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    Miami Open Table restaurants!!

    I went to Miami after having fun and things to see in grand canyon and had a great time with my father. Let me know buddy would you like to go there and want to see the natural wonder so, enjoy your time in this wonderfaul park. Although in Arizona there are many natural parks but Grand Canyon...
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    Hotel with dining restaurants in Chennai?

    I am looking for hotels in Chennai where I can taste cuisines of all countries.
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    Do restaurants serve alcohol during ramadan?

    I know some of them don't, but are there some that do? And where/what are they?
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    The Most “Health Conscious” Fast Food Restaurants

    National chain restaurants tend to vacillate between pretending to have "healthy" options and and coming up with new and creative ways to serve bacon. More » The Most “Health Conscious” Fast Food Restaurants is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health...
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    Proximity Of Fast-Food Restaurants To Schools Affects Black And Hispanic Students Mor

    When their schools are near fast-food restaurants, black and Hispanic adolescents are more likely to be overweight and receive less benefit from exercise than Asian or white students, according to a study published in the current issue of Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. The study...
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    Can you use iPhone iOS coupons at Fast food restaurants ?

    I don't wanna go like to McDonald's holding my iPhone and telling them like oh here shoving my phone in there face showing them a coupon like on the app Deals Plus feeling stupid .. So I wanna ask am I allowed to do that or does it depend where I live or what ????
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    40 Percent Of 9-18 Year Olds Use Calorie Information In Fast Food Restaurants When Ma

    A new study published online in the Journal of Public Health has found that of young people who visited fast food or chain restaurants in the U.S. in 2010, girls and youth who were obese were more likely to use calorie information given in the restaurants to inform their food choices. It also...
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    Proximity Of Fast Food Restaurants Has Impact On Body Mass Index Of Low Income Africa

    African-American adults living closer to a fast food restaurant had a higher body mass index (BMI) than those who lived further away from fast food, according to researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and this association was particularly strong among those with a...
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    When pizza and Italian restaurants say "real New York style"?

    Why is it that I have never seen any restaurants with that label in New York? I live in the midwest.
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    It Seems Like All Chinese Restaurants Use This Hilarious Photoshop Trick [Humor]

    College Humor wondered why all Chinese food menus looked the same from all those different Chinese food takeout restaurants that all somehow taste the same and it's so obvious! They all must use the same Photoshop technique! What you know about the peeling laminant and saucy fingerprints filter...
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    Why You Should Cook: 96% Of Chain Restaurants Don’t Meet U.S. Dietary Guidelines

    The dietary guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. aren't exactly a beacon of perfect nutrition; many criticize the balance of nutrients and believe that it favors an overly *amount of dairy, meat, and carbs. So the fact that 96% of chain restaurants fail to meet their...
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    Nationwide Salad Recall Impacts Restaurants: Here’s What You Need To Know

    Over the weekend, the FDA announced that*River Ranch Fresh Foods had voluntarily expanded a large salad recall, due to potential Listeria contamination.*And while the bagged salads and other lettuce products haven't sickened anyone yet, there's still reason to be concerned. The products in...
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    Do restaurants really utilize their feedback surveys?

    Specifically, the surveys you find on the back of the receipt, usually accompanied by a food offer or a contest. I often take these because I'm frugal and enjoy the free food. I also suspect most people don't bother or have the time to do them, which is why the offer is made in the first...
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    PETA Wants Michelin Guides To Stop Promoting Restaurants That Serve ‘Tortured Animals

    On a quest to ban the promotion of restaurants that serve tortured animals, PETA is calling on the well-known restaurant rating manual, Michelin Guides, to request that they stop awarding stars to restaurants that serve foie gras or shark fin soup. Just hearing about the abuse these animals go...
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    What Are The Best Nightclubs And Restaurants In Washington DC ?

    I will be traveling to Arlington, VA in july and want to know of good nightclubs to visit, and how expensive they are? Also If you have restaurants and places you thinks I should visit while there.
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    Interesting restaurants in Ann Arbor (not downtown)?

    So, I am having some trouble thinking of some neat places to go eat in Ann Arbor, MI. I would love to hear what you guys think are some nifty places outside of the downtown area! By the way, I already know of Zingerman's Roadhouse so please exclude that one. ^_^
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    New Health-Based Review Sites Hold Restaurants Accountable For Their Food

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about the struggle than many diet-conscious diners face when trying to find a restaurant. Sure, plenty of places get positive customer reviews on Yelp and similar websites, but these reviewers seldom answer health-related questions, like those about the sustainability...
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    Do businesses like fast food restaurants, Taco Bell for example keep records

    of every person that ever worked? for them at their main headquarters or whatever?
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    Lounge/ Private Party Style Restaurants in NYC...?

    I turned 18 about a week ago and I'll be heading home at the end of the month to celebrate with family and close friends. I'm from NYC and I've been to tons of restaurants but couldn't think of one that fit this criteria. I didn't want to just sit and eat with my family, I wanted something more...
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    What are the top 5 Asian restaurants in Perth, Australia?

    I want an Asian restaurant that is clean, affordable, has a very friendly and respectful crew and most of all located in Perth Australia