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    RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900 Or Apple iPhone 4S?

    Its time for an upgrade again and I need to make a choice between the two phone. I recently got to jailbreak an oldish iPhone I received from my father and its great! But I'm a bit worried. My current phone is the BlackBerry 9300 and I have BIS(BlackBerry Internet Service) on it which means...
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    Behind the Scenes of How Man Works with Machine in Pacific Rim

    The monstrously giant mechs of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim are controlled by two different people at the same time. The two pilots interact with the computer in Drift Space to control the giant mech and this featurette explains a little about how that works. Read more...
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    RIM's Offering Cash And Gadgets to Devs Who Port Games to BlackBerry

    In a bid to get some games ready for the upcoming BlackBerry 10, RIM is offering developers cold, hard cash, along with some free devices, if they can port some gems over to the OS. It can't hurt, right? More »
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    Samsung: We're Not Interested in Buying RIM, or BlackBerry Licenses [Samsung]

    On the heels of last week's news suggesting that RIM was planning to license out its new operating system, BB10, Samsung has firmly denied any desires to become involved with RIM. More »
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    2009 audi a4 with a bent rim?

    I recently traded my 2003 Audi for a 2009 Audi A4. I test drove the car two different times before I talked numbers and made my purchase. The car is flawless exept for a few minor scratches on the back passenger side rim. Looks like some curb rash, which doesnt bother me. I know a used car isnt...
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    MasterCard certifies NFC phones from HTC, Intel, LG Electronics, Nokia, RIM, Samsung

    MasterCard also unveiled a new brand identifier – "MasterCard PayPass Ready" – now available to device manufacturers to use with NFC-enabled smartphones that have been tested and certified by MasterCard for use with PayPass technology.
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    RIM Launches BlackBerry 10 Platform

    Developers get powerful tools in advance to build apps that deliver highly engaging mobile experiences for users.
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    RIM Is Making It Even Harder to Get Quality PlayBook Apps [Playbook]

    RIM is killing the option to sideload apps in a future build of the PlayBook OS in an attempt to curb piracy. This means that they'll have to be added directly through BlackBerry App World, similar to Apple's M.O. with the App Store. More »
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    Rim suggestions for my grey Camry 2002?

    I want to put some rims on my Camry but don't know what kind would suit a Camry. I prefer black rims over chrome.
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    Att prepaid sims card and RIM BlackBerry Storm 9530 GSM Unlocked Cell Phone?

    I am considering purchasing this http://www.overstock.com/Electronics/RIM-BlackBerry-Storm-9530-GSM-Unlocked-Cell-Phone-Refurbished/6448540/product.html phone and I currently have a prepaid att phone plan.. If I put my sim card into this phone, will i be able to use it??
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    How is RIM legally allowed to use android apps in their upcoming Blackberry

    OS update? For anyone that is into the world of mobile computing, I am sure you have heard all of this dribble about the Blackberry playbook getting an update to include the android framework allowing users to run android apps. First of all, how the hell is this nonsense legal? Wouldn't...
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    what is a high-quality nylon rim strip for fixed gear bikes ?

    also can i take it off ? and if i spray paint over it will it mess it up or still brake normal ? ( i think i know what it is but just want to make sure ) x)
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    RIM Has $1.7 Million Worth Of PlayBooks Stolen From an Indiana Truck Stop [Rim]

    Poor RIM. Nothing's going right for it: the PlayBook is killing it, its next generation of mobile phones is severely delayed, and now, someone's run off with $1.7 million of its stock. More »
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    can't run in sky rim 5 on ps3?

    my character is very slow he can't run and i get kill.
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    Whats the diff between ADSL1, 2 and RIM?

    Kindly explain pls...i currently use the wireless modem from vodafone... I heard there are areas only having RiM and would just like to know what it means
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    What the hell is up with the free blackberry apps that RIM promised??

    I googled it not long ago, and all I found were two apps available for free download that usually cost. Somebody please tell me I'm missing something. They're shitty apps that I have no use for, and besides that, there's the fact that there are TWO available. What the hell.
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    I have a kawsaki bayou 300 1989 will a 12 inch wide rim and tire fit it...

    ...10inch is what is on it? Will they rub
  18. J

    What is a cheaper rim you can put on a 2005 Ford Focus St?

    Im looking to just get winter tires and rims but dont feel like paying extra for the 16 inch rims and lo pro tires that it came with just for the winter. So my question is can i put something small like 14's on it? Or whats a cheaper rim and tire combo i can get for it?
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    RIM unveils BlackBerry BBX

    BBX combines the best of BlackBerry and QNX to provide a next generation platform for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.
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    the rim of my bell end is attached to my foreskin, i had been told pulling...

    ...them apart makes them seperate...? so i did it, and now after a few hours after trying to pull them apart, i felt a pain, and when i looked, it's like a 1mm wide rip on the rim of my bell end where they HAVE separated a little bit, but not as smoothly as i thought it would do. It's literally...