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    In ios(iphone) devices bluetooth sharing is possible?

    sharing of photos and videos via bluetooth to/from other devices?
  2. M

    Sharing secrets using an app via Android?

    A friend of mine was telling me about an app on her phone where you can post some of your secrets and view others' secrets they have posted. It also had the option of viewing secrets posted around you and would say, "within 3 miles". I can't remember the name of the app and I was hoping someone...
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    Sharing bluetooth printer on Macbook Pro Network?

    I have a Macbook Pro. I have an HP Officejet 100 printer (bluetooth printer). I am trying to be able to print from my iPad. You cannot print to bluetooth printers from the iPad. The HP Print App is not compatible with this printer either. What I did was created a network on my Macbook Pro. I...
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    How do I put my Sony Ericsson W880i in File Sharing Mode?

    My Sony Ericsson W880i is broken and I've got a new phone, but before I get rid of it I want to get my photos off it. The problem is the screen doesn't work at all, and in order to transfer files the phone needs to be in 'File Sharing Mode'. So, can someone else who owns one please give me...
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    Gemalto introduces private file storage and sharing app for mobile operators

    CloudnShare offers mobile network operators a fast-track to launch their own fully branded and secure OTT (Over-The-Top) application, or complement their existing cloud backup services in the fast-developing personal cloud market.
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    National NIH Collaboration To Find Parkinson's Biomarkers And Open Vast Data Sharing

    Last month, the National Institutes of Health announced a new collaborative initiative that aims to accelerate the search for biomarkers -- changes in the body that can be used to predict, diagnose or monitor a disease -- in Parkinson's disease, in part by improving collaboration among...
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    Can you catch STD or STI's from sharing a Bong? (smoking weed)?

    Can you catch STD or STI's from sharing a Bong with random people you dont know ? smoking weed (cannabis) together as people put their mouths around the bong is it POSSIBLE?
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    P2P program like Ares for sharing movies.?

    For some reason my Ares thing stopped working so im looking for a new program like it. the thing i liked about ares is the fact that I can search for movies and stuff on it but I haven't found another program like it. Help is appreciated :)
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    Zuckerberg Predicts We'll All Be Sharing 1,000 Times as Much Crap 10 Years From Now

    If you thought people were already sharing way too much on social networks, you're in for a rough future. At least, that's what your buddy Mark Zuckerberg thinks, and it's probably safe to say he's might know what he's talking about. More »
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    File-Sharers Buy 30 Percent More Music Than Non-Sharers [File Sharing]

    A massive public policy study has revealed that on average file-sharers buy 30 percent more music than their non-sharing counterparts. That suggests that the record labels' self-declared enemies are in fact their best customers. More »
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    The NHL?s revenue sharing problem

    Increased revenue sharing is expected to be at the heart of any National Hockey League Players' Association proposal in collective bargaining, seeing as how the NHL's current system is much maligned and is seen as creating "conditions for divisiveness among franchises." It's biggest failing...
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    Dropbox Morphs into Megaupload With Direct Sharing of Anything in Your Account [Dropb

    There's no more fussing about with shared folders when using Dropbox any more, as the cloud storage service has just added the ability to share ANY file in your Dropbox account. More »
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    i have t-mobile and for 14.99 i can use the wifi sharing feature?

    how fast is the speed on that? my phones a 4g but 4g my ass its so slow. i cant imagine if i enable the wifi sharing for my laptop that the speeds are going to be faster than my phone
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    Is the age of file sharing and bit torrent come to an end?

    isp now block the programs, most companies went out business recently that supported them and many misunderstandings and legal issues have arised what do you think? isps will even track them now days and what you download
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    any new video sharing sites worth visiting?...and general ranting about the

    internet.? ok, i am bored with you tube... are there any other video sharing sites like you tube used to be? I am so-ooooooooooooooooo tired of being 'followed' and quietly market-researched and then targeted by you tubes and googles and yahoos and everyone elses user-specific advertising. at...
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    p2p file sharing Limewire etc.?

    What exactly is it.Is it dangerous to have installed on your personal pc.I got involved with a trial offer for unlimited downloads.Ended up similar to Limewire etc.I uninstall-ed and opted out of a full membership with the site.Might not be over yet.Heck of a time to cancel out..Never again. The...
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    Sharing via on iPad and the upload has frozen - what can I do?

    I was sharing a file I had typed up in Pages on my iPad 2 today via to be able to print it off on my desktop, however right in the middle of uploading the file to the blue bar froze, went back to the beginning, and now I can't do anything with that document. What is there I...
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    Dear Facebook Friends: Please Stop Sharing This Female-Bashing Gillian McKeith vs. Ni

    The comparison of Gillian McKeith (sometimes erroneously referred to as Karan Diwan) vs. Nigella Lawson—pointing out that Lawson smokes, drinks, eats meat and desserts and looks fab, while McKeith is a health guru who, it's implied, looks not-so-fab—first started circulating around the internet...
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    Can you contract HIV by sharing a cigarette and joint with someone who has AIDS?

    Last week I shared a couple cigarettes and a couple joints with an uncle of someone I know. He looked looked unhealthy, had only 2 teeth, and used a wheel chair. When I asked him why he was in a wheel chair he completely avoided the question and would not answer. I am wondering if there mite be...
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    Since Frost and Limewire are down...What are some good music sharing sites to use?

    It's all in the title.