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    Where to find tokimeki memorial girls side love 3 rom

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to find the japanese rom for tokimeki memorial girls side love story 3. I've already looked at many websites and either I can download it but when I try to play the game it says the runtime is expired or that I cant even unzip the files because they're either corrupted...
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    When you have Bell's Palsy is it common to have Vision trouble on the paralyzed side?

    I have Bell's Palsy on the left side of my face, and I'm having a little bit of trouble with my left eye, distance is a little fuzzier than it used to be and I used to have perfect vision. I don't know if it's because the eye won't close and it's filling with water so my eye doesn't dry out or...
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    I need help fixing my Samsung Galaxy S4 Stock earphones, one side is a lot...

    ...louder than the other, any ideas? This never happened yesterday, it was working perfectly fine. I only use it for listening o to music. I store it in my pocket folded up. Only the right side has the problem, you can barely hear any audio on the right side. I never got it wet or anything.
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    GNC Total Lean Trim Trim side effects?

    I bought this yesterday and was thinking about the side effects. Its supposed to suppress my appetite as what the salesman says but I'm not feeling it yet. I have searched the internet for reviews but found none. Anybody who used this product? Is it effective?
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    Corey Crawford not worried about his ?weak? glove side against Bruins shooters

    CHICAGO – Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks figured the Boston Bruins had found a way to exploit goalie Corey Crawford, so why not try it himself in practice. “He stopped me, glove side,” said Sharp on Friday. “Hopefully he has it all figured out.” Crawford’s glove was the new...
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    99 Audi a6 with misfiring cyclinders, oil leaking from the left side of the

    front of the car, bad smell? Just picked up this 1999 audi a6 beautiful car but with problems (as is trade) ran a diagnostics with my friends scanner it said cyclinders 1 3 467 are misfiring. car is now leaking oil all under the engine (soaked) also there is this bad smell (sometimes) cars mpg...
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    Cory Monteith's First Red Carpet Since Rehab, Lea Michele By His Side

    Lookin' good, Cory Monteith! The Glee star made his first red carpet appearance tonight since completing a stint in rehab in April. He and his Glee love Lea Michele were...
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    New Understanding Of The Neurological Side Effects Of Sulfonamide Antibiotics

    Since the discovery of Prontosil in 1932, sulfonamide antibiotics have been used to combat a wide spectrum of bacterial infections, from acne to chlamydia and pneumonia. However, their side effects can include serious neurological problems like nausea, headache, dizziness, hallucinations and...
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    DNA Damage - The Dark Side Of Respiration

    Adventitious changes in cellular DNA can endanger the whole organism, as they may lead to life-threatening illnesses like cancer. Researchers at LMU now report how byproducts of respiration cause mispairing of subunits in the double helix. The DNA in our cells controls the form and function of...
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    I want to be able to read the mail that I'm replying to in a side by side style.?

    When I used Live Mail it was possible to have my reply adjacent to the mail that I'm replying to.This doesn't seem to be possible with Yahoo! Am I correct? If not please help.I don't always like to use the 'reply' facility of writing a mail on the original. Thank You.
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    Barbie & The Average 19-Year-Old Woman, Side By Side

    I realize that we are all a little sick of the "Barbie is so unrealistic!" talk, but there is a reason why we keep bringing it up: it's true. And anything touted as idealistic (which tend to be for many children) should not be completely unattainable and unhealthy. It's not like Barbie is some...
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    The Up And Down Side Of 'Traffic' In Our Cells

    A mechanism that permits essential substances to enter our cells while at the same time removing from them harmful components also has a "down side." This negative aspect prevents vital drugs, such as anti-cancer drugs, from achieving their designed functions, while also enabling bacterial cells...
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    Delayed reaction: Bryce Harper exits Wednesday?s game with bruised left side suffered

    When you play with the reckless abandon we're accustomed to seeing from Bryce Harper on a daily basis, there will often be consequences. In the case of Harper, they may just be delayed because he's 20, he rarely slows down enough for his adrenaline to reach normal levels, and there's even some...
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    How to side load Blackberry 10 apps to an android device?

    I know you can sideload android apps to BB10 but can you do vise versa? I just recently switched from a blackberry to an android (HTC ONE) and I just want one app from blackberry that I need. Any suggestions?
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    Poll: which side dish do you like best:?

    White Rice Brown Rice Mashed Potatoes Scalloped Potatoes German potato salad green salad side of apple slices slided pears
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    Is God and Satan two side of the same coin?

    Every logical thinker can agree cold can't exist with heat light can't exist without darkness why not the same with God and Satan.. Makes more sense to me that way
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    Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Reduces Side Effects In Patients With Early Breast C

    Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) gives better results than standard radiotherapy in patients with early breast cancer, according to results from a randomised trial presented today (Sunday) to the 2nd Forum of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO). IMRT is an advanced...
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    Best side dish for BBQ?

    Not regulars
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    Is there a gay/lesbian side for a stretcher?

    My friend was thinking about getting a stretcher. She's worried that there is a gay/lesbian side to have one. Please help! XOXO
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    What is Hazuki saying when I start up Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 1st...

    ...Love for the Nintendo DS? Hahah.. Admittedly my DS emulator's sound is kind of wonky so Hazuki's voice always sounds really.. unnerving.. I'm playing a fan-translation of the game. It's going to drive me crazy if I never know, it always kinda creeps me out. I've noticed though, when starting...