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    Wonderful New Federal Laws Ban Junk Food In Schools

    I love a good chocolate bar or Cheez-It from time to time, but I’m very happy that these new regulations passed Thursday about junk food in schools — with surprising bipartisan agreement. More » Wonderful New Federal Laws Ban Junk Food In Schools is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
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    Proximity Of Fast-Food Restaurants To Schools Affects Black And Hispanic Students Mor

    When their schools are near fast-food restaurants, black and Hispanic adolescents are more likely to be overweight and receive less benefit from exercise than Asian or white students, according to a study published in the current issue of Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. The study...
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    what are trade schools you can go to for about a year and have a decent career?

    I was thinking of beauty school for hair but what are other options for trade schools that are onlabout 1 or 2 year programs that you can have a decent career out of
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    Best CDL Trucking Schools In California?

    I'm looking for an accredited trucking school that's LEGIT! The type that will have the connections to other companies for JOBS after I get my Class A CDL. Any suggestions? Is Western Pacific Truck School in Sacramento LEGIT? Thank You!
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    How many vacations do schools in Florida have?

    Do they have four like in Massachusetts(Thanksgiving, December, February, and April)? Not counting Summer.
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    Discuss how families, peers, schools, religion, and the media shape sexual

    attitudes and behaviors.? Short answer
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    Discuss how families, peers, schools, religion, and the media shape sexual

    attitudes and behaviors.? Short answer
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    Why do Alabama schools care about PDA?

    So my bf and I got written up for "PDA" All we were doing was hugging. I don't understand. We could be doing other things worst than PDA like doing drugs, having sex, killing people, but they care about PDA? I mean, what's the point in it? We live in a small town in Alabama. So, what's so wrong...
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    Cut from my high schools basketball team twice, what now?

    I've gotten cut from. My schools team two years in a row now . I have what it takes to be on the Team , I know that I should be on the team. There's people on the team that I am 10 times better than , I just don't know what to do . I don't wanna try out again next year , but I want to play high...
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    This Is News Corp's New $300 Tablet For Schools

    Amplify, which is an educational wing of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, has just announced that it's launching a $300 Android tablet for use in schools. More »
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    Best schools in Califonia for Nutrition major?

    Preferably UC or CSU. Please give info and/or links if possible, Thanks!
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    PDA rules in schools- please read and help !?

    So, as some of you may not know, PDA stands for " Public Displays of Affection. " This includes holding hands, kissing, hugging, cuddling, etc. In public. My school does have PDA rules, but at no time of the year are we told what the boundaries are. In our "student handbook" thing that we get...
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    What are current trends (2012-13) in education in the Primary Schools in the UK?

    I noticed in a post from five years ago the trends were a focus on the social curriculum-fostering a positive classroom environment. I am looking for more information about if students are working in small groups or if classes are more teacher directed. What types of reading/phonics/writing/math...
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    Why do Most Universities started early as Christian schools?

    in a time when atheists are just learning Poker games and rolling dices on street corners LOL
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    Where are some good places for karate schools?

    Foes anyone know a good karate school that isnt watered down and teach you real karate and not just level you up for the belt money? I live in NZ wellington so if anyone knows a good place here please share :) thanks!
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    Seven schools reportedly are leaning toward leaving the Big East. Is that the right m

    Frustrated the Big East has irreparably damaged its basketball brand with recent additions geared toward saving its football future, the presidents of the league's seven non-high level football schools met Wednesday to discuss their options. An report late Wednesday night indicated a...
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    Why's religion not taught in schools and colleges?

    Our society is turning unethical due to lack of strong belief in God and religion.
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    what is the website for the chain of the Oasis Cafes you see inside schools?

    In many business and schools there's this mini restaurant and when you buy from it the receipt says "Oasis Cafe." Where can I find a website or get corporate information from this company?
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    Why do schools, the government, and parents make rules that are riddled with...

    ...plot holes, and lack any logic? ...and when I try and have a civil conversation about either; A: Abolishing the rule B: Fixing it who ever is in charge throws a temper tantrum because someone who isn't an adult proved them wrong, and did it politely, and even though I did it politely they...
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    Exclusionary Policies In Schools Stigmatize Arrested Teens And Contribute To Educatio

    "Zero- tolerance" policies that rely heavily on suspensions and expulsions hinder teens who have been arrested from completing high school or pursuing a college degree, according to a new study from The University of Texas at Austin. In Chicago, 25,000 male adolescents are arrested each year...