1. W

    I need to reset my itouch 4g?

    I have a 4g ipod that I haven't picked up in a couple months, and I don't remember the password. I know you can just go into settings and reset it, but I can't get onto the ipod without the password which I can't remember, and I know you can hook it up to itunes and reset it that way, but the...
  2. A

    I forgot my Nokia 101 security code,how can i reset my phone?

    block my Second sim.... dont show me second sim.... and i forget the factory restore codes... plz help me
  3. V

    how to reset massage center number in sony ericsson w8 walkman?

    i am not able to send the massage from my w8 walkman
  4. B

    how do you reset central locking for Porsche Baxter?

    After replacing the windshield, alarm and window are not working and is making two beeping sound when I try to lock it with the remote
  5. K

    Please help me... how can i do factory reset my android tablet winpad A13 J-Q88D.?

    pleas help me how to do factory reset my android tablet winpad A13 J-Q88D? i have tried the power button+volume down many times but still it doesnt work. its still stays at introductory ... do help please......
  6. F

    Somebody help me to reset my email vacation response?

    I can't use my email in yahoo groups anymore and as yahoo says it's for my vacation response status. I have never set any vacation response for my email. Please reset my status. the email is fz_nn at yahoo. Thanks
  7. A

    iphone 4 frozen after factory reset?

    I tried to restore the factory settings on my jailbroken iphone but now its frozen & my power button is broken so I dont know what I can do now to reset it..........
  8. P

    How can I reinstall preloaded apps on an Android Tablet that was reset?

    The android tablet was reset (using the reset button on the side) and now the tablet has no apps what so ever (not even the ones installed by Android Manufacturer). A weird cursor appears on the screen ( a circle with a cross in the middle) and I can't access the settings either. Anyone know how...
  9. B

    my blackberry bold 9900 won't turn on, just shows reset page every time?

    It turns on but when it's finished turning on it just shows the white screen page saying reset, i click that and it just repeats the cycle again, i've tried plugging it in to my computer but it won't read it and i've tried removing the battery, charging but its just completely broken. Please...
  10. T

    My iPad changed its password by itself and I don't want to reset it?

    It's been glitching around with my contact before it did it and deleting and changing them then making them reappear for no reason and I don't know why. Also, before It changed itself, the wifi Loding thing was on heaps so I turned the internet off in settings and then restarted it. I'm stuffed...
  11. J

    Is there a way to reset a game history on an iPad?

    I have a game that I would like to replay without having all the perks already. I thought at one point you could reset it in the Game Center but now I can't find it. Is there a way that I can restar my game as if I just downloaded it? I tried deleting but because it was saved in my Game Center...
  12. J

    Password reset - don't know my alt email, how do I do it?

    My account was hacked so Yahoo requested I reset my password. The option was not provided to login then change - I had to do a password reset, which sent an email to my alternative address. Problem is, I don't know what alternative email is on my account - it doesn't seem to be one I use...
  13. F

    How can I reset a blank DVD-R disc?

    I have these blank discs that don't have anything on them, but my computer won't let me do anything with them. How can I fix this?
  14. V

    mid tablet android froyo 2.2 not start and screen showing data factory not reset?

    mid froyo 2.2 android not starting even after pressing the reset me
  15. A

    How to factory reset safelink lg tracphone?

    Or a general puk code generator!
  16. A

    How to factory reset safelink lg tracphone?

    Or a general puk code generator!
  17. P

    I can't access my apps on custom android rom and I want to reset back to the stock

    rom? I am new to downloading roms and I seemed to get a little cocky and thought I can download a rom called jelly bro by euroskank. It was all going fine until when the phone (Nexus 4) restarted, I couldn't access any of my apps and I couldn't get back to the stock rom. I am really scared...
  18. C

    if I reset my android phone into factory settings, can I later retrieve... contacts from my Google account? Every time I add a contact on my phone it asks me which email I want to sincronyze it to so i always chose my Gmail account. If can be retrieve after resetting the cellphone how can I access to my contacts on Gmail? Thanks
  19. T

    how can i backup all my data on my samsung galaxys2 so I can do a factory reset????

    Help lol? I'm pretty sure i have a spy app in my phone i need to do this factory reset desperately and it just seems so difficult to find a way to back everything up to one place.... Someone know? The spy app was put by a ex jealous moron. I sure would like my privacy back.
  20. J

    i reset my blackberry, will it delete my bbm contacts?

    i eset my blackberry will it delete my bbm contacts or keep them?