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    What's happening in server sales?

    Customers are buying slightly more servers, but paying a little less for them according to the latest research from Gartner.The company says while the global server market is weak, our region, Asia-Pacific, is the bright spot. Regional server revenue is up ten percent while shipments in the...
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    how to connect a monitor to a motorola cpx 8000 series server?

    I have a motorola cpx 8000 server .I want to use it for something but i don't see any way to hook a monitor , it did come with a linux os disk . I have no idea what i can do with this i guess.
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    Dc universe online disconnected no replay from server problem?

    It's on ps3
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    Does using a proxy server on Bittorrent actually help?

    I use Hotspot Shield for browsing, but I have to disable it after downloading torrent/magnet files since they won't start downloading when it's enabled. I started using a proxy I found at hidemyass and set BT to "use proxy for peer-to-peer connections". Can people still find my IP address when...
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    Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure platforms to support Oracle software

    Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure platforms to support Oracle software Posted on 25-Jun-2013 08:03. | Filed under: News :*Computing. Microsoft Corp. and Oracle Corp. today announced a partnership that will enable customers to run Oracle software on Windows Server Hyper-V and in...
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    Can an HP BT500 bluetooth adapter be used between a printer server enabled

    router and the printer? I have an ASUS RTN66U router which has USB ports and has printer server/network printer capabilites. I currently have an HP Photosmart 2610 attached to the router via a USB cable. Can I replace the cable between the router and the printer with an HP BT500 bluetooth...
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    How do i play a WOW private server without torrents?

    Im looking for a WOW private server where i dont need to download and torrents, i can just directly download the game, does anyone know of one?I found one but i cleared my computer and didnt save the name:(
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    AMD launches Opteron X-Series high performance small core x86 server processors

    AMD launches Opteron X-Series high performance small core x86 server processors Posted on 29-May-2013 18:37. | Filed under: News :*Computing. AMD has unveiled a new family of low power server processors, the AMD Opteron X-Series optimized for scale-out server architectures. AMD says the...
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    How to convert ubuntu into a DLNA Server, Remote Bittorrent Client, and NAS?

    I was trying to create a NAS using FreeNAS but found it to difficult to learn. Is there any way that I would be able to have a remote bittorrent client, and dlna server, and a shared drive (shared to both a mac and windows computer) under one ubuntu installation? Just like FreeNAS?
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    Itouch mail rejected by server?

    Hi, so I've had my itouch for a while now. About four years and I've never had a problem with the mail app before, everything sent and was received perfectly. But today about an hour ago today, my mail all completely stopped sending. Anytime I try to send it says "sender address was rejected by...
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    Condusiv Technologies new V-locity server I/O optimization software accelerates Excha

    Optimizing I/O at the source with V-locity Server powers faster applications and eliminates performance bottlenecks, so organizations can protect existing CAPEX equipment and save investment dollars.
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    How to connect the server with my android apps?which way i have to use Rest?

    what are the ways are there to do this one?if either i want to use REST or json,which one is correct?How to use those?
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    How to make Minecraft server without needing

    I want to make a Minecraft server, but I don't know my username and password. Is there any way to make one without needing it? DERP, are you saying you made a server without needing If so, tell me how.
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    Server Says Hooters Forced Her To Quit After She Shaved Her Head For Brain Surgery

    Imagine you found out that you had a large mass on your brain and therefore needed surgery, one of the most frightening and risky types of operations, and thus requiring you to shave your head. Now imagine your work doesn't care about the medical aspect of that, and only wants you to maintain...
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    HP launches new class of server for social, mobile, cloud and big data

    Cpompany announces new software defined servers designed for the high density data center infrastructure.
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    Does a server wash dishes at your restaurant?

    I'm just curious to know if a server wash the dishes at the restaurant where you work? Preferably the restaurants in/around Los Angeles county. Let me know. Thanks guys,
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    [POLL] Minecraft: What kind of server would YOU rather play?

    Would you rather play a MC server based off skyrim, with quests, dungeons, factions & faction wars, player controlled castles, mob bosses, build, etc... Or a Factions PvP server set it new york, maybe a 30s - 50s theme, where players fight for certain areas of a massive city, can rob some shops...
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    List of dedicated server tools for pc games, linux?

    I have my own home server and was hosting minecraft but lately me and my friends haven't bothered with it, what other games have a dedicated tool for linux?
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    How do i join a real server in a torrent minecraft?

    i recently got a Minecraft torrent and i want to join real servers i can join a server but its a modded one its glitchy i cant move from one spot ect. its the only one i can join. so how do i enter the real multiplayer world. it does not require me to log in to play and i don't really have an...
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    What is the ideal server provider for Minecraft servers?

    Hey i'm thinking about investing in a small Minecraft server just for my friends at school, and they maybe further expanding it for the public. I am looking for 8ish slots, and willing to pay $12-20 per month. I'm going to list some mods that the provider needs to be compatible with: • Has...