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    What brand of router to link computer to laptops and blue ray dvd player?

    I have Comcast internet and cable services. I have an Asus desktop computer and want to get a router to run a couple of laptops and also to be able to watch Netflix, etc. on my TV via a blue ray dvd player. What would be a good router for this?
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    show picture of a netgear54 router being hooked up to a directv modem?

    show a picture of a netgear54 router being hooked up to a direct tv modem
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    I'm trying to port forward my Motorola SBG6580 router but i dont know my

    username or password? Is there anyway i can find my username and password, i may know what my password is but i don't have a clue about the username. none of the default usernames or passwords work. Thanks
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    The ibaton router has stopped connecting to my MacPro and the Smartphone.

    How do I re-set it? This router has worked fine for the last 3 years but has suddenly stopped. One can see the light flickering on the router screen but there seems to be no connectivity. I use a MacPro laptop and a Samsung Android smartphone. Connectivity to both has been lost
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    Blockless account for Netflix stopped working after switching to a telus router.?

    I signed up for a Blockless account that switched my DNS numbers to American ones a while ago and it was working great for Netflix, but recently I switched to Telus internet and only my local DNS numbers are working, does anybody know why? I'm watching on my PS3
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    How Do I Port Forward 2 Ports On My Telus Router?

    Well, I am a Minecraft Player and I am trying to host 2 Minecraft Classic Servers at one time. I have seen many people do this and I have even done it before but I totally forgot because I have not played in the last 2 years. Please tell me how to port forward 2 ports and make them work at once...
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    set my 2 wire router to block p2p torrent from using it?

    its hogging band with and kicking every other electronic off the internet
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    Verizon router connection ( switching routers)?

    I dropped my verizon wifi router and it broke, I have another old one laying around same exact one. Can I just plug in the wires the phone jack, e2 ,and power? I know the web key and router will be different but its ok i know them. thanks
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    My Samsung D7500 TV connects to my router but not to the Internet.?

    The TV browser won't start up without an Internet connection, but the browser is required to enter the username and password that allows connection to the Internet. Connection to my router does not require any security, but on other devices you would be required to launch a web browser where you...
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    What happens if I press the reset button on my telus router?

    Does the internet go bye-bye? Or what happens?
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    How to set up DLink Router with Telus Actiontech?

    Hi internet, Well I'm having some trouble, you see a couple months ago I switch from Shaw to Telus and it's been working great, other then Telus is blocking all port forwarding and because I run a server, this isn't good. I have tried calling them and telling them I NEED to port forward but all...
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    How to enable USB port on back of telus's Actiontec v1000h router?

    31.30L.57 is my current firmware version is there some sort of hacked firmware that enables the usb port on the back? I really would like to have a NAS
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    how to connect my dish net modem to a comtrend ct-5072t adsl2+ethernet router?

    I connected it but can't get wi fi
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    How do I hook my Samsung blue-ray player up to my wireless router to play movies...

    ...from my computer on my tv? My tv is Samsung and I have an Samsung HD blue-ray player
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    Why can't our gadgets connect to our router or log into certain apps anymore?

    Hi techies with kind hearts and spare time! Last year, our household entered the present/future world of mobile computing by being blessed with an influx of electronic gadgets that can connect to the internet via WiFi (a couple of tablets and a few smartphones). We didn't have any problems using...
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    Linksys router losing internet connection?

    Hardwire to modem internet works fine without router. Wifi and hardwire from router lose conn after 3 min from reboot. Wifi signal stays but drops internet. File sharing works. Same happens after rebooting router and modem. Any ideas?
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    What is the best replacement router for an Actiontec MI424-WR for Verizon?

    Is there a router that will give me a stronger signal when I move to other rooms in the house? I have a wifi extender but the signal still seems weak. I also have a problem with this router dropping the wifi signal constantly. It happens every 1-2 weeks even though I set it on a different...
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    Can I use my directv cable box as a modem for my router?

    I have a linksys router coming in the mail and a setup guide says I will need to plug my router into a DSL or cable modem. So I wanted to know, can I use my Directv cable box as a modem for my Linksys router?
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    Belkin to buy Linksys router maker from Cisco

    Belkin, a private company based in Playa Vista, Calif., with operations and sales in more than 100 countries, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Cisco’s Home Networking Business Unit.
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    D-Link's SharePort Go 2 Is a Feature-Packed Pocket Router for Road Warriors

    This teeny portable router from D-Link is everything a human holed up in a hotel room could dream of: Wi-Fi hotspot, emergency battery and wireless media sharer, all rolled into one. More »