1. C

    What are some ways to break my 1 year old whining and screaming habits... she

    does this all day? She does this even when she is fed, diaper changed and bathed .
  2. T

    Looking for an old internet video with an angry kid screaming at his xbox...

    ...and tv. Cyroman? My brother showed me this video of a kid going batshit on people while playing online. He kicked his tv and xbox while playing halo. I'm pretty sure his name or the video was called "Cyroman" or something close to that. I really want to see this kid rage again. It was...
  3. A

    I had a dream about my Ex & daughter screaming?

    A really long and prolonged scream, then I heard a loud noise like something/ someone dropping/ bang on my door, my mind awoke, but my body was still frozen in REM. I don't get on with my ex, long story manipulative and issues of contact etc, but this dream scared the f**k out of me. Q. What...
  4. RobinBank

    This guy is screaming like girls

    mwahaha the guy in the video is funny . just see how he screams :big laugh::big laugh: Greatest Funny Clips: When boys shout like girls !
  5. T

    Help with a screaming cockatiel?

    My cockatiel is normally very sweet and well behaved. However, we recently moved, and we were so busy that he didn't get as much attention as he was used to. One day, he figured out that if he screamed very loudly, we would rush over to try and quiet him. I know that this wasn't the right thing...
  6. H

    What tribes have a painful initiation, but instead of screaming have to laugh it off?

    I have previously read about a tribe that goes through an excruciating initiation where instead of crying the have to laugh to prove their manhood. PLEASE can anyone remember or know what i am talking about?? thank you
  7. R

    I need a sound clip of a man screaming?

    not scary just like he's in pain
  8. I

    How come when people is being chased after and when they are screaming it

    sounds like they are laughing? They are like: "Ahahahahah! Aaaaahhh! Dahahahahahahahah!
  9. K

    i wake up screaming everynight, what could this be?

    i have done this from a young ages im scared of the dark as i feel if i close my eyes somthing is after me, thi sis effecting me sleep
  10. A

    would you laugh if this happened once you were done screaming?

    so you were walking around in an apartment, you were telling your friend you were staying for the night by yourself and all of the sudden out of the door you were walking by this saw on a roller thing that looked like a tank with an arm with the saw on it burst out of the nearest door? id laugh...
  11. O

    Does Rev Wrights screaming hateful rants on Sundays make the entire

    congregation Angry people? Do you think after 20 years of listening and taking in the anger of that man- can make you a very angry person?
  12. T

    Easy points. Boyfriend has a personal ad on Eharmony, time to run screaming?

    My boyfriend got in trouble because he took a long time to take down his and craigslist personal ads. He finally did after we were dating for 6 months. Now several months later I have found out from a friend he has a personal ad thats on eharmony. I would hope that it was an oversight...
  13. J

    Why are bunnies so good at screaming in pain when I torture them?

    I love hearing cute bunnies scream in pain going NEHHHHHHHH NEHHHHHHHH NEHHHHHHHHH
  14. J

    Why are bunnies so good at screaming in pain when I torture them?

    I love hearing cute bunnies scream in pain going NEHHHHHHHH NEHHHHHHHH NEHHHHHHHHH
  15. M

    What's more annoying: A child who is whining and/or screaming or a yappy... that won't stop barking? Why did you choose the answer you chose?
  16. G

    Car Cam Dually Records The Wreck Outside and Your Screaming Face Inside [Cars]

    if you were Tiger Woods, the Car Cam Dually would have captured you slamming into a tree and your wife smashing the windows with a golf club, while simultaneously recording how you managed to injure your face. Of course, it would have also proven whether or not your wife was using the golf...
  17. M

    2yr old with tubes submerged ears. She has been hystericly screaming?

    She hasnt felt good all week and developed a runny nose a couple days ago. Today in the bath she dunked her head and started screaming so much she wanted out. She fell asleep then woke up hystericly screaming saying her ear hurts. She was inconsolable. Not even m&m's helped. I gave her some...
  18. J

    have the lambs stopped screaming?

    Wait!!!!! Wrong Horror!!!!!!
  19. C

    i need a club penguin member account fast!my child is screaming and yelling for it

    back but i cant seem to.? help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! send it to my email [email protected] plz and i cant make another my computer wont let me
  20. J

    Song from Kicking and Screaming?

    I want to know the italian song thats played during the movie when the kids play soccer....the title & artist