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    Excessive screen time affecting children's wellbeing - UK report

    A sedentary lifestyle with too much time spent sitting in front of screens - such as watching TV, playing video games and surfing the Internet - is harming children's wellbeing and increasing their anxiety, according to a new briefing paper from Public Health England (PHE). In the paper...
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    How to View android 4 screen in windows 7 32 bit PC?

    Hi!, I have windows 7 32 bit laptop and an android 4 later version phone. i want to view my android screen as same as in mobile screen in my pc, that make windows 7 32 bit. So any one can help PlzZZ . Better if it is free Thanks
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    how to connect a blue ray dvd player to a large screen hd tv?

    mitsubishi 1080 hd tv
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    I can't alt tab back into any full screen games.?

    Whenever I alt tab out of any full screen game, I can't alt tab back in right away. It takes several tries to get back into the game. It is annoying if I am playing a fast paced game and I just want to alt tab out for a few seconds but then ends up taking a minute or two.
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    Help with iphone! The white screen of death?

    I dropped my iphone3G in the toilet about a week or two ago and I put it in rice for at least 24-48 hours. Whenever I plug into the charger it will vibrate twice and it has a plain white screen also known as 'the screen of death'. I tried holding down the home button, volume, and on/off button...
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    Full screen games keep alt-tabbing (GTA:SA)?

    Hello Yahoo, Over July and August I have encountered a problem with my game. It alt-tabs by itself every so often and I have no idea why. I've had my computer for a good 3 years and it has never done this before. I have looked on Google and other forums and still no luck. I have ran an...
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    How to stop my Samsung GNex from hanging on Google Logo Boot Screen?

    I tried to root my Galaxy Nexus and it worked really fine. I was so happy, but when I tried the LCD Density Modder App, set it to 240 I guess, rebooted my phone, it hangs on the google logo reboot screen. Is my phone bricked? I want to know how to fix this, I already took out the battery like 7...
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    How to access a Broken screen for the Nokia Lumia 900?

    I dropped my Nokia Lumia 900 into the corner of a table (I know its a weird brake, it slipped out of my hand!) and the screen has one small crack/impact in it, but the whole screen is black. I can turn it on, the windows logo, the search icon, and back arrow light up like they are supposed to...
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    How much would u take off a 90$ itouch with a small screen crack?

    Small but noticable. What would u pay?
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    White screen fix on blackberry bold 9700?

    dropped my phone and got the white screen. I need it to access my contact information so I can transfer it to my new iPhone. I have tried taking out the battery and rebooting the phone, but still get the white screen. Have tried connecting phone to computer to download contacts to a file, but...
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    My Blackberry bold 9780 has a crack in the screen?

    My blackberry has a crack in the screen and it pisses me off so i was wondering if i could buy a new Blackberry and just switch sim cards ? would everything be the same ? Like my number , bbm etc .
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    Sony Ericsson Xperia play screen works fine than goes black and can see under...

    ...a light? It works fine but then the screen goes dull , but I can see my stuff on my screen under a light The screen works fine normally then the screen just goes black. I can the stuff on my screen under a light, jut pretty much it goes dull
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    sony ericsson k770i screen froze?

    hi i need some photos from my old k770i, i bought a new battery for it and tried turning it on it keeps freezing on the sony ericsson logo screen, is there anything i can do or try ?? thanks
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    why does my LG cosmos touch have lines across the screen?

    I was charging my LG cosmos touch one night and it has lines across the screen but I can still see what is on the screen... I have tried taking out the battery and turning it off then back on
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    is the nokia lumia 521 have a glass screen?

    I don't know if the screen is plastic or glass , its hard to tell with the no real black screen ,and im not sure if i want to buy it please help.
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    How do I change My Android Screen Resolution Back?

    I downloaded an App called Root Tools , and started randomly changing stuffs without knowing about the consequences, so i rebooted my cellphone, and when it turned on again , the screen resolution was all messed up , and now i cant even access my apps or my menu , because my phone is locked and...
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    I have a Motoblur on my phone screen. I have an Motorola atrix phone and this...

    ...happened? I was trying to get wifi Internet and I basically restored the phone. What the heck is Motoblur? Help to just get back to my phone? I do have a SIM card.
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    42PT350 MODEL
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    How to display on Android phone my computer screen via Bluetooth ?

    Is there any application out there able to do that via Bluetooth ? I can only find via WiFi... Except for one app called "bluetooth PC Control" but it is very slow to refresh the screen... I would like something that does real time or almost...
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    Display of my ipad miniis wider than its screen. Some content of apps is

    not shown. How can I Fix this prob? iPad mini display