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    Galaxy Note 1 shuts down upon pressing on switch button only ONCE!? PLEASE HELP!?

    My galaxy note seems to have a problem with the switch button. With just 1 press on the switch button, it restarts itself completely. Could this be a virus issue or bug issue or hardware issue? Someone please help!
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    Closing Time: Chris Carter hits a moonshot; Jose Valverde shuts the door

    Everybody enjoys mammoth home runs, right? Of course they do. Take a look at this blast off the bat of Houston's Chris Carter, and tell me that wasn't one of the deepest, baddest, loudest homers in recent memory. Ridiculous. That thing was destroyed. It's tough to identify the ball's...
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    NHL 3 Stars: Letestu lifts #Lumbus; Rask shuts out Panthers

    No. 1 Star: Mark Letestu, Columbus Blue Jackets The Jackets' improbable march to the postseason continued with a 4-3 win over the San Jose Sharks, led by a three-point night by Mark Letestu, who was in on the first three Columbus goals. Ryan Johansen scored the game-winner, however, putting...
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    Headunit shuts off when turned up!!?

    Sony headunit 2 pioneer speakers rated at 4ohms Boss amp 1000 watts max I discounected both speakers and still it would cut off. Also I disconnected the amp and still when turned up, the headunit would cut off.
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    1993 Mazda MX3 V6 5 speed motor runs fine for about 15 minutes then shuts

    down until completely cooled off.? 1993 Mazda MX3 V6 5 speed motor runs fine for about 15 minutes then shuts down until completely cooled off. Temp gauge never goes above normal. After cool down she starts up and gives another 15 to 20 minutes of service at all ranges of operation. No engine...
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    whenever I come to make an in-app purchase, the game shuts down on my jailbroken

    Iphone? Iphone 4s iOS 6.1.1 jailbroken everytime I come to make an in app purchase the game app crashes, shuts down. I followed the instructions in this answer: What can I do to stop it from crashing?
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    Iphone 4g. My iphone is tethered jailbreak. It shuts down suddenly,?

    now, I need to turn it on using my redsnow in pc. But when I plug it, it automatically turns on and the boot thing in redsnow doesn't work. Please somebody help me, got a lot of important files in it :((((((((((((
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    Afternoon Links: Sen. Tammy Baldwin Shuts Down Mansplaining Colleague

    • Sen. Tammy Baldwin*says she’s confident she’ll be able to understand the federal budget without colleague Ron Johnson “laying out the facts” for her (HuffPost Women) • Seriously, why is bringing your own food to work so freakin’ hard? (Well … More » Afternoon Links: Sen. Tammy Baldwin Shuts...
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    Foxconn Shuts Factory After 2,000-Employee Brawl Breaks Out [Foxconn]

    Foxconn has had to close down a factory in Taiyuan, China, which employs 79,000 people after a massive brawl broke out amongst 2,000 of its workers. Bloomberg is reporting that the fight left 40 people hospitalized and some employees arrested. More »
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    Wednesday?s Three Stars: Rinne shuts out Coyotes; Rangers, Capitals play forever, bas

    After this series, Holtby might welcome the change of pace. Scoring comes easy at prom. No. 1 Star: Pekka Rinne, Nashville Predators After surrendering 9 goals over the 2 games in Phoenix, the Predators' tightened up defensively and Rinne tightened up behind them, posting a shutout in a big...
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    The Juice: Yu Darvish strikes out 10, shuts out Yankees for 8 1/3

    The Juice is back for its fifth season of fun! Stop by each weekday for an ample serving of news from the action, plus great photos, stats and video highlights. Yu are so beautiful: This is probably how Yu Darvish imagined nirvana in the major leagues before he left Japan: Tossing 8 1/3...
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    Thursday?s Three Stars: Ward shuts out Blues for 200th win; Penguins rout Rangers

    Marco Sturm's commitment to this hook is downright admirable. No. 1 Star: Cam Ward, Carolina Hurricanes It was a goaltenders' duel in Carolina, as Ward and St Louis Blues' netminder Brian Elliott held this game scoreless for over 50 minutes before Chad LaRose opened the scoring. It would be...
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    Chrysler Concorde's RPMs go up while idle, then shuts off?

    My questions is about my 2000 Chrysler Concorde. When I go to start it, it keeps acting like it's gonna start and then kicks back off. Yesterday, it did this, and then I was finally able to get it started. Every time it started however, it would kick the RPMs up to stay on, and then the car...
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    blackberry bold 9700 shuts off charging?

    Id charge it and check it five minutes later and its off so i have to take out the battery and wait for it to turn on....whats going on
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    Computer shuts off when turned on?

    My computer was working fine yesterday. I turned it on today and the fan started to accelerate to an unusual speed and it shut off. As soon as I turn it on again it loads for a few seconds and shuts off again. Any ideas on what could be causing the problem? I know it's not the ram because it has...
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    Tuesday’s 3 Stars: Mule scores thrice; Backstrom shuts out Flames

    </p> No. 1 Star: Johan Franzen, Detroit Red Wings The Mule was at his muliest versus the Colorado Avalanche, picking up a hat trick in the Wings'*5-2 win. His first two goals came on the powerplay with the second standing as the game-winner, and he would add his third into an empty net to...
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    My amp shuts off for no reason?!?

    I have 1 15, and a 1500rms Hifonics amp , I have the stock battery made for the car but recently I will turn my car on turn on my system and the green light to the bass knob will flicker and so will the illuminated "H" on the amp .do I need a bigger battery ? Cause I have a cap but I stopped...
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    Brand new computer shuts down out of nowhere,please help!!!?

    please help people,i gt a brand new pc a month ago but now all of a sudden,its started to shut off just out of nowhere,only the cpu,its been two just happens out of nowhere,sometimes playing game,sometimes watchin a video,sometimes at the start-up...plz help,does ny1 nw wat culd be...
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    While making and playind video using dvd maker, windows 7 shuts down. How to fix ?

    Whenever i play video after making it using windows dvd maker. Computer shuts down. I have 1 gb ram, dual core processor 3 ghz.
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    I have a mitsubishi vs 50805 tv that comes on for a few seconds then shuts off?

    The green timer light flashes, then the tv comes on for a few seconds then shutd off