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    Help with 04 gmc sierra?

    Alright guys I need some major help, I have a 04 gmc Sierra 4.8l with cai,true dual,high flow cats,new injectors and rails,new plugs,wires,knock sensors,mass air flow sensor,crankshaft sensor,o2 sensors. And sometimes when I really put my foot in the pedal it takes a long time for it to pick up...
  2. R

    I put 18" wheels on my new 4x4 GMC sierra and have only a 17 inch spare?

    will this work if i get a flat,or will it cause a problem? Tire size is LT 275-65R18 and spare is P265-65R17 this is a new truck and came from the dealer like that,what should i do!
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    1996 gmc sierra dash light problem?

    my 1996 gmc sierra ext cab short bed with a 350 and 5 speed manual trans has a wiring issue. the dash lights do work but blow the fuse before 30 seconds go by. ive replaced headlights, running lights, bulbs, connectors, i even stuck a 30 amp circuit in and that pops. on the circuit is all of the...
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    i have a 2005 gmc sierra 1500 and my oil pressure gauge dropped to 0 and is

    knocking and rattling pretty bad? i have a 2005 gmc sierra 1500 with a 5.3 v8 and my oil pressure gauge dropped to 0 and is rattling pretty bad is the oil pump out or something else and is it hard to change and what is the average cost for a mechanic to fix it
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    How to change the wiper arm on a 2003 gmc sierra?

    how do you remove the arm? I have the bolt off and it looks as though the only thing holding it as pressure anyone know how to remove it?
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    How much is a lift kit for a gmc sierra?

    Just got some new tires....i was wondering how much it would cost to put a lift kit on my sierra??
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    Lift kit for 02 gmc Sierra?

    What's the best place to buy lift kits online?
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    Sierra Wireless to sell AirCard business to Netgear

    Under the transaction, NETGEAR will acquire the assets and operations of the AirCard business, including customer relationships, products, intellectual property, inventory, and fixed assets, and assume certain liabilities, including warranty commitments and other customer obligations.
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    whats a cool dark color for a 1995 gmc sierra 4x4?

    im planing on buying a 95 gmc sierra 4x4 but the color is all rusted and well dull and i want to pick a nice dark color that will make it look really nice and also what kind of rims or tires can i put on the truck to make it look awesome
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    Both rear brake calipers will not release on 2004 GMC sierra?

    Changed pads due to being worn.
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    First Look: 2014 GMC Sierra And 2014 Chevrolet Silverado

    With a fresh new Ram and F-150 breathing down its neck, GM needed to make a move to keep its share of the full-size truck market from slipping. That move is the new 2014 GMC Sierra and 2014 Chevrolet Silverado.
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    how do I replace a blower motor in a 1997 GMC Sierra pick up?

    with air conditioning
  13. B

    Temperature gauge not working, 2005 GMC Sierra?

    My temperature gauge is not working in my 2005 GMC Sierra, I have a code P0116. I replaced the engine temperature coolant sensor, but I still have the same problem. Heat works great, just would like to clear the code and get the gauge to work. Thanks in advance!
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    Sierra Wireless AirCard 763S LTE Rocket mobile hotspot is coming.

    Rogers today said that it will soon come two additional LTE devices and some new LTE plan options. On the device side, it will launch a new LTE Rocket stick, the Sierra Wireless AirCard 330U, and a new LTE Rocket mobile hotspot, the Sierra Wireless AirCard 763S.Sierra Wireless' AirCard 763S...
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    2006 GMC Sierra, won't stay running, fuel pump OK?

    I have a 2006 GMC Sierra work truck. 10/31 we had the following done to it: Transmission service & replaced rear main seal, Tune up, rear shocs and oil change. Less than two weeks later, the truck won't stay running. No check engine light, no codes coming up on the diagnostics, fuel pump is...
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    Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U is an interesting design

    Back on 8 years ago, I have laptop and getting my friends AirCard remember to walk the mall it was met with the AirCard 775 by Sierra Wireless Sales Price is 11,900 Baht supports GPRS / EDGE 256 Kbps. In range looks striking out a lot, internet home dial up at that speed to 56 Kbps., but today...
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    97 gmc sierra 5.0 looking into programmers and chips?

    i replaced alot of parts and the truck is running smoothly. but i still find it hard to get in another lane without slowing down. so i want more kick. THIS is what i understand about them. theres a prgrammer where it shows you codes,engine stats,parameters, all that crap i want to play with. OR...
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    Quick Drive: 2013 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 4X2

    Having been on sale since 2007, the current range of GM trucks is, to put it gently, old as hell. This is thrown into particularly stark contrast after driving the revised Ram 1500 or any of the trucks from Ford. Unfortunately, for GM, that’s exactly what we did barely a week before receiving...
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    What is the typical oil pressure on a 2008 GMC Sierra 2500HD Diesel?

    I had a warning indicator go off the other day saying I have low oil pressure. Typical idle is at 25 P then driving is between 30-40 P. Is this normal?
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    99 gmc Sierra 1500, SES code: p0507?

    My ses light came on and is reading p0507 which is idle rpm higher than expected, it's idling about 1000rpm!! And it surges, like rpm will be at 900 then surge to 1200 and them repeat. Has a new fuel regulator, and cleaned mass air flow sensor, what could it be? I think it could be a vacuum...