1. C

    Run All Nigh

    Run All Night is amazing you like watch this movie
  2. K

    Waiting for temple run 3 coming

    I love the Temple Run game its better than any other games for me. Temple Run 2 android game is so cool and stress buster game. It is available to download here. I hope for temple run 3 comming soon. share the happiness with Temple Run fans!:big laugh:
  3. S

    Android apps are Java based now are also able to run on blackberry, is that

    mean Android is not really an OS ,? Android is just a platform.. Can you explain me more.
  4. J

    iPhone can't run apps due to notifications.?

    My iPhone 5 can't open snapchat. What happens is I open the app then a nonstop cycle of notifications will appear saying: Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications "Snapchat" notifications may include alearts, sounds and icon badges. I've tried rebooting my phone, turning off notfications...
  5. A

    Why is every measurable Human quality run along a bell curve?

    When you think about Human qualities, it runs along a bell curve, so to speak, where some people are greater at particular qualities then others.
  6. D

    Bittorrent or Utorrent wont run after I download the installation file?

    Had to reformat my computer recently and now when I download utorrent or bittorrent, nothing happens after I try to hit the .exe. They both show up in my "downloads" but nothing happens when I double click on them. I tried running them as the administrated and still nothing.
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    The Juice: Rangers win on walk-off home run for third straight day, sweep Angels

    The Juice returns for season No. 6! It's almost eligible for free-agency! Stop by daily for news from the action, along with great photos, stats, video highlights and more. Three times a walk-off: After going 223 games without a walk-off home run, the Texas Rangers have won each of their...
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    Car fans Tuners vs Muscles vs Exotics picture this scenario your trying to out run

    a nuke 1 minute head start? 1 minute head start nothing but straight road in a desert indiana Jones crystal skull nuke scene got me thinking this lol. I know most will probably pick Muscle in this situation because there known for there acceleration drag races are straight road races. Also tell...
  9. Y

    Can the iPad 4 run any apps that the iPad mini can't?

    I wanted to know of the other than obvious differences between the iPad and the iPad mini. Specifically, if the iPad 4 can run any apps that the iPad mini can't. Thanks!
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    Bittorrent or Utorrent wont run after I download the instillation file?

    I'm new to the whole torrent thing and I'm having real trouble getting the program to run. After I choose to download the latest version of Bittorrent, stable not beta, I get to a final prompt that asks if i want to 'Run' or 'Dont Run' i click run and nothing happens. I can find the file on my...
  11. I

    Does samsung galaxy star support temple run or subway surfefs ??????!!!!!!!!?

    Plz tell me
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    How do you get nulldce to run on android?

    I am trying to run nulldce on android, and ifnI have a .gdi file in the discs folder, it will show the dreamcast boot and then it will just show a white screen. If I have no .gdi file in the discs folder, then it will boot to the dreamcast menu but I can't play any games.
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    Home Run Derby Live Blog: Robinson Cano, David Wright and Prince Fielder headline All

    Eight of the baseball’s most prolific sluggers are set to take part in perhaps the most anticipated event of All-Star week — the Home Run Derby. This year the All-Star field will be led by captains and hometown favorites David Wright and Robinson Cano, along with defending champion Prince...
  14. J

    Can I download temple run in my samsung galaxy y?

    It has gingerbread 2.3.6 dont tell about apk file or rooting I have already done it but nothing happens
  15. S

    Does PS3 run 3D Blue-Ray Movies?

    Sorry I am new to PS3, just bought one 1 month back and I wanted to know does it only run Blue-ray movies or it can even run 3D Blue-Ray Movies considering I do have a Sony 3D TV. BTW my ps3 is the ps3 slim 320gb version, NOT the new 500gb version
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    Does TEMPLE RUN game runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.1 with 512 MB RAM & 1 Ghz

    Processor ? Does anyone here knows What specifications are required to run TEMPLE RUN game on an Android device ? Does it runs on Jelly Bean with 512 MB RAM & 1 Ghz Processor ?
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    How to run symbian apps on pc?

    Is there any way to run symbian apps on Pc. i meant Symbian emulators and not simulators. Tags: symbain apps on pc, symbain emulator,nokia emulator,nokia on pc
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    Wil Myers hits first career home run ? a grand slam off C.C. Sabathia at Yankee Stadi

    When the Tampa Bay Rays announced the promotion of top prospect Wil Myers last Sunday, they did so hoping the 22-year-old outfielder could provide a little power while helping to lengthen a lineup that had been struggling to produce consistently. Though it's a bit early yet to determine what...
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    I have nokia n72 orignal.but cannt run direct video?

    this error comes,define default access point first. How can i define?
  20. B

    i have run chkdsk for external drive but i'm unable to shrink the volume..

    showing the same problem again? i'm unable to partition my external seagate 1tb hdd. when ever i'm trying to shrink the volume it is saying that the volume you have selected may be corrupted... i have scanned that using chkdsk.. it took aroung 50 hours of time to complete the scan and some how...