1. R

    what kind of security do you go through on a cruise?

    carnival cruise?
  2. J

    I forgot security code of nokia 200c-2?

    Noki 2600c-2
  3. A

    I forgot my Nokia 101 security code,how can i reset my phone?

    block my Second sim.... dont show me second sim.... and i forget the factory restore codes... plz help me
  4. M

    I need someone who works in security to travel with me for 2 weeks?

    Im going on vacation and i want someone like a security guard to travel with me and be at my side for 2 weeks
  5. N

    telus security won't oipen?

    HI, I was doing a scan and then I got a bsod..:( so now that my computer restarted i am trying to restart the scan too. but telus won't open. Any and a;; help is appreciated
  6. J

    Security certificate issues on a sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro?

    Whenever I try to connect to a website through browser, a message keeps appearing while it's connecting that says "There are problems with the security certificate for this site. The name of the site does not match the name on the certificate. 'continue 'view cert. 'cancel".. The sing of 3g is...
  7. N

    telus security won't open?

    HI, I was doing a scan and then I got a bsod..:( so now that my computer restarted i am trying to restart the scan too. but telus won't open, and when I go into the program files for it... it is empty DUN DUN DUN
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    Balancing food security and environmental quality in China

    In many ways, the evolution of Chinese agriculture over the past 40 years is a remarkable success story. Spurred by investments in research and government subsidies for fertilizers and other farm technologies, China now feeds 22% of the world’s population on just 9% of its total arable land...
  9. R


    wi fi not working in my asha 306 why?
  10. K

    Need 6000 CD RDS E.O.N Security Code?

    I have got the answer: Code for that one is 6515. The code is correct, but the problem still here.. Cos someone, who owned this car before, already entered wrong code 13 times and now it writes LOCKED 13 What should I do next? Maybe there is some MASTER RESET CODE or something? Thanks
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    It's a 2006 5.9 cummins. My Security light came on and the truck won't start now??...

    ...Help? And I was driving it when it died. It like shut my fuel system off. How do you get the security to turn off???
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    Norton Cybercrime Report shows low mobile security uptake in New Zealand

    Norton Cybercrime Report shows low mobile security uptake in New Zealand Posted on 27-May-2013 00:02. | Filed under: News :*Security. To support New Zealand Cyber Security Awareness Week, which kicks off on Monday the 27th of May, Norton has released new mobile insights from its annual...
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    mobile security for smart phones- does it work and which is the best for a

    blackberry Q10? What do you know- if you do have info- please elaborate. a lot of people seem to avoid the fact that we charge our devices whilst linked to computers, they don't seem to appreciate the fact that whilst downloading our music library there is a chance to import viruses from the...
  14. C

    Would this go off through P&O cruising security metal detectors? If its not metal, it wouldn't go off, but what if they tell me to take it off?
  15. Q

    How was DirecTV able to see my credit report without my social security number?

    How can DirectTV inquire my credit report without the social security number? I called them a couple of days ago asking for a quote. They asked me for my social to do a credit check, and I denied. Then, they told me whether they could use my name and address to verify credit, and I agreed...
  16. T

    Why not use a fingerprint scanner for everything (Retinal too for extra security)?

    Dont own that gun? Gun wont fire. Not a citizen? Cant vote. We could even use it to buy gas and slim jims at the corner store!
  17. M

    changing security ques and alt email?

    I want to reset my security question and alternate email,how do i do it
  18. L

    Who is the hispanic female security girl that stands next to the fighters in

    the UFC octagon? Usually I see her when the UFC is in San Jose, like from the UFC on FOX 7 (most recently). Here is a link to a screencap of her.
  19. G

    McAfee delivers enterprise class security to the cloud

    Customers have the flexibility to purchase McAfee Cloud Single Sign On licenses and apply them to either the On-Premise Edition or SaaS Edition, or in a mixed hybrid configuration.
  20. A

    How do you open the security case on DVD?

    I just bought a Breaking Dawn part 2 DVD and then my mom didn't know that we have to remove the security case, so she just scanned the DVD by herself. And when we arrived home, I knew that we couldn't open it. What should I do to open the security case?