flip out would I need a data plan? And if so do you guys know any phones like the flip out that doesn't need a data plan?
  5. J

    Why does T-mobile's new plan/policy not require a contract BUT still require a

    credit check? I am very confused as to why with T-mobile's new policy or plans or philosophy, whatever, they are not requiring contracts from customers and are offering monthly plans, yet they still want to perform credit checks? What's the purpose of needing people's credit report if they are...
  6. C

    Is it require to bring gadgets like laptops, tablets, ipad etc. in school?

    I'll enter a college life this coming June. I'm from Philippines?
  7. JacklynScotts

    Does the Samsung s5230 Star Require a data plan?

    I was looking for a phone on amazon and found this really cute Hello Kitty phone.It didn't say anything about a data plan when i looked at the details but it said something about a Hotmail browser.Would it cost extra to have the hotmail thing? and does it absolutely require it for the phone to...
  8. S

    What jobs require traveling?

    Travel with good pay? Appreciate any answer's!
  9. I

    Do android music apps require a wifi network to work?

    Ok. I have been having playlist issues with the music player in my samsung galaxy tablet, and was told to download a different music player. I can download from google play at a friends house with wifi, but when I come home, will the player still work even though there is no wifi in my home?
  10. T

    Children With ADHD Require Long-Term Treatment Well Into Adulthood

    The first large, population-based study to follow children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) into adulthood shows that ADHD often doesn't "go away," and that children with ADHD are more likely to have other psychiatric disorders as adults. Although numbers were small, they...
  11. K

    Any cell phones from AT&T or verizon that don't require a data plan?

    I'm thinking about switching to either of these two companies. I have T-Mobile right now, but am unhappy with their service.. Anyways, between these two companies, are there any phones with smartphone like similarities, but don't require a data plan? I don't want to pay for a data plan..
  12. I

    Farming game on Android that doesn't require internet?

    I used to play Zombie Farm on my husband's iPad, but haven't played it in months. I just recently got a Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch and was looking for Zombie Farm on Google Play but am disappointed to find out it requires internet now. I don't always have internet all the time, so that won't work. Can...
  13. A

    Health Hack: 7 Immune-Boosting Foods & Drinks (That Don’t Require Prep Time)

    If you're worried about catching the flu -- and who isn't right now? -- your simplest defense is a diet rich in antioxidants and whole, healthy foods. Of course, that's easier said than done when you're traveling or logging long hours at the office. For this week's #HealthHack, we've rounded up...
  14. M

    Are all surveys that require code from cellphone numbers fake?

    I tried it but still it wont? It wont give me the download link!
  15. B

    IPhone: Free game apps that don't require internet?

    games like TinyTower ...or any other simulation games. Other categories are acceptable as well though.
  16. B

    IPhone: Free game apps that don't require internet?

    games like TinyTower ...or any other simulation games. Other categories are acceptable as well though.
  17. W

    Require a true wholesaler?

    Hi, I’ve been looking around for wholesale websites for about 2 weeks now only managed to find around 3 that are worth buying from but the products rant exactly what I would like (DIY, GARDEN STUFF). I been looking the wholesale but nothing good from there either anyone got any websites, I...
  18. S

    What are some of the best T-mobile phones that don't require a data plan?

    I need a new phone, preferably with a keyboard. I can't find anything about t-mobile phones without needing a data plan. I have an Ipod touch 4g for all of my "smartphone needs" but now i just need a decent phone that's easy to txt on and one where people can actually understand what I'm saying...
  19. A

    Lululemon Lawsuit: A Good Reminder That Yoga Doesn’t Require Yoga Pants

    Remember how*lululemon is suing Calvin Klein for making a suspiciously similar pair of yoga pants to their patented Astro Pant? That's still going on--and the Wall Street Journal has the pages upon pages of line drawings and intense legal-speak to prove it. But as I was scrolling through the...
  20. F

    Does Messianic Judaism require you to disown family members that do not...

    ...believe the same as you do? *Messianic Judaism - Jews and Gentiles alike living Torah life style. Yet keeping belief in Yeshua as Messiah. I know in traditional strict Judaism sometimes there is a requirement if a family member believes IN Jesus they are disowned. I am wondering (personal...