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    Drew Bledsoe continues awesome post-playing career as a high school offensive coordin

    It's strange to think the Summit (Ore.) High football players Drew Bledsoe now coaches weren't even born when he was the No. 1 overall pick in the 1993 NFL draft. Some of the seniors might have been infants when Bledsoe led the New England Patriots to their first Super Bowl appearance in 1996...
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    Help I did PDA in the school bathroom?

    I stared school 3 weeks ago... 8th grade It's a Christian school so yeah. I met this guy he was a freshman It's a pre-k-12th He texted me in class to meet him in this on classroom No one goes in there and we could lock the door but it was locked We went into the nurses bathroom And you...
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    Do famous people go to school?

    Famous people like from The Teen Wolf cast, Tyler Posey, Dylan O' Brien, tyler Hoechlin etc. Just wanted to know
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    Is this move allowed in organized basketball like NCAA, High school ,or nba?

    Here is the move I only see it done in street ball and not in actual games
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    Hero Antoinette Tuff Talks Down School Gunman, Saves Countless Lives

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    Smart snacking for back to school

    With the start of the school year around the corner, now is the perfect time for parents to ramp up efforts at infusing their kids' lunches with creative, healthy options. "You don't have to completely cut back on snacks and sugars to ensure that your child eats a well-balanced meal," explains...
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    Can I Use U torrent on my school computer? (It has has admin rights)?

    I downloaded it on my home computer. Can i use it on my school computer to install games.
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    teens on cruise during school?

    Are there any teens on a cruise in may since most teens are usually still in school? my sons worry they will be the only ones!
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    End of the year personal quiz for school?

    At the end of seventh grade, my whole class took a quiz about ourselves, (which career paths we would take, what kind of education we want, etc.) and I was suddenly reminded of it. Do most schools do this? And if so, what is it for? I thought maybe it was because they wanted to get a feel for...
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    i want some good marathi riddles for my school magazine please you all give

    me good riddles? i dont want the website name please
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    Rumours about me at school? please help!?

    This was my first year of highschool, and it sucked. I lost all my best friends cause of rumours from some upper classmen, what they said was im a nasty bitch, i dont wear underwear and i sleep around with people, and i wear under wear, i wear pretty modest clothes and im a virgin. I guess i...
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    Can school search you for a cell phone?

    Alright, so I'm starting a new school in the fall and they have a lot of different policies from my old school. I know that if they find you texting or your phone goes off they can take it for 45 days. However... can they legally SEARCH you for a phone? Like, go through your bag and stuff...
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    Amazing High School Girls Start ‘Feminist Society’ And Get Bullied For Their ‘Militan

    After a school trip to visit Cambridge last year, 17-year-old Jinan Younis and a group of her female friends encountered what so many of us encounter and have encountered since we were Jinan’s age – a bunch of drudebros sexually harassed them. More » Amazing High School Girls Start ‘Feminist...
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    No Fear Boston High School Students, Free Condoms Are Here

    Call me foolish, or maybe just the product of a generation where sex is less taboo than it has been in the past, but I strongly feel that sex education is just as important as any other type of education. Honestly, the sex ed classes that I took in high school were far more informative than the...
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    School partners with anti-malware developer for funding

    School partners with anti-malware developer for funding Posted on 21-Jun-2013 11:29. | Filed under: News :*Computing. The Motueka Rudolf Steiner School has set up an innovative win-win-win fundraiser with an international software company. The independent school has outgrown its rented...
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    I just got the iPad 4 brand new for school coming up and I'm wondering if

    32Gb is enough? My school is requiring that we get the new iPad for textbooks, documents, and other school related materials. Now for my own recreational use, I plan to buy a lot of books/novels, a couple hundred songs, a couple movies, and a lot of apps. Also, something weird is up with my...
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    Valerie Dodds Returns to Catholic School with Epic Results

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    Cooking School: How To Make Gado-Gado, A Main-Dish Indonesian Salad In Spicy Peanut S

    Gado-Gado is a popular Indonesian*salad composed of both raw and cooked vegetables in a spicy peanut sauce. Try it as a side at summer potlucks or a main-dish meal at home. More » Cooking School: How To Make Gado-Gado, A Main-Dish Indonesian Salad In Spicy Peanut Sauce is a post from Blisstree...
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    what is a school PDA?

    i recently changed schools and i remember something that was called a pda at our old school and everone hated it. i looked it up and it looks like it stops people from kissing and hugging and someone even said slowdancing... my school allows a slow dance, and we can hug eachother freely but i...
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    Today In Irony: Fashion School Hosting A Body Image Discussion

    Tomorrow, the London College of Fashion will be hosting an event called "Why Size Doesn't Matter: Be the Best You/Hear how to Feel Great 24/7." If I was in London right now, I'd totally try to go because I love body positivity, fashion and irony equally. More » Today In Irony: Fashion School...