1. A

    Wanna rid offff Smoking...!!!

    Hey guys...! Please give me idea, suggestion to rid off from smoking. My fiance smoked since 3 years.. But He just fed up from smoking, but can't...:itching:
  2. W

    What is the best way to get rid of this sore throat?

    I woke up with it this morning, but now it's extremely worst. I feel so sick I feel like I have fever to
  3. A

    OCD help to get rid of?

    I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and it really bothers me. Any tips on what I should do about it. If there is a way besides medicine and seeing a doctor tell me. Because my cousin got rid of it by just ignoring it
  4. G

    How do I get rid of the annoying advertising that comes with Rogers-Yahoo...

    ...switchover from classic? The advertising when I enter my inbox narrows my field when viewing my inbox and reading messages. I want to go back to classic or get rid of the advertising, otherwise I have to switch to another email provider.
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    how do i get rid of bit torrent on windows 7?

    i downloaded bit torrent and ever since its been slowing down my computer. So i tried uninstalling it on the control panel but i cant seem to find the program. Is their any other way i get rid of this stupid program? -thanks for helping me out with the answers!!!
  6. B

    How to get rid of drop box pictures on my android?

    I've got 2 pics that I can't get rid of that are in my "drop box" I never put them there and I can't seem to get rid of them no matter what I do. How do I delete them?
  7. J

    If I restore my iPhone using iTunes will that get rid of my apps?

    I love playing candy crush; and I'm on level 103- I need to restore my phone: so when I restore it does that mean that I will no longer have candy crush and I'll have to start from the beginning?
  8. D

    When is the best time or mileage to get rid of your sport touring bike?

    I'm not a mechanic and can't do much work on my motorcycle. Right now I have 11,300 miles on my 2007 Kawasaki 650R. So far it's been just one battery, a set of tires, and oil changes. But it is getting older and I'd like to stay with the technology curve. What time or mileage would be good for a...
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    Get rid of lump/bump near vagina?

    I have a lump/bump inbetween my vagina and leg and it hurts like hell :( when I feel it it feels hardish - as if it has a fluid in it. It is honestly the weirdest thing, as it is like a line shape.. It is quite thick, and seriously hurts like crazy. I cant walk, even at night I wake up wanting...
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    How the hell do i get rid of Divx player?!?

    I dont even know how this got on my laptop but i hate it! Its a horrible media player but i went to control panel to try and delete it, and nothing happened. So i read on a forum i had to end all processes that have to do with Divx, but i only found one (I found it by looking in the description...
  11. L

    can you get rid of schizophrenia?

    i know there is medication for it, but it only controls the symptoms. can you get rid of it? and if you can do you take lots of medication and counselling sessions or does it just wear of? (did i spell/use wear right?)
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    How can my dog pee and how can I get rid of his stuffy nose?

    I took my dog to the vet after he wouldn't eat or move. The vet's assistant gave me a powder that I am supposed to put in water called "Petdelyte" I feed him it every two hours. The vet was out today so that's all they could do for me. I am afriad how is he supposed to pee? Also he has blocked...
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    I've used Nix and Rid, washed all my sheets, clothes, etc. I even put mayonaise on my hair for a good 5 hours. THE LICE WONT GO AWAY. I'm constantly trying to comb out the nits but barely find any, and half the time Im not even sure what I'm looking for. I can feel the lice crawling through my...
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    CRT challenge looks for new ways to get rid of old picture tubes

    The cathode-ray tube (CRT) is, for all intents and purposes, dead. Long the predominant technology for TVs, computer monitors, and more, CRTs have given way to beautiful flat-panel monitors, mostly LCDs. But while the CRT is dead, it can't be forgotten -- not with somewhere around two billion...
  15. R

    How to Get Rid of Pimple?

    Hi i just wanna know how to get rid of my nose pimples. Ok so i have alot of tiny pimples on my nose and it looks ugly , ive been having them over a year now and theres this pimple that has been there for a year , i dont know what to do ive tried everything but it doesnt go away , please help...
  16. C

    Is there a way to get rid of a high smile line?

    I hate when I smile or laugh and all my gum shows! I just want a nice smile,I'm fed up of having to cover my mouth when laughing and looking away when smiling!
  17. M

    I'm getting rid of my andriod smartphone, can I play my current Dragonvale game...

    ...on an andriod tablet? If so, how would I transfer the data? Or is my park saved in facebook and I can pull it up on a tablet once I download the app?
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    How can you get rid of rabbies?

  19. M

    i have a 1990 buick lesabre with an oil leak should i fix or get rid of it?

    it was an oil leak and water leak the water leak was fixed but the oil leak for people who know bout these kind of cars know the price of this particular problem. the motor is good and the rest of the car is good it barely has 150k miles and no water in the motor. I'm just wondering are these...
  20. K

    How to get rid of a gadget on my computer?

    I know there's usually an X at the top, but this doesn't have one. It doesn't do anything but take up space (it wont even let me move it!) It's supposed to be for weather, but I guess it's not responding or something so it just has blanks. Please help me!!!!!