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    Is the verizon prepaid phone a scam?

    So I rarely use the cellphone, which prompted me to purchase a verizon wireless prepaid cell phone. There is no contract and the phone only costs 20 bucks at a local target, it come with 10 dollars worth of minutes, what have you got to loose? So I have had this phone for a while now, and I...
  2. K

    Are those free Caribbean Cruises just a scam?

    If they are just a scam, then how don't they all just get shut down? And how does a fake scam company hire employees to do customer service calls?
  3. L

    Quantum Laser - is this $3,000 gadget worth it or is it a scam ? I have...

    ...been invited to an all-day training? I have been invited to an all-day information session .....should I go ?
  4. J

    EBay- I'm selling an expensive item and think my buyer might be a scam?

    Hi, I'm selling a heap of items on eBay right now and one of them is a expensive breast pump. This item cost me nearly $700 and I barely used it. I have listed it on eBay with a starting bid of $250.00. I have been watching other people's listings with the same Pump all week and it has been the...
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    Is christian mingle a scam?

    I keep seeing their stupid commercials on tv and it looks so stupid.
  6. B

    Are independent sattelite installer jobs a scam?

    I have a chance for an interview. You drive your own truck. I emailed them to get more info. about pay, hours, etc. They just responded "come in for an interview if you are looking for work" Is this a waist of time?
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    Is nose right a scam or does it work?

    Hi, I need my nose smaller! Does nose right work! Only answer if you have tried it! Is it a scam or does it really work? If it does long does it take for your nose to get smaller? Thanks _____________________ nose magic review
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    Celebration Cruise Line Deal a scam?

    Ok! I don’t know if I got suckered or not, but I got a random call from Celebration Cruise Line a few weeks ago who told me that I won a free cruise, all I had to do was pay the port charges of $59 for me and a guest. I paid the fee and I was told to call back 6 weeks before I am ready to go...
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    Rehoming fees a scam?

    Pet ads for adoption usually have a "rehoming fee" that you have to pay to get the so-called "free" pet. Right. Hey... I'm selling a brand new 50" plasma TV for only $10. Yep, just ten bucks. But you have to buy the remote control separately and that costs $2000. And you MUST buy the...
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    Is Lincoln Academy High School Diploma online program a scam? I would like to know do it real , before I enroll ? did any one have any experience with this school ? Do any one know any good online high school please give me a link thank you
  11. J

    Craigslist Snowmobile Scam?!?!?

    I just found a craigslist ad for a $5000 snowmobile for $1900, and they were talking about an ebay trust fund? I want to get clarification before i did anything else. The email: Hello, Thank you for your interest in purchasing my 2007 Arctic Cat F6. The sled is in perfect working condition...
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    Philippines Phone Scam Adds to AT&T's Woes [At&t]

    A team of four hackers based in Manila have been arrested over a premium-line phone scam that targeted customers of AT&T, costing the telecoms company almost $2million. More »
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    Are certain types of home theater conversion/adapter cables really a scam?

    In the past while looking through HT questions, I've noticed some answers saying that some cables that supposedly allow you to go between formats don't actually work. I can't remember exactly which ones, but I think they were something like HDMI-Component, HDMI-VGA, VGA-DVI, or Coax-RCA audio...
  14. S

    Is British Sex Contacts website a scam / con?

    i think british sex contacts site is definitely a scam, Read the answers about the site by other people.They give a one message credit, you msg someone, then you have to pay. The person you msg responds ,but the answers are clearly designed to entice men to pay for more "credits" at extortionate...
  15. J

    Is Nintendo Club a scam?

    I want to know if Club Nintendo is a scam.I am going to get a Giant AR Card included with 3DS.It says it is free,This means Nintendo is giving out a bunch of these.It seems like every kid in the world would do this and Nintendo would be giving away millions of dollars.
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    beezid is a scam? does beezid actually ever sell the items on standby?

    The nice items you see advertised from Beezid are always on standby, so you will bid on the few junk items they have in stock that you see on the same page. Most of the items are just cheap junk. no real expensive items like cars were ever sold on Beezid. They buy these Chinese knock off items...
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    Caribbean Cruise Line, scam or legit?

    I received a mail today from Caribbean cruise line, and i was wondering if it is a scam or if it is real?? it says that i have been identified to receive a FREE two night cruise for two adults in the Bahamas. They also attached a cheque of 1,300$$ as a travel voucher. and they want me to call...
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    To the person who said I was a scam LOL?

    Far from it, I've had ton of people leave me their email and we are already talking work, so don't be salty lol, Anyone need hooks? I create all types of hooks to any type of music, the charge is free, all I ask for is a shout out, just leave me your email ill get back to you with more info
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    Okay..I signed up with directv last year in october. I had no choice but to go with a 2 year contract. Now its been almost a year & I plan on moving next month to a new apartment. I called directv to ask about their "moving" deal I had been seeing advertised on tv. I was told if I move the 2...
  20. X

    Is a scam site?

    I reallly want to buy some stuff from there, the pricing and shipping is cheap. all i know is that the site is based in hong kong. Cant find any reviews on it. Anyone bought from there before?